Fighter shoves his opponent at Weigh-in and sends him flying

Fighter Shoves

This is not a good look for anyone involved. Fighter shove sends his opponent flying.

In this event, XFN 7 in the Czech Republic the weigh-ins were taking place. When it was time for main event fighters Jan Janka and¬†Christopher Sengele to faceoff Janka walked up and the fighter shoves Sengele and sent him flying to the ground. The backdrop was also damaged and seemingly fell in pieces on top of the stage and those involved. All of this happened while “Party in the USA” blared happily in the background.

If this happened in the UFC, it would be huge news. I mean, we’ve seen some fighters go nose to nose, and Josh Koscheck actually got shoved once by Diego Sanchez but nothing to this degree. Sengele literally crashed to the floor like he was shot. All in all, it was a pretty entertaining situation. Not a good a look, but fun to watch.

It’s pretty rare that you see a shove produce such a fall. If you’re a fan of Kevin Hart’s comedy you know the shove should help you decide if you want to fight someone. If you get shoved too hard, back out. Well, based on the video below, Christopher Sengele should run fast and far.