Dana White shares an amazing knockout video with the world.

footsweep knee knockout

The footsweep/knee knockout is forever an instant classic.

When the leader of the combat world shares a knockout via social media, you know it’s good. Dana White took to Twitter to post an amazing knockout that took place in Japan. Mikhail Romanchuk was seemingly having a good day until he stepped into the ring with Cosmo Alexandre. The two were engaged in some kickboxing fun when all of a sudden Alexadre hit him with a footsweep knee knockout combo!

If Cosmo Alexandre sounds familiar to you, it’s because he has a 7-1 MMA record and has fought at Legacy and Bellator. In fact, he went 5-1 during his Bellator run. He has since switched it up and is competing in kickboxing. It seems based on this amazing highlight, he’s doing just fine.