Chi Lewis-Parry stepping in to face Roy Nelson this weekend?

Chi Lewis-Parry

Roy Nelson seemed to be off the card when Cro Cop dropped out, maybe not? Roy Nelson was all set to main event the Bellator 200 event this weekend, but Cro Cop had to pull out due to injury.  It was thought that all was lost for Nelson as it would be next to impossible … Read moreChi Lewis-Parry stepping in to face Roy Nelson this weekend?

You are not seeing things. Cro Cop to fight Roy Nelson in Bellator.


Yes, you read that right and no, you are not seeing things. Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic is headed to Bellator and he will be taking on Roy Big Country Nelson. For a retired fighter, Mirko Cro Cop may be one of the most active ones in all of mixed martial arts. He has retired … Read moreYou are not seeing things. Cro Cop to fight Roy Nelson in Bellator.

Real Quick Retro Pick: Here’s why you don’t taunt Cro Cop.

Real Quick Retro Pick

There are a lot of people out there you can make fun of, Cro Cop isn’t among them.

Time for a Real Quick Retro Pick! Videos like these always make me smile. I love the old Pride/Dream events from Japan. Cro Cop at one time was considered the most dangerous men in the world. His kicks were known to send grown men into fits of absolute terror. There was a saying that went along with his kicks. “Right Leg, hospital. Left leg, cemetery.” Yeah, I’m serious.

So when he was facing off with Yoshihisa Yamamoto at Pride Bushido 2 you knew it could result in violence. Then when Yamamoto opted to taunt Cro Cop, you knew it would absolutely end in violence. It certainly did.

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In short, 2016 could have been better. MMA saw the unfortunate and unnecessary passing of some good people. The UFC was sold by Zuffa. Conor McGregor got bigger. USADA made people get smaller. We surveyed the staff of on their picks for all of the best (and worst) of 2016. Fight of the Year … Read’s Best of the Year: 2016

Cro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

Cro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

He’s said it before. Mirko Cro Cop has claimed retirement in the past and we believed him. To our delight, he came back and began teaching people how to drink their food through a straw again. Cro Cop was a guest on Nova TV earlier and gave the scenarios and variables that it would take … Read moreCro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

King Mo: No Limits

King Mo: No Limits

The RIZIN Open Weight Grand Prix is upon us and things are about to heat up in Tokyo. Fighters sized one another up during media obligations and came face to face at the weigh-ins. A lot of the fighters on the card are huge names in the sport. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Heath Herring are two … Read moreKing Mo: No Limits

RIZIN 2016 World Grand Prix 2nd Round Weigh-In Highlights

RIZIN 2016 World Grand Prix 2nd Round Weigh-In Highlights

The 2016 RIZIN Grand Prix Round 2 weigh-ins are now over and it was interesting. Weigh-ins took place and as is often the case when fighters step on the scale, we were treated to some tense and also some fun moments. This is Japan, after all, and if there’s one thing they’re known for it is their creativity and at times a very fun quirkiness. Proof of that was on display as a jacked Cup of Noodles stood watch on the stage the entire time.

So many names graced the stage; King Mo, Mirko Cro Cop, Heath Herring, Valentin Moldavsky, Szymon Bajor, Baruto, Tsuyoshi Kosaka, and Amir Aliakbari were just a few of the fighters to step on the scale for this massive event. Check out the full highlight video below as well as the official results:

Weigh-in Results:

Mirko Cro Cop(106kg) vs. King Mo(97kg)

Baruto(180kg) vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka(101.1kg)

Amir Aliakbari(116.1kg) vs. Heath Herring(124.5kg)

Valentin Moldavsky(102.2kg) vs. Szymon Bajor(105.6kg)

Rin Nakai(56.95kg) vs. Kanako Murata(57.15kg)

Tenshin Nasukawa(56.65kg) vs. Nikita Sapun(55.4kg)

Kazuyuki Miyata(69.55kg) vs. Andy Souwer(70.1kg)

Yuki Motoya(60.0kg) vs. Allan Nascimento(60.0kg)

Tatsumitsu Wada(56.7kg) vs. Kai Kara-France(58.1kg)*
*Kai Kara-France Over Weight.

Yusuke Yachi(68.0kg) vs. Mario Sismundo(67.9kg)

Kanna Asakura(47.7kg) vs. Alyssa Garcia(48.0kg)

Vadim Nemkov(104.8kg) vs. Alison Vicente(106.3kg)

Satoru Kitaoka(70.3kg) vs. Daron Cruickshank(69.8kg)



RIZIN Fighting Federation (RIZIN FF) is a Japanese regional mixed martial arts organization. It was created in 2015 by the former Pride FC president Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

RIZIN FF will broadcast on Spike TV in. The same network that houses Bellator MMA. Other official partnering broadcasters will be SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Fuji Television, Fox Sports Brazil, Kix and Match TV.

Gegard Mousasi to Chris Weidman: Dont Be Scared

The Diaz Brothers find their way into the news, even when they haven’t done anything. Cro Cop told Wanderlei Silva not to be a ‘scared homie’. Gegard Mousasi tweets to Chris Weidman, #Don’tBeScared. What’s next? Fedor throws water bottles at Matt Mitrione and yells “209, what?” Mousasi seems to be perturbed that former UFC Middleweight … Read moreGegard Mousasi to Chris Weidman: Dont Be Scared