Check out this crazy Hanging Guillotine Choke submission!

Hanging Guillotine Choke

A pair of fighters scrapped in Kentucky, the result was a vicious Hanging Guillotine Choke.

At MikeSwick dot com, Evan Shoman and I scour the interwebs trying to find entertaining knockouts, submissions and other crazy videos for you guys. Today I stumbled on a fight between two amateur fighters in Kentucky at an event called Hardrock MMA 96. The first fighter is named Kris Riley and he took on Devin Seebold. It ended in a crazy Hanging Guillotine Choke!

The came out firing and Riley was getting the better of the action early. Devin shot in and went for the takedown, but Riley looked on a Guillotine Choke. Long story short, Riley stood up, with the submission locked and lifted Seebold off the ground and into the air. He was basically holding him up by his neck. It is pretty gnarly, and we’ve got it here for you guys to check out.