Our namesake, Mike Swick, returning to Training Center for TUF 1 reunion


Our namesake here at MikeSwick.com made his way to Las Vegas for a TUF 1 reunion and viewing of Dana White’s Contender Series. The TUF 1 cast went back to the gym that started the MMA explosion; Some of them for the first time since they were on the show. Many of the guys went in different directions after TUF and they came back to share what each of them had been up to. Even the coaches, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, came back.

The boys were up to their old tricks, talking smack and busting balls. The three fighters missing from the reunion were Josh Koscheck, Lodune Sincaid, and Jason Thacker. Only Diego Sanchez remains, as the sole contracted UFC fighter. Everyone else has moved on to other things.


Aside from reuniting with the guys, Swick was able to watch the DWCS and chill with legends like Big Nog. Many from the first cast of TUF, became legends in their own right. Basically, the reunion was just a bunch of UFC pioneers hanging together after living out their dreams. It’s safe to say that these guys had no idea what their impact on the sport would be.

That entire first season should be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Watch all 5 extraordinary finishes from Dana White’s Contender Series


Every fight on Dana White’s Contender Series last night was a finish. Some of them weren’t very nice, either. The knockouts were all savage KO’s and the subs were strangulations. Put lightly, all of the finishes were extraordinary.

Dana White recognized this and gave four out of the five winners, UFC contracts. Dwight Grant, Ryan Spann, Anthony Hernandez, and Matt Sayles were all of the happy victors. Only one didn’t receive a contract and that was Austin Springer. Springer was impressive in what could have been called a ‘comeback win’, however, his overall performance wasn’t at the level that the UFC president would have liked.

Check out all five finishes from episode two.

Dwight Grant:

Ryan Spann:

Austin Springer


Anthony Hernandez

Matt Sayles


The Dana White Contender Series is back June 12th

DWCS 6 Results

We have a video preview of the second season of the Dana White Contender Series

The Dana White Contender Series is back on June 12th, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Last season brought us some talent to the UFC as well as some great fights. “Sugar” Sean O’Malley earned his shot in the UFC with a knockout victory via the Contender Series.

This season the most talked about aspect is the addition of Greg Hardy participating. Of course, Hardy was basically run out of the NFL after a series of incidents, including a domestic violence case that was particularly horrendous. His participation will undoubtedly draw some negative press. He will meet another former NFL player in Austen Lane.