David Haye doing some announcing. Fan asks him to cuddle.


This would be Rampage Jackson’s worst nightmare. A male fan walking up to him asking to cuddle would send him over the edge. However, heavyweight boxer David Haye didn’t really seem to mind. In fact, he looked like he thought it was downright hilarious.

Haye was working the announcing booth during the most recent BAMMA show in Newcastle, England. I guess this particular show was a big deal because a reality television star was competing on it. Aaron Chalmers is on a show called ‘The Geordie Shore’ and from what I understand, it’s similar to our reality trainwreck show, ‘The Jersey Shore’.

Chalmers had just won his third pro fight and David Haye was on the mic talking about Chalmer’s future. That is when the small bald man made his move. According to the Sun,

“The man was heard asking Haye for “a cuddle”, which left the sports star in hysterics.”

Haye shoved bald Frodo away and laughed it off. He seemed to keep his focus after that and continue like a pro. Rampage would have burned that damn building to the ground.

David Haye and Jimmy Manuwa come face to face and agree to fight

David Haye

David Haye and Jimmy Manuwa have agreed to meet in the boxing ring.

Heavyweight champion David Haye and UFC Light Heavyweight Jimmy Manuwa came face to face at BAMMA this weekend and had what appeared to be a very cordial conversation that ended with a handshake and a photo op. The interesting news is that Manuwa then stated that the fight was on.  He was quoted as saying, “He wants it and I want it and all that. He says he has to fight a couple more fights before we’re going to fight. We’re going to do it the beginning of next year. It’s going to happen.”

That fight would certainly be an interesting boxing match, and based on the fight between Mayweather and McGregor, there’ general interest in seeing MMA fighters enter the boxing ring. Of course, Haye and Manuwa aren’t at the same marketing level, but there would likely be some interest in seeing the two meet in the ring. The video here is courtesy of MMAUno.

David Haye has a boxing record of 28-3 and is a two-time world champion. He’d likely be heavily favored over Manuwa if and when the fight comes to pass.


We saw this one coming. David Haye answers the ‘McGregor Challenge’

The McGregor Challenge, by David Haye.

Terence Crawford laid down the gauntlet yesterday by issuing ‘The McGregor Challenge’. Today, Heavyweight boxer, David Haye, answered the call. In my opinion, this one was even funnier than Terence Crawford’s. Haye actually managed to hit pads while keeping a rhythm to the music. View this post on Instagram A post shared by David Haye … Read moreWe saw this one coming. David Haye answers the ‘McGregor Challenge’

Michael Page signs with David Haye’s “Hayemaker Boxing” promotion

Michael Page

Michael “Venom” Page is taking a break from MMA in favor of boxing. In some boxing news that isn’t related to Floyd Mayweather, we can report that Bellator welterweight Michael Page has opted to sign with boxer David Haye’s “Hayemaker Boxing” promotional label.  Haye is a former WBA heavyweight and undisputed cruiserweight champion. Currently, he … Read moreMichael Page signs with David Haye’s “Hayemaker Boxing” promotion