This announcer is great at his job, my bad, he is horrible at his job


It’s not every day that a ring announcer botches a call twice.

Steve Harvey feels this guy’s pain. Being a ring announcer on the small circuit isn’t exactly a dream gig. You’re asked to do a lot and in return, it’s pretty thankless. The only time you really stand out is when you do something wrong. Really wrong, like … twice.

This took place at an event called AFC 139 in Anchorage, Alaska. The fight was between Elijah Terrell and David Booker. After the two battled for three rounds the announcer awarded the fight to David Booker, cutting himself off, he said “my bad” and changed the winner to Elijah Terrell. Elijah celebrated and then the announcer again halter the action to announce that he had it right the first time, and David Booker was, in fact, the winner. Yikes.

It’s one of those days … at least it’s not on the internet to be relived over and over and over, right? Oh, my bad, it is.