6 Star Podcast Ep. 17 w/Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

6 Star Podcast

The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 17 is live with Sokudjou

Evan Shoman’s pal and MMA luminary Sokoudjou joins The 6 Star Podcast this week and it’s a really good time. We talk him growing up in the jungle of Cameroon, Francis NGannou being from the same village, moving to America, learning about deodorant and of course, white women with large butts. All the important issues are discussed.

Dion was out of action this week and Dan and Evan had a good time talking a little NFL, Movies, classic Porn lines (including the funniest soundbite we’ve ever played on the show) and a whole bunch more. Listen up, spread the word and enjoy the Holidays.

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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 15 w/Rashad Evans – 100th combined episode!

6 Star Podcast

Rashad Evans joins us for our 100th combined show on the 6 Star Podcast!


This is our 100th combined episode of the 6 Star Podcast since Evan, Dion and I started this nearly two years ago as Crimson Canvas Radio. For this amazing episode, we could only think of having our favorite guest of all time back again. So we have Rashad Evans, live in the Houston Airport, on his way to LA for his FOX UFC coverage. We talk TV, ComicCon, playing Star Wars with Shoman, traveling, Conor McGregor and much more. Rashad is the absolute best, and for him to fit this show in while he’s trying to travel across the country is one of the many reasons we love him on our show.

In the second half of the show we talk a little Matt Lauer and then, Evan Shoman tells the best story in the history of our Podcast. I honestly laughed for twenty minutes straight and had tears in my eyes and had to turn my mic off. Let’s just say Shoman shows a dedication to video games that are unheard of. Listen up, have a good time and share.

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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 14 with Jade Bryce

6 Star Podcast Ep. 14

Jade Bryce stops by for 6 Star Podcast Ep. 14!

On our Thanksgiving edition of the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 14, we’re thankful for our amazing guest Jade Byrce. The mother of two, former Bellator Ring Card Girl, Playboy model, and all around great person drops by to talk parenting, creeps who used to email her, field trips, the desire to return to the cage, and a whole lot more.

Evan, Dion, and Dan talk WWE Survivor Series, Donald Trump, dogs and various other topics as they wrap the Holiday episode as only they can. Make sure you listen, share and like. Happy Thanksgiving!

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The 6 Star Podcast Episode 12 with Gerald Harris

6 Star Podcast Episode 12

6 Star Podcast Episode 12 with Gerald Harris

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Episode 12 with Gerald Harris. One of our favorites, Gerald Harris stops by to talk about his retirement bout, his new focus on stand up comedy, kids, and most important to skewer Dion like only Gerald can. He’s the funniest guy in MMA and roasts Dion.

Evan, Dion, and Dan talk a little Words with Friends, NFL, WWE, UFC Digital platform and a bunch more. It’s absolutely hilarious and fun for the whole family. Make sure you give it a listen, and share.

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The 6 Star Podcast Episode 11 with Ken Shamrock

6 Star Podcast

The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 11 with Ken Shamrock is here.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock comes by this week to the 6 Star Podcast to talk about his favorite fights, his WWE days, his new Podcast, his current plans much more. Ken is a legend of MMA, a true pioneer. He is open and honest and a great interview.

Evan, Dion, and Dan talk a little NBA, WWE, NFL and more in the show’s second segment. It’s a funny episode that you’ll want to share with your friends.

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The 6 Star Podcast Episode 10 with Nick Newell

6 Star Podcast

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 10 w/Nick Newell

Nick Newell stops by this week and talks Star Wars, Game of Thrones, being a coach, his upcoming marriage, social media and much more. He loves Star Wars and had a blast talking with Dion and Evan about it.

Evan, Dion and Dan talked WWE Hell in a Cell, UFC 216, TV shows and much more. It’s more of the same hilarious banter these guys are known for.

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The 6 Star Podcast Episode 9 with Siyar Bahadurzada

6 Star Podcast Episode 9

Siyar Bahadurzada stops by for the 6 Star Podcast Episode 9

This week Evan and Dan are visited by the amazing Siyar Bahadurzada. One of the most hard-hitting fighters in the UFC talks about a recent trip home to Afghanistan, fighting, future plans, his favorite tv show, and much, much more. He’s tremendously funny and it is a really solid interview. It’s the 6 Star Podcast Episode 9!

Evan and Dan talk about the recent happenings in Las Vegas, UFC 216, and talk a bit about the Mike Swick Podcast and their recent guest Charlie “Felony” Bennett. It’s a great show that you don’t want to miss.

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6 Star Podcast Ep. 8 with Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall

6 Star Podcast Ep. 8

Uncle Creepy comes by this week for an enjoyable conversation.

This week on the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 8, Uncle Creepy himself, Ian McCall drops by to spend some time chatting about injuries, life after fighting, CBDs, SoCal Weather, kids and much, much more. He’s a great interview and has a ton of information on the healing powers of CBD Oils. Absolutely worth a listen.

Evan, Dion, and Dan talk about all kinds of nonsense and Dan repeatedly say things he regrets. “I’d get all the dicks….” etc. We talk a little South Park, wrestling, and cover all kinds of other topical social issues and solve the world’s problems. Some of that might not be true. You’ll have to listen to find out. Enjoy the show and share with your friends.

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6 Star Podcast Ep. 8 with Chris Camozzi – GOT Chat

6 Star Podcast Ep. 8

It’s time for Episode 8, we chat it up with Chris Camozzi.

This week on The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 8,  MMA star and Game of Thrones superfan stops by to chat (Mostly with Evan) about their favorite show. They spend a ton of time on GOT and other shows we all enjoy. We talk a little fighting, and Chris talks about his upcoming December fight. We have a great time talking nerds, Comic-Con, Sci-Fi and various other nerd topics.

Evan, Dion, and Dan talk a little WWE as Dion attended RAW in person this week. We also talk about television shows, and Dion recaps IT because he’d seen it the previous night. We touch on football and some other various stuff. It’s madness as always. Give it a listen and share it with your friends.

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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 7 w/Stephen Quadros

6 Star Podcast Ep. 7

The Fight Professor drops by and we have a great chat.

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 7. This week we spend some time chatting with “The Fight Professor” Stephen Quadros. He’s a musician, actor, stuntman, announcer, and much more. We talk the results from MayMac, old Pride FC stories with Stephen and Bas, and so much more. Mr. Quadros is unbelievably witty, educated and a great interview.

Shoman wasn’t around this week for part two, so Dan and Dion spend their time talking the PWI 500 top ten list. It’s good stuff, and Dan and Dion prove again that they are the true talent on the podcast and not Evan. Ok, maybe not. Either way, listen, enjoy and share!

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6 Star Podcast Episode 6 with James Krause

6 Star Podcast

We’re back this week with Episode 6 with The James Krause.

This week on the 6 Star Podcast, The James Krause stops by for a bit and we talk life after fighting, investments, nicknames, MayMac, The TUF Fighter House, The Kansas City fight scene and much more. James only had about half an hour to chat with us, but we packed in a lot of information. Plus, he told us he’s heard that Conor McGregor will face Nate Diaz in December!

Evan, Dion and Dan talk WWE, NXT, NBA Trades, Evan beating Dion at basketball, like really bad. We talk general nonsense and have a great time with it. Listen, enjoy and share.

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Check out the 6 Star Podcast Episode 4 w/King Mo Lawal

6 Star Podcast Episode 4

We talk boxing, MayMac, race, hip hop and Mo murders Dan on air.

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Episode 4 with King Mo drops by this week and we talk all kinds of boxing. We talk Conor/Floyd, MMA, Colin Kaepernick, Race, and Mo takes Dan to boxing school, much to Dan’s sadness. It’s great and King Mo proves once again how smart he is. He has a ton of knowledge on tons of subjects.  He really understands sports and the world we live in.

Evan, Dion and Dan talk WWE, Game of Thrones, and other random nonsense as they laugh their way through another episode. Check it out, enjoy the show, and share it with your friends.

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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 3 w/ Julie Kedzie

6 Star Podcast

We sit down with the amazing Julie Kedzie, and it’s awesome!

It’s time for another episode of the 6 Star Podcast. Julie Kedzie is amazing. She’s a college student, a former MMA star, the announcer for Invicta FC, a Twitter maven and all around badass with a giant brain. We talk about some of her MMA fights, calling the Invicta action, the sorrows of not being tolerant of lactose, her awesome dog Bailey and we even set her up on a date with Dion! It’s good stuff not to be missed.

Evan, Dan, and Dion talk a good bit of WWE. We also chat about movies, things from the 80’s. There’s plenty of general silliness that we typically fall into as well.

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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 1 with Percy Crawford of Fighthype.com

6 Star Podcast Ep. 1

New name, same hosts, and fun. Join us this week with Percy Crawford.

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 1 at MikeSwick.com. FightHype.com head honcho Percy Crawford drops by to talk about the upcoming mega boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, as well as the four city circus that happened last week. Percy knows boxing like few others and lends his expertise and unique look at a number of subjects. We also talk a little UFC 214, Broner/Garcia, GGG/Alvarez and much more. Check it out and tell your friends.

After Percy takes off, Evan and Dan spend their time talking about classic movies from the 80’s and 90’s, because, well it’s their show and they can do what they want. Bachelor Party, Real Genius, Weird Science, Point Break, Roadhouse and more. It’s a trip down memory lane, regarding some hilarious movies.

Real Quick Podcast Episode Four with Ryan Bader

Gather round ye old radio, it’s The Real Quick Podcast Episode Four

This week on The Real Quick Podcast, brand new Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Ryan Bader stops by to talk about defeating Phil Davis, his first experience with Bellator, partying in New York, flying on private jets naked, Jubi and all kinds of other topics. It’s Ryan Bader in rare form. Make sure you check it out.

Evan, Dion, and Dan start off talking about the most horrible subject matter, and things only get worse from there. Lots of crazy talk and Shoman tells the amazingly sad tale of the bodybuilder and Cody Garbrandt. Spoiler alert, the bodybuilder loses at life. Make sure you huddle around your media player and check this out!

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