Cornerman saves a fighter from yet another horrible referee.

Cornerman Saves a Fighter

How many of these videos do we need to see before something is done?

The referee issue in MMA is certainly not a new one. We’ve been talking about referees who could get fighters hurt for a long time. Occasionally we see videos that show perfectly what we’re trying to communicate. This is one of those videos. In a fight for SFL, a fighter was clearly and hopelessly stuck in a one hand guillotine choke.  In the end, the cornerman saves a fighter from further injury.

Former UFC fighter Dennis Hallman was the cornerman in this fight, and he jumped into the cage after throwing in the towel to signify his fighter was unconscious.  This fight took place back in February and it’s pretty appalling how the referee looked on as a fighter was out cold and trembling.

We say it every single time this happens but something has to happen to prevent these issues from continuing. Eventually the result is going to be catastrophic.

The fighter who was choked out is Hannah Kampf and she was facing an undefeated Asha Roka.