“I like knocking wife beaters out”. Derrick Lewis on Greg Hardy.


It is common knowledge that Derrick Lewis is not a fan of wife beaters. He made his feelings very public when he fought Travis Browne and Browne was accused of domestic abuse. When he was asked about Greg Hardy who is also accused of the same thing, Lewis of course, pulled no punches.

“Yeah, I’d like to get (in the cage) with him. I like knocking wife beaters out. It would be like vice-versa of him beating on a woman. I would be beating on him like he was a woman.”

Francis Ngannou is first for the beast, but if Hardy wins his Dana White Contender Series fight…

You never know.

Derrick Lewis proposes some rule changes for his fight with Ngannou


When Derrick Lewis takes to his social media and proposes some rule changes in his heavyweight fight with Francis Ngannou, I’m on board. In fact, the rules he came up with should apply for all heavyweight fights. It’s the one minute rounds that I like so much. This ensures that both fighters go all out … Read moreDerrick Lewis proposes some rule changes for his fight with Ngannou

Colby Covington gets on the bad side of Derrick Lewis, yikes.

Derrick Lewis

Hey Colby Covington, you might want to avoid making Derrick Lewis mad. At one point in time, I am sure Colby Covington sat around his evil lair thinking of great ways to be a mega-heel and get himself noticed. He came up with jewels like, “I’ll slap water out of an older guy’s hands.” Then there was … Read moreColby Covington gets on the bad side of Derrick Lewis, yikes.

“I love Tupac”- Derrick Lewis’ wife. “I love Ronda”- Derrick Lewis.


Derrick Lewis fought and beat Marcin Tybura last weekend an seemingly pulled himself out of the doghouse with his wife. He’s been playing too much about Ronda Rousey, so she brought Tupac and a sex ban into the equation. Right when he thinks he’s out, he puts himself back in.

The sex ban was lifted, but Lewis was too injured to perform. So, Lewis is right back to taunting his wife about loving Ronda Rousey. She is still a sport about the whole thing and even said that she was “Trying to get him all day”, but The Beast was too hurting for familiar relations.

As a married man of eighteen years myself, I can tell you this; You are never too hurting for wifey time. Step it up, Mr Beast!

Make Believe Matchmaker – What’s next for Fight Night 126 winners?

Derrick Lewis

Here’s who I’d like to see in upcoming UFC clashes. Fight Night 126 was a great night of MMA action, and I loved the fact that it was a Sunday Night show. More of those, please. It was nice having Saturday night free to make other plans. I’m all for all non-PPV UFC events taking … Read moreMake Believe Matchmaker – What’s next for Fight Night 126 winners?

The Black Beast needs a win to get off his wife imposed booty restriction


The Black Beast, Derrick Lewis, needs to know when to not talk about Ronda Rousey. Apparently, he talks about her a lot and his wife put him on booty restriction. I am a married man of 18 years and I can empathize with Lewis. However, he did this to himself. It started in 2017 when he beat Travis Browne and gave this in-ring speech.

“I just knew I had a bigger heart than him. He calls himself a man, but he likes to put his hands on women. So, forget that guy, I’ve got much more heart than he has. Where Ronda Rousey’s fine ass at?”

Since then, Lewis gets asked the Rousey question more than anything else and he usually holds nothing back in his answers. A couple of weeks ago TMZ asked him again and his wife was fed up. Since then, no booty.

He fights Marcin Tybura this weekend and hopes to get the win so he can buy his wife something nice. Hopefully, the money from a win buys his way out of the doghouse.

Derrick Lewis, the natural born beast, posts video to end all videos


UFC heavyweight, Derrick Lewis, was born to do this. No, not fight. He was put on this Earth to make people laugh. Fighting comes second to the hilarity that he brings.

Initially, Derrick Lewis posted a video of him in slo-mo in the shower. The music playing was the 1990’s hit by ‘Enigma’, “Sadness”. If you’ve never heard it, it’s basically the song for every video of butter dripping off of a sweaty man’s chest. Or so I’ve heard.

Thank goodness Lewis ditched the original version and posted a new one. This newer version is a showering Lewis watching two guys drop the soap in prison while he flexes and winks.

Did I mention that MikeSwick.com isn’t a fight news site? We’re just here for the fun, folks.

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Somebody! Anybody! Please help the Black Beast.


Can anybody out there help Derrick Lewis?!? The UFC heavyweight was locked in a car and forced to listen to ‘Death Metal’. Tears stream down the beast’s face as his friend driving the car re-enacts his time in the pit of a Meshuggah concert. Lewis looks terrified and is probably wondering if he is in a car ride to a blood sacrifice.

I’ve been there before, Mr Lewis. I too was locked inside a car against my will. Word of advice for you… Never get in an orange muscle car driven by Josh Barnett to go eat at Soup Plantation.

Derrick Lewis: Astros World Series win, helps Houston tremendously


The people of Houston have had it tough the last two months. Hurricane Harvey slammed the city hard and residents are still reeling. Close to eighty people died and an estimated seventy billion dollars worth of damage was done. Tonight, the Houston Astros embark on trying to win the World Series for the first time. UFC heavyweight, Derrick Lewis, thinks an Astros series win could help boost morale.

However, Lewis sees the money generated from the big game as being the biggest aid to the city of Houston.

“We need the money. Even by us being in the playoffs this deep… All the bars and sports stores are making all the money right now. Hopefully, they’ll continue doing great things and issue it out back to the city.”

When asked if it would help with the city’s morale, Lewis said,

“For sure, but they need the money. A lot of folks need the money around here.”

So what is Lewis’ prediction for the showdown between the Astros and LA Dodgers? A sweep, of course.

The UFC teams up with Derrick Lewis and donates money to Houston.

UFC donated money to Houston relief

People all over the globe have been helping the city of Houston. Some have been physically on site helping people, while others have donated money to the relief effort. The UFC have jumped into the fray and partnered up with UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis. His contributions to the relief effort have been well documented this … Read moreThe UFC teams up with Derrick Lewis and donates money to Houston.

Good guy alert. Derrick Lewis is in Houston helping to save lives.

Derrick Lewis

Derrick is a local Houston fighter and his city is in need of help. He’s doing his part.

There are a lot of folks in Texas who are really in trouble with the flooding down there. Houston is under a wall of water, and thousands find themselves stranded. It’s about as dire a situation as there can be. Imagine you’re stuck in your home, with your kids. No power, limited food and water and unable to leave. It’s a nightmare scenario.  Derrick Lewis is out there helping to evacuate people in his lifted truck.

He took the time to post to Instagram and let people know how good it feels to help others. It’s a lesson we all can learn from. We want to say thank you to Derrick and all the other people out there doing what they can to help those in need in Texas. You can do your part as well, regardless if you’re in the area.

There are multiple charities, red cross locations, and any number of other options to help those affected by this hurricane. You can donate money, drinking water, food, blood and time to help make a difference.  Big ups to Derrick Lewis.

It feels good to help people #houstonflood

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Derrick Lewis no longer retired, looks to fight Fabricio Werdum at UFC 216

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis’ retirement was brief, as he looks to be paired with former champion Werdum. Derrick Lewis (18-5) opted to retire after his loss to Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 110. He had been on quite a roll prior to that loss, having won six in a row in the UFC Heavyweight division. Derrick … Read moreDerrick Lewis no longer retired, looks to fight Fabricio Werdum at UFC 216

Really cool Mark Hunt UFC Auckland behind the scenes video

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt defeated Derrick Lewis by TKO at UFC Auckland

A couple of weeks ago the UFC’s oldest competitor, Mark Hunt took on up and coming heavyweight wrecking ball Derrick Lewis. It was a return home for Hunt, who was born in Auckland, New Zealand.  He did very well, stopping Lewis by TKO in the fourth round. It was a very important fight for the 43-year-old Mark Hunt, as a loss could have seen him on his way out of the UFC.

Some of his friends got together before the event and did a Haka dance to inspire him. It seemed to work. You can see that here.

Today we’re sharing an awesome behind the scenes video from that fight day. The video was done by Heartbreak Conditioning and they basically spent the entire day with Hunt.

Watch the UFC Fight Night 110 Weigh-ins at 5 PM PST right here.

Fight Night 110

The fighters will step on the scale, and face off in the ceremonial weigh-ins.

Tomorrow on FOX Sports 1 Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt will take center stage inside the Octagon, tonight they’ll step on the scale and then go face to face for a photo op. That’s how it goes at the ceremonial Fight Night weigh-ins held tonight at 5 PM PST.  The fighters already weighed in this morning officially, and both fighters tipped the scales at the heavyweight maximum of 265 pounds.

Derrick Lewis seems to have used the Daniel Cormier towel hold to make sure his weight was at the heavyweight limit. Bottom line, they made it and the fight is official. Below the video are the official weights for all fighters involved. Chan Mi Jeon was the only fighter to not make weight. She is still facing JJ Aldrich but surrenders 20% of her purse.

UFC Fight Night 110

Man Card – Fox Sports 1 – 7 PM PST

Mark Hunt – 265 lbs.
Derrick Lewis – 265 lbs.

Derek Brunson – 186 lbs.
Daniel Kelly – 186 lbs.

Daniel Hooker – 156 lbs.
Ross Pearson – 155 lbs.

Ion Cutelaba – 204 lbs.
Henrique da Silva – 206 lbs.

Tim Elliott – 126 lbs.
Ben Nguyen – 126 lbs.

Alexander Volkanovksi – 145 lbs.
Mizuto Hirota – 146 lbs.

Undercard – Fox Sports 1 – 5 PM PST

Damien Brown – 155 lbs.
Vinc Pichel – 156 lbs.

John Moraga – 126 lbs.
Ashkan Mokhtarian – 125 lbs.

Luke Jumeau – 170 lbs.
Dominique Steele – 170.5 lbs.

Kiichi Kunimoto – 170 lbs.
Zak Ottow – 171 lbs.

Prelims – FightPass – 4PM PST

JJ Aldrich – 116 lbs.
Chan-Mi Jeon – 118 lbs. – Officially missed weight

Thibault Gouti – 154 lbs.
Dong Hyun Kim – 155 lbs.

Anticipating a heavyweight explosion in New Zealand Saturday.

Heavyweight Explosion

It could very well be a race to see who lands their right hand first. Sometimes you see a fight and you just know it’s going to end with someone getting knocked out. Such is the case in the feature bout this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 110 when Derrick Lewis faces Mark Hunt. Derrick … Read moreAnticipating a heavyweight explosion in New Zealand Saturday.