David Arquette eats 2-piece slap, pre-wrestling match no one knew about


Everyone has a damn gimmick these days. This past weekend we saw Brock Lesnar bring his shtick into the UFC cage to promote a future fight with the newly crowned heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier. Now, it looks like actors are getting into the promo business. Actor, David Arquette, is wrestling again and received a 2-piece slap from his opponent.

I wish I could tell you where Arquette is wrestling and who he’s going up against, but I don’t really care to research it. If I haven’t heard about this wrestling match and I’m in the combat sports industry, it must not be that well promoted.

So, Arquette spiced things up and decided to embarrass himself on the red carpet. Maybe the violence would help get it ‘out there’ a little more. If trying to get more viewers for this thing means taking 2 slaps to his face, Arquette is the man to do it.

Consider me now ‘interested’. I love watching him get assaulted.