Episode 1 and 2 of ‘Cobra Kai’ – “Ace Degenerate” and “Strike First”


YouTube Red is the pay portion of YouTube and they are hosting the new series ‘Cobra Kai’. However, the first two episodes of the ten-episode miseries are free and we have them for you. Episode one is “Ace Degenerate” and episode two is “Strike First”. Everyone involved with ‘Cobra Kai’ absolutely knocked it out of the park. People seem to agree, as “Ace Degenerate” has over eight million views in only two days.

The roles seem to be reversed from when we last saw Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. Johnny has fallen on hard times, while Daniel is a successful car dealership owner. Once again, there is bullying and it comes from LaRusso’s kid’s friends. Johnny is teaching the ways of Cobra Kai that Sensei John Kreese taught him, to the outcasts and bullied kids.

Check out the episodes and get HOOKED!

Buckle up, the new Cobra Kai trailer is here. Cobra Kai, Never Die!


Cobra Kai, NEVER DIE! Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso are back and this time the roles look to be reversed. I think back to when I first saw the Karate Kid in the movie theater and how we all cheered for Daniel LaRusso when he finally beat up the bully. Now in my forties, I feel shame for ever rooting for that little punk-ass instigator.

Fast forward to 2018 and now Daniel LaRusso is the rich kid and Johnny is down on his luck. Instead of becoming a better human being after winning the ALL-Valley Karate Championship in 1984, Daniel turned into a pompous douche.

Meanwhile, Johny has resurrected the Cobras, but this time there is no Johnny, Tommy, Bobby, Jimmy, and Dutch. The modern-day Cobras are the nerdy kids who have been picked on by the bullies.

In 2018 the bullies are the ones who play Fortnite and use Snapchat to communicate. All I know is that Johnny better succeed in this movie because it’s been way too long that he has been taking L’s.