Not sure I can say that I’ve EVER seen this in boxing or any combat sport


Well, I’ve never seen this happen before in any combat sport. Every day the internet throws tons of new curveballs at me and this may be the strangest I’ve seen. In a boxing match between Efe Ajagba and Curtis Harper, the unthinkable happened. It was nothing extraordinary, just plain ol’ bizarre.

Ajagba and Harper were set to square off for their boxing match and when the bell rang; Harper calmly stepped out of the ring, calmly walked away, and calmly went backstage.

Fans watched in disbelief, as Harper took his sweet-ass time leaving the arena floor. He was disqualified like a WWE wrestler getting a 10-count for being outside of the ring.

Jordan Hardy of Premier Boxing Champions spoke with Harper later.

Something tells me that walking out before a fight is even started, is really going to put a damper on his future negotiations and getting that respect.