Nunes vs Cyborg more monumental for Amanda Nunes than Rousey fight


Amanda Nunes beating Ronda Rousey was a monumental moment in Nunes’ career. There is absolutely no disputing that. However, her upcoming fight with Cris Cyborg trumps all other career-related goals. A champion vs champion fight against arguably the baddest woman on the planet will be the pinnacle of Nunes’ fight career.

She seems focused on the task at hand and genuinely happy as well. TMZ, of course, have to ask the most irrelevant question ever when talking about Cyborg’s connection with Halle Berry; But if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be TMZ.

The fight between Nunes and Cyborg is the most important fight in women’s MMA history. It goes down next weekend at UFC 232 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Apparently, Halle Berry will be there too.

Gus vs Jones. Nunes vs Cyborg. UFC 232 Presser. Watch right here.


The UFC 232 presser comes to us live with five of the biggest names that the UFC has to offer. Dana White, Jon Jones, Alexander Gustafsson, Cris Cyborg, and Amanda Nunes will all be in attendance to field questions regarding all things UFC 232. You can either watch the presser live at 2 PM / PT or after it has completed, right here on

Jon Jones will be coming back from an extended layoff to take on his old foe and title contender, Alexander Gustafsson. The two previously fought to a unanimous decision win for Jones back on September 21, 2013. Many people contend that Gus won the fight and that he was robbed. The two will fight once again for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes will be fighting in a women’s superfight. Cyborg is the 145 champion and Nunes is the 135 champion. Nunes will look to become the first-ever female champ/champ in the UFC.

The card takes place December 29, 2018, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cash Me Ousside girl puts Cyborg in her latest video. 2018, man…


She said “Cash Me Ousside. How bou dah?” on the Dr Phil Show and 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli became an instant celebrity. Ask me ‘How?’ 100 times and I couldn’t give you 99 answers. Only that it’s 2018 and kids are into the most flaccid shit imaginable. Unfortunately, for yours truly, I sat through her new rap video with Cris Cyborg in it and I will never get that time back.

Bregoli’s rap name is Bhad Bhabie and she sucks. Period. Sorry for my blunt vernacular, but it’s true. However, most of the new rappers today are on another level of atrocious with their mumbling and attempted singing.

Bregoli enlisted the services of Cris Cyborg to perform in her new video title, “Juice”. I suffered through 2.5 minutes of that car crash and I invite you to do the same. Please don’t hold it against We’re just here to enhance, or in this case, ruin your life.

Kayla Harrison is not short on confidence when talking about Cris Cyborg


Judo Olympian and current MMA star, Kayla Harrison, has proven to be a beast thus far in her fighting career. The confidence she shows in herself and her abilities is on another level. In fact, she has the next year of her life totally planned out and it ends with a beatdown on Cris Cyborg.

Harrison is signed to the PFL and she is currently in their tournament. She plans on beating 6 more ladies, becoming a millionaire, and then going after Cris Cyborg. Those are some lofty goals but if anyone can make good on them it’s Harrison.

Harrison is the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in judo. She’s displayed incredible mental fortitude and skill in her combat sports career and I don’t imagine it will waiver when it comes to Cyborg.

Return of the Prodigy, BJ Penn to meet Ryan Hall at UFC 232

BJ Penn

BJ Penn is making his return to the Octagon in December BJ Penn is making the walk again. The Prodigy will be back at 155 pounds when he faces TUF 22 winner, and grappling ace Ryan Hall at UFC 232. BJ Penn has struggled against strikers late in his career, but he has little to … Read moreReturn of the Prodigy, BJ Penn to meet Ryan Hall at UFC 232

Holly Holm out until 2019 after successful knee surgery

holly holm

Holly Holm just went under the knife to repair a torn meniscus Holly Holm underwent successful knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus that will leave her on the shelf until 2019 according to a report from Ariel Helwani. Holm will be recovering and rehabbing the knee and expects to return in 2019.  She could come back … Read moreHolly Holm out until 2019 after successful knee surgery

Do we have a swagger-jacking? Did Ronda Rousey bite Cyborg’s look?

Ronda Rousey

Swagger-Jacking is a crime, or maybe that’s identity theft, either way, it’s frowned upon. Breaker-Breaker 1-9 we have a full-on swagger-jacking in progress at Summerslam. The victim is Cris Cyborg and the suspect goes by the name Rowdy Ronda Rousey. All units please report. Alright, so many it’s not that big a deal. Maybe people just … Read moreDo we have a swagger-jacking? Did Ronda Rousey bite Cyborg’s look?

Cris Cyborg set to face Amanda Nunes at UFC 232, holy smokes!

Cris Cyborg

We’ve got a female super-fight as Cris Cyborg will meet Amanda Nunes at 145 pounds! We’ve known these guys were headed towards a major clash, but just didn’t know when. Well, now we do. Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes will clash at UFC 232 on December 29th in Las Vegas. The fight was announced by … Read moreCris Cyborg set to face Amanda Nunes at UFC 232, holy smokes!

Cris Cyborg spends some time visiting LA Chargers camp

Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg watched the Chargers practice and found out she had some fans on the team.

Cris Cyborg is more or less the UFC’s forgotten champion. There is no real division backing her, and she only fights occasionally when the UFC brings someone in to face her. It seems her next fight will be a super fight with Amanda Nunes, the Bantamweight champion, but we’re not sure when that might take place. It is rumored to take place at the end of December at UFC 232 but nothing is close to official.

In her last fight, she handily defeated Yana Kunitskaya in the first round of their title fight. It will be some time before she’s back in the Octagon.

In the meantime, Cris went and visited the LA Chargers practice and found out she had some fans on the team. In this video, she is shown meeting massive offensive lineman and a big fan of hers, Russel Okung. The video was posted by the Los Angeles Chargers official twitter account. She also posted to her Instagram, a video of her arm dragging someone to the ground. Good times. Take a look at the video the Chargers posted below.

WWE legend, Mick Foley, in Vince McMahon’s ear about Cris Cyborg


The receiver of violence, Mick Foley, weighed in on the potential of Cris Cyborg signing with the WWE. Obviously, we haven’t heard anything about this being a real thing, but anything is possible these days. If the WWE wants someone on their show, all Vince McMahon has to do is WANT to make it happen.

Foley has been courting Cyborg over Twitter and it looks like the two will be meeting up soon for a viewing party. Foley addressed the possibility of Cyborg joining the WWE.

“I had a meeting with Mr McMahon and I specifically told him to keep an eye on this Cyborg vs Nunes fight. She’s going to be larger than life and would make a great WWE superstar down the line. She’ll concentrate first and foremost on this superfight and I think it will be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.”

Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg never happened in the UFC and it looks like the only way it could come to fruition would be in the WWE. If I’m being honest here, Rousey and Cyborg on tv together would do massive numbers.

While many MMA fans are purists and do not want to see a showdown between the two happen anywhere but the cage; I think it would be incredibly entertaining, despite not being real.

I’m in. Who is with me?

Cris Cyborg open to the possibilities of taking on Ronda Rousey in WWE


Let’s face it, the odds of Ronda Rousey fighting Cris Cyborg in MMA are now very slim. With Ronda transitioning and succeeding in the WWE, the only way that these two will ever fight would be in the squared circle with a pre-determined outcome. Cris Cyborg embraces the possibilities and says she’s down for it.

There is no real rivalry between the two ladies anymore because they are in two different career places now. However, Cyborg going to the WWE makes a very intriguing storyline that the sports-entertainment company could build off of. Cris was very supportive of Ronda’s move as well as the WWE itself.

Cyborg knows that if she were to transition over there, she’d have to train her ass off. MMA and WWE are totally different in terms of physicality, but Cyborg would be down to give it a shot. One day, maybe.

For now, Cris has plenty of women in MMA trying to dethrone her which keeps her busy enough on this side of the combat sports fence.

Holly Holm is open to another go with Cyborg, but Megan Anderson first


Holly Holm has no misconceptions about what her immediate future holds. She has a date with Megan Anderson to dance at UFC 225 next weekend. If Holm wins that fight against Anderson, she is open to the possibility of taking on Cris Cyborg for the featherweight title again.

“One fight at a time and I’m always open to whatever doors open from here, going forward. Cyborg and I had a really competitive fight. There’s a lot of things that I have that are small goals, to the big goals. I’d like to go back and fight for the 135 lb title as well. I know I’ve been at 145, but we’ll see what happens after this.”

Holm takes on Megan Anderson at UFC 225 on June 9 at the United Center in Chicago.

Cris Cyborg speaks on Anger Management classes and how it helped her


Epic. Cris Cyborg completed her Anger Management classes that stemmed from her punching Angela Magana and she feels rejuvenated for it. While she praises the course and how it helped her see things in a different light, one thing remains:

“I have no problem with what I did”, said Cyborg about if the incident weighed on her at all. The funny thing is, neither did most people. Magana had it coming, but because it technically was assault, Cyborg had to pay the price.

I think that some would argue that it was a small price to pay to be able to shut Magana’s mouth.

Cyborg also drops a prediction for Holly Holm vs Megan Anderson. She predicts that she will rematch Holm. Damn!

Cyborg completes impulse control course, closes Magana battery case

Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg smacked Angela Magana in the mouth at the Fighter’s Summit in Las Vegas. You can officially close the book on the legal case involving the altercation between Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana outside the fighter hotel in Las Vegas last year. Cris wrapped up her court-appointed anger management classes and in doing so, … Read moreCyborg completes impulse control course, closes Magana battery case

Cris Cyborg live streams featherweight women trying out for TUF


Cris Cyborg rolled camera when the women were trying out for the next TUF. The UFC has a serious shortage of featherweights and they are looking to get the division up and running. At the top of the division sits Cris Cyborg, literally, all alone. The UFC will be putting eight ladies on television to keep her company.

While the details haven’t come out yet, I can see them ranking the women like they did with the flyweight division after TUF 26. However, it remains to be seen.

The video highlights the women trying out and some names may sound familiar. One, in particular, is Cindy Dandois. Dandois fought once in the UFC and her striking was ‘something else’. That performance got her cut immediately and now she is looking for a way back. Despite the discrepancies in her striking, she holds wins over Marloes Coenen, Megan Anderson, and Reina Miura.

Also in the video is Zoila Frausto. Frausto is the former Bellator strawweight tournament champion. She holds wins over Jessica Penne, Megumi Fuji, and Jessica Aguilar. Frausto has competed at strawweight, flyweight, and bantamweight. It looks like she’s trying her hand at featherweight too.

Invicta vets like Pam Sorenson, Pannie Kianzad, Elizabeth Phillips (fought in UFC), and Allison Schmidt were also on hand for the tryouts.