Three kicks to the body later and this animal wins his kickboxing fight


Cristian Ristea is a freaking Romanian animal. He is six foot four, 26 years old, and apparently, he kicks like a mule. Unfortunately for Аdel Zaripov, he found out the hard way at the Tatneft Cup, that Cristian standing in front of him is an absolute nightmare.

While Zaripov put up a pretty decent fight, he was no match for the monstrous Ristea. Not only is the guy enormous, but he’s also fast, powerful, and technical.

In kickboxing, you really have to get started fast. So, Ristea went to the body early and often. Eventually, his body kicks took their toll. One. Two. Three kicks to the breadbasket and Zaripov was doubled over in pain each time.

Bending over in agony must be counted as a knockdown and after the third time, the referee stopped the fight. Thank goodness, because it was only getting worse for Zaripov.