Anderson Silva wants Conor or to box Roy Jones Jr. We say, give it to him!


At this stage of Anderson Silva’s career, just give the man whatever he wants. For years he has wanted to fight Roy Jones Jr and even reiterates in this video that boxing RJJ is his dream. However, Anderson was called out by Conor McGregor not so long ago and now Silva is wondering where Conor has gone.

“I accepted the fight for McGregor. I say let’s go do. 180 (lbs), is perfect for me and I think it’s good for McGregor. Let’s go do it. It’s an amazing fight for the fans”.

Then, Silva is asked if the fight has ever been close to happening. As Silva says that it’s “Close to happening”, his manager Ed Soares is in the background shaking his head ‘No’ at the same time.

Silva then deadpans the camera and says, “McGregor… Come on, man. Let’s do this. Don’t run, man. You scared?”

It looks like McGregor opening Pandora’s Box may not have been a wise choice because the middleweight GOAT wants a crack at McGregor and the all of the money that comes with him.

Something’s wrong with Conor McGregor, although his mirror doesn’t agree


Conor McGregor has 99 problems but being weird isn’t one. Since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor has gone off the rails a bit. He’s always been a little peculiar, but mirror affirmations about how great he is seems a little narcissistic. His fans would agree with him about how great he is, but that’s only because most dudes want him as their boyfriend.

Look no further, gents. Shirtless Conor McGregor is here and telling himself how much of ‘The man’ he is. What is staggering to me is that looking at the comments on his Instagram post; 90% of the dudes on there agree with his sentiment about himself.

When you are a man infatuated with a man infatuated with himself, you need to find a hobby. If you are asking yourself, ‘Does he mean me?’… Yes, I mean you.

Conor toes the line of good taste in IG rant against Floyd vs Tenshin


While Conor McGregor’s taste in clothing is questionable, his taste regarding race and forward thinking leave something to be desired. Conor took to his Instagram and laid it all out on the table. He wrote a very transparent post that showed all signs pointing to him being crazy jealous that he wasn’t getting the Floyd … Read moreConor toes the line of good taste in IG rant against Floyd vs Tenshin

Khabib’s manager says he’s a global superstar, should earn $50-$100 mil


I can’t say that I disagree with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, when he states that Khabib is a global superstar. The proof is in the pudding and Khabib certainly has a lot of proof. After his fight with Conor McGregor, Khabib has gone on a world tour of epic proportions.

While McGregor licked the wounds of his loss, he was immediately out hustling his brand of whiskey. Meanwhile, Khabib has been travelling the globe and meeting world leaders. Honestly, it’s insane.

So, when Abdelaziz says that Khabib is a global superstar, he’s not kidding. Is Khabib worth $50-$100 million per fight? Possibly. However, at this moment, I think it’s more Conor and Khabib together that make a $50 million payday.

Conor McGregor’s perspective of the entire UFC 229 fight with Khabib


Conor McGregor took to his Instagram and gave fans his personal perspective of what went on at UFC 229 in his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Before you get all crazy and think this will be him bashing on Khabib and the post-fight melee, this isn’t that. Conor literally breaks down the fight and just focuses … Read moreConor McGregor’s perspective of the entire UFC 229 fight with Khabib

‘Not Caring that he lost to Khabib’ tour continues for McGregor, in Boston


After Conor McGregor lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, he has seemingly gone on a US tour of not caring that he lost. The only thing on The Notorious’ mind is hustling his whiskey and living the dream. Yesterday, McGregor was spotted in Boston going to a fire station and continuing to live that Proper 12 life.

Conor made the money and he has earned the right to do whatever he wants. I just wasn’t expecting that he would wear a fireman’s hat and slide down the pole at the station. I must admit, he looked giddy as a little kid. I would too.

However, the underlying story here is that Conor doesn’t seem devastated or destroyed by the loss to Khabib as was initially reported. It makes you think that Conor may now just become a paycheck fighter. He can get the big bucks and doesn’t have to break his back to do so.

Plus, wearing fireman hats and sliding down poles doesn’t seem like a bad life to live.

Anderson Silva responds to Conor’s challenge with a resounding, yes.


I cover the sport of MMA and was totally unaware that Conor McGregor had made a callout of Anderson Silva. I didn’t know that I wanted to see this fight, but now that it’s on the table, I’m all in. With a resounding response of yes, Anderson Silva seems keen on stepping into the cage with McGregor.

If not Conor, Silva is open to the idea of fighting Nick Diaz once again. The two had a very close fight once before and fans wouldn’t hate to see the two go at it again.

However, McGregor vs Silva would be a full-on novelty that does massive numbers. Silva says if they fought it would be at 180 pounds. He used to fight around the 175-pound mark, but he’s 43 now and ‘Dad-Bod’ has kicked in pretty significantly.

A fight between Conor and Silva at 175-180 is not impossible and I’d spend all of my money to see that.

Khabib and Conor in a much happier setting. UFC 229 dance off!


Straight from the files of “WTF did I just watch?” comes a Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov parody. The two have a nice little dance off in public and look to be in a much happier setting than they were the last time we saw them.

I’m not going to lie… Fake Khabib looks a LOT like real Khabib. I wish that Conor was an actual person, but I don’t get things I want at middle-age anymore. So we are left with this bananas video of the two top lightweights battling it out to see who the lord of the dance is.

It’s totally Khabib.

To the loser goes the spoils? Something like that. McGregor still living it up


The saying is ‘To the victor, goes the spoils’. However, Conor McGregor got smashed on and lost arguably in the worst fashion of his entire career. Seeing him after the fight and what he’s been doing, he doesn’t seem to be taking the loss exceptionally hard.

Right after the loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, Dana White said that McGregor was backstage and totally beside himself with grief. It’s hard to believe this when he’s been spotted numerous times living the dream while peddling his Proper 12 whiskey.

He notoriously (no pun intended) was at the Dallas Cowboys football game throwing a football like a six-year-old girl, backstage at a Migos concert with the group, and most recently yukking it up with fans. Hanging out of a car window, Conor is having the time of his life and giving his whiskey away.

There is nothing wrong with any of this, by the way. McGregor just doesn’t seem like a man who is devastated by the loss that he suffered.

Floyd says after he beats up Khabib, McGregor is next on his hit list


Floyd Mayweather is compiling a hit list and it’s filled with the UFC’s best lightweights. Floyd says he will fight Khabib in 2019 and after he’s done, Conor McGregor can get that work again. Life after 40 has Floyd wanting to beat up MMA stars for a GRIP of cash.

Who can really blame Floyd? It’s an easy payday for him and he loves to get paid big money. As long as people are out there like Brendan Schaub, who can dupe fans into believing the guy with no chance can not only win but dominate, this crossover stuff will continue being a thing.

I have no doubt in my mind that Floyd will be fighting Khabib and Conor. Tony Ferguson may be next.

Monday got you down? Watch Conor McGregor toss a football.


After a long weekend, you’re back in the office on Monday. It’s miserable because you had a good day yesterday and no work to do. Yet, here you sit today, back at work, looking to be cheered up. Well, has just the thing to get you laughing and happy again. Watching Conor McGregor toss an American football is just what the doctor ordered.

Conor took in the Dallas Cowboys game yesterday and he had the chance to throw a football. Guess what? He was horrible at it. It looks like me trying to throw the pigskin with my left hand. The only thing is, Conor’s left hand is his dominant hand.

I guess the only things that Conor can throw accurately are punches with his left hand and a dolly through a bus window.

Bendo takes shot at Conor without even having to mention his name


Benson Henderson takes a shot at Conor McGregor without even having to mention his name. You know what? It’s kind of nice and pretty clever about how he did it. Bendo wants people to know that he doesn’t need to be a scumbag or break the law to sell a fight. In my humble opinion, … Read moreBendo takes shot at Conor without even having to mention his name

Khabib has got a glass jaw? Um, I don’t think so. It’s more like teflon.


Khabib Nurmagomedov got punched by Michael Johnson in their fight. That’s crazy, being that it was a fight and all. One big “OOOOHHH” by Joe Rogan and suddenly fans think he was close to death and has a suspect chin. Let me tell you this; It’s not made of glass, it’s straight up teflon.

‘Fight Effect’ on YouTube once again put out a very telling video that shows us a little better behind the scenes of what is real and factual. When watching the shot that Khabib took from Johnson that everyone made such a big deal about, Khabib was never hurt. His balance was off and that’s it. Even more telling was the quote that Johnson himself said about Khabib after the fight.

“You see different things in the cage and I didn’t see Khabib getting hurt”.

It’s incredible how influential some people can be by stating what is only personal opinion. People are just sheep wanting to believe whatever they want. Trust the facts, kids. Khabib has never shown any weakness in any fight, ever.


Video of Khabib talking to McGregor… While elbowing his face off.


The world saw Conor McGregor get his face smashed by Khabib Nurmaomedov at UFC 229. Khabib promised that he would maul McGregor and while doing so, he’d tell Conor about it. Boy, Khabib wasn’t kidding. New footage with audio came out of Khabib elbowing Conor to death and telling him about it. Khabib talking to … Read moreVideo of Khabib talking to McGregor… While elbowing his face off.

Chuck Liddell thinks the UFC should stop rewarding guys who act up


I tend to agree with Chuck Liddell when he is asked his stance on the post-fight fracas that went down between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor Mcgregor. The Iceman weighed in and felt the same way that many people felt. The UFC needs to stop rewarding fighters who cross the line.

Again, no one is saying what Khabib Nurmagomedov did was right. However, Conor McGregor’s actions leading up to their fight were so low that it’s understandable why Khabib did what he did.

A lot of what we are seeing in the UFC is favoritism of popular fighters. Conor McGregor and Jon Jones have habitually crossed the line and both are able to fight right now. If there are no consequences for their actions MMA will keep spiraling downward.

As Chuck preps for his return fight against Tito Ortiz, he’s still keeping this MMA thing in perspective.