Where’s the beef?! Right here, between Oscar and Dana. Just heating up


It’s a well-known fact that Dana White doesn’t take too kindly to competition. Once he sees a threat he personally attacks whatever promoter dares try their hand in the MMA world. Right now, that guy is Oscar De La Hoya. Since the inception of Golden Boy MMA, the Dana/Oscar feud has been heating up and looks to not be slowing down any time soon.

Oscar went on a radio show and explained the beef between the two and from his perspective, it’s very telling. Basically, Dana is doing what he does when he’s mad. He brings up something personal, either recent or relating to someone’s ancestors, and beats it to death.

Oscar laughs at the juvenile nature and claims that UFC fighters call him almost daily, saying they are unhappy. I guess Golden Boy MMA actually is a legitimate threat to the UFC.

With a victory over Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva earns a title shot.


Dana White flashed gold in front of Anderson Silva’s face and Silva got that Midas Fever again. White told Silva that if he fights and gets a victory over Israel Adesanya in February he gets a shot at the title. That is definitely a good way to get the former champ to sign on the … Read moreWith a victory over Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva earns a title shot.

Tito Ortiz sends respectful but stern message to Dana about fighter pay


Dana White seemed unpleased with Golden Boy MMA getting the fight between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell sanctioned. Both Dana and a lot of fans were not pleased when they saw Chuck in the cage. Putting Chuck in there sends a message that people way past their prime can compete, regardless of safety. Tito took … Read moreTito Ortiz sends respectful but stern message to Dana about fighter pay

Mister Dana White lets Mister Sage Northcutt go from the UFC roster


Say it ain’t so, Mister Dana White! The news is that Super Sage Northcutt’s contract was up with the UFC and the mega-promotion let the young star go. Northcutt burst onto the scene with his pearly white teeth and shredded abs using words like, ‘please’ and thank you’. He was also kicking the crap out of people and fans fell in love with him and his frosted tips.

Now, we’ve learned that Sage will need to be ‘Super’ somewhere else.

Dana White called into UFC Unfiltered and told Matt Serra and Jim Norton the news.

“We let Sage go. Sage is young and Sage needs some work. Let him get some work in one of these other organizations and we will see where this kid ends up in a couple of years. Maybe we will pick him back up again.

His contract was up so we let him go.”

Northcutt is only 22 years old and can go elsewhere for more money and get a grip of experience under his belt. He can literally fight 15 times in the next 5 years and re-sign with the UFC when he’s 27. At that time, he still won’t have even hit his prime yet.

Dana wants DC vs Jones at HW. DC’s team wants him to retire now.


Team Cormier is ready for Daniel Cormier to ride off into the sunset. UFC president, Dana White, wants DC to fight Jon Jones at heavyweight. At the end of the day, only Daniel Cormier is going to do what Daniel Cormier wants to do.

Ultimately, it’s DC’s career, so it’s totally up to him. Yes, a fight with Jones at heavyweight would probably do huge numbers and he’d see the biggest payday of his career. However, if his head isn’t into it, then there is no need. DC has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in MMA and will go down as one of the greatest fighters to ever live.

I think a fight with Brock Lesnar would be his best option. It’s even more money for him and in my opinion, he’d smash Lesnar. However, like I said, it’s totally up to DC.

NFL commissioner is the worst job in all of sports, says Dana White


When the president of a multi-billion dollar company like the UFC says you have the worst job in all of sports, you may want to reconsider your career choices. You hear that Commissioner Goodell? Your job is the most thankless shitshow of a job and according to Dana White, you aren’t being paid enough.

30 million reasons a year may be why Roger Goodell sticks with his job, but Dana is right, it’s not worth the headache and isn’t nearly enough money. Whether some player in the NFL is getting arrested for keeping it real off of the field or someone kneels during the National Anthem, Goodell is putting out fires all day, every day.

Trying to figure out how to tackle Tom Brady without actually touching him can be a tough job and Goodell is doing his best. However, even someone like White knows that his job managing a dolly through a bus window is nowhere near what Goodell deals with on a daily basis.

Every day is ‘Dolly Through a Bus Window Day’ in the NFL.

Gus vs Jones. Nunes vs Cyborg. UFC 232 Presser. Watch right here.


The UFC 232 presser comes to us live with five of the biggest names that the UFC has to offer. Dana White, Jon Jones, Alexander Gustafsson, Cris Cyborg, and Amanda Nunes will all be in attendance to field questions regarding all things UFC 232. You can either watch the presser live at 2 PM / PT or after it has completed, right here on MikeSwick.com.

Jon Jones will be coming back from an extended layoff to take on his old foe and title contender, Alexander Gustafsson. The two previously fought to a unanimous decision win for Jones back on September 21, 2013. Many people contend that Gus won the fight and that he was robbed. The two will fight once again for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes will be fighting in a women’s superfight. Cyborg is the 145 champion and Nunes is the 135 champion. Nunes will look to become the first-ever female champ/champ in the UFC.

The card takes place December 29, 2018, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dana White makes Variety 500 most influential business leaders list


The UFC’s president, Dana White, has made the second annual edition of Variety500 list. The list is an index of the 500 most influential business leaders who help shape the entertainment industry. Variety.com honored Dana White with a quick blurb about his contributions to the masses’ entertainment. “Some might knock Ultimate Fighting Championship kingpin White … Read moreDana White makes Variety 500 most influential business leaders list

Dana White says if Floyd wants Khabib, he needs to mosey over to MMA


If Floyd Mayweather wants a crack at Khabib Nurmagomedov, he’s going to have to mosey on down to the UFC. Dana White is done bringing his MMA fighters over to boxing and watching them get exposed there. If Floyd wants some, he can get some in the Octagon.

“If Mayweather wants to fight, come fight in the UFC. We’re not boxing again. We did that once; That’s over. You want to fight, you come fight; A real fight.”

Granted, it was Khabib who called out Floyd and it is debatable if it was in jest. We do know that Dana White is only letting this all go down if a cage and 4 oz gloves are involved.

Very smart choice by the boss.

Dana White feels nobody but himself cared about the post-UFC 229 fracas


Dana White is a sad panda. The UFC 229 post-event fracas happened and he felt like he was the only person on Earth who cared. Truth be told, he may have been. What happened, happened and everyone seemingly moved on. Not Dana White, however. Dana felt it was the UFC’s biggest night ever and it was totally ruined.

I know I may be in the minority here, but with so many eyes on this fight and the melee happening, people probably loved it. Jerry Springer made a career out of things like this.

“For me, personally… All the work I put that I put into this the last 20 years of my life. I don’t want to see it go down like that.

The digital buys on this fight were bigger than any sporting event ever in the history of digital. For me, it was just our biggest moment, the most people watching ever, and that’s just not who we are. It’s not even who Khabib is. He said many times after the fight that he went crazy after the fight and it happens sometimes. This is the fight business. But yeah, I was the most upset guy on the planet after that fight. Nobody else cared.”

The fact that no one was hurt and the melee was contained so quickly has made the fracas sort of swept under the rug.

Dana White on Khabib, “We’re good. We worked it out”.


According to the bossman, Dana White, everything has been worked out between Khabib Nurmagomedov and the UFC. Dana claims that Khabib is happy with him and the UFC. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is still on the Khabib case and working things out with the UFC and The Eagle.

Dana did have on his tapdancing shoes when he was asked questions about Zubaira Tukhugov. Tukhugov was the guy who hopped the cage at UFC 229 and socked Conor McGregor in the head. Immediately after, Dana said that Zuba would be cut and never fight in the UFC again. Khabib issued a warning to White that he’d quit if Zuba was cut.

Dana wouldn’t address the Zuba situation, but it’s been reported by Ariel Helwani that he has been replaced by Michael Johnson in his scheduled fight with Artem Lobov. UFC.com does not show this on their site, though.

Someone has some ‘splaining to do, but at least Khabib is good with the UFC.

Dana White channels his inner Khabib with claim of ‘Number 1 b*****t’


‘Number one bullshit’ has become the calling card of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Everyone steals and uses it as their own, present company included. Now, the UFC boss, Dana White, is partaking in the festivities. A wild claim popped up on the internet that Khabib turned down a big money fight with Conor McGregor, will fight Tony … Read moreDana White channels his inner Khabib with claim of ‘Number 1 b*****t’

A much happier Dana White addresses UFC 229. PPV over 2 million buys


On Saturday night after UFC 229, Dana White was a very sad panda. Nothing cheers the boss up more than big numbers and as it turns out, the UFC 229 PPV did some really big numbers. Dana couldn’t have been happier with the PPV buys that are coming in right now. I didn’t think Dana would recover from his funk, but right now he’s smiling ear to ear.

“We’re way over 2 million (PPV buys), so I’m happy.”

The TMZ guys really went in on Dana for Conor never really getting in trouble for all of his actions. Yet, Khabib will seemingly get the book thrown at him. As expected, Dana said Conor’s past actions and Khabib’s at UFC 229 were totally different.

Dana did, however, say that he didn’t believe that Khabib would be stripped of his title. So that’s good news.

Therefore, we can now say, ‘and still…’

Dana on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking Conor vs Khabib


As the promotion for Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor draws to a close Dana White is still getting out there and letting people know that they should tune in to the fight. He went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed how the whole rivalry started between the two top lightweights and how Saturday night will be the culmination of that rivalry.

White had said there wasn’t enough time to do a world tour for this fight, but luckily, it has sold itself. No one anticipated Conor throwing a dolly through a bus window would be the only promotion that this fight needed.

As of now, Khabib is a slight favorite over McGregor but as casual fans come in and put more money down, they are moving towards being even. The talk is almost over and we are hours away from this monumental fight.

Dana is working on a third DC vs Jones fight. Possibly at heavyweight.


Whatever Daniel Cormier wants, Daniel Cormier is going to get. So says UFC president Dana White when addressing what is next for DC. Cormier has been such a great ambassador for the sport that Dana says DC is calling the shots for his final two fights. One of those fights could be against Jon Jones and possibly at heavyweight.

This means that if Cormier fights his last fights at heavyweight he will have to vacate his light heavyweight championship. That may not be a bad thing, as DC will get his much-desired rematch against his rival, Jon Jones.

DC cutting to light heavyweight has always looked very taxing for him and both of his career losses came in that division. Cormier is undefeated at heavyweight and a fight between him and Jones could be something special.