Tyron Woodley’s Cooking with the Champ: Ep. 1 – Nudu House

Cooking with the Champ Ep. 1

Tyron Woodley is the hardest working fighter in MMA.

We love Tyron Woodley and all his shows he produces. His latest effort is a cooking show called, Cooking with the Champ and it looks to be pretty entertaining. Tyron seemingly will go around and hit restaurants and learn how to do all the different type of dishes they have. In Cooking with the Champ Ep. 1, he visits Chef Qui Tran and his Nudu Noodle Bar.

Tyron shows up a half hour late but gets right into the swing of things, as he learns to make spring rolls, and roll them himself.  Next, he learns how to make the noodles and prepare the noodle bowls. He does a great job of it. Next, we see Tyron do what he might be best at, interacting with the fans and enjoying himself.  He signs autographs, poses for pictures and just seems to be having a great time.

The owner says “He showed up late, took a long lunch, now he’s gonna wash some dishes.”  Tyron puts on his apron and gets after the dishes. Lastly, Tyron is cutting some vegetables and cuts his finger, he wants workman’s comp. Good stuff. Woodley is a good guy, and it shows in this video.  I’ll be looking forward to wherever he goes next.