UFC 228 Fight Motion video preview is available here

Fight Motion

UFC 228 Fight Motion preview video is out, and it’s awesome!

UFC 228 was one for the books. There were amazing knockouts, submissions and an incredible title defense by Tyron Woodley. The UFC has released their Fight Motion video preview, and it’s awesome. As always the videos take you into the cage with super slow motion and put you in the fight. It’s a great video series, and the full-length versions are available via FightPass.

Diego Sanchez’ elbows in slow motion are amazing. He lands with crazy power and accuracy. I really dig these videos and they are my favorite series produced by the UFC.

You can revisit the winners and losers of UFC 228 right here.

Video of Dr Beau Hightower ruining Diego Sanchez’ life is too funny


… and to think, Jackson/Wink fighters actually pay to have Dr Beau Hightower torture, bend, and crack them. Diego Sanchez is the most recent victim of Hightower’s table and it’s pretty funny. Actually, it’s downright hilarious.

The video starts late and we miss Hightower putting Diego’s left leg through the ringer. However, we get the whole reaction to Hightower working on Diego’s right leg and it looks like Sanchez is beyond miserable.

He’s in so much pain that he uses affirmations to try and mentally block out the pain, but no dice.

“Oh, the pain! I’m a tough guy. Oh shit! I’m sweating.”

We laugh, but it looks like total hell that Sanchez is going through.

Diego Sanchez takes exception to Donald Cerrone’s “Puppy Mill” comment

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez has been a Jackson/Winkeljohn supporter from the jump! We posted earlier that Donald Cerrone spent some time airing his laundry regarding Jackson/Winkeljohn on the Joe Rogan Experience. It didn’t take long for long-time Jackson/Wink team member and supporter Diego Sanchez to respond. Much like Cerrone, Diego is a respected veteran and when he … Read moreDiego Sanchez takes exception to Donald Cerrone’s “Puppy Mill” comment

Diego Sanchez gets revenge on guy who hard sparred Michelle Waterson


This isn’t a story about revenge. Rather, it is a story showing what a great storyteller Platinum Mike Perry is. Okay, it is a story of revenge, but Mike Perry’s account of what happened is masterful. Not since Peter Falk told Fred Savage the story of ‘The Princess Bride’ have we seen such enthusiastic storytelling.

There was an incident at Jackson/Wink regarding Michelle Waterson and some new guy. Apparently, Diego Sanchez took exception to the new guys harder than normal sparring with Waterson and took matters into his own hands.

As Perry tells it, Diego took his fingers and stuck it in the keister of the guy. It sounds crazy but that’s what Mike Perry said, so it must be true. The lesson to be learned here is that you don’t mess with Michelle Waterson or Diego Sanchez will check your oil and then show it to you.

I think that’s a verse from the Bible.

It’s going to be a Nightmare at the Dallas UFC. Diego Sanchez returns.


It always seems a little more special when Diego Sanchez makes his way back to the Octagon. Maybe it’s because he always puts on incredible wars. Or it could be nostalgia that he is the last active contracted UFC fighter from the legendary cast of TUF 1. Whatever it is, Sanchez is always a ‘must-see’ … Read moreIt’s going to be a Nightmare at the Dallas UFC. Diego Sanchez returns.

Our namesake, Mike Swick, returning to Training Center for TUF 1 reunion


Our namesake here at MikeSwick.com made his way to Las Vegas for a TUF 1 reunion and viewing of Dana White’s Contender Series. The TUF 1 cast went back to the gym that started the MMA explosion; Some of them for the first time since they were on the show. Many of the guys went in different directions after TUF and they came back to share what each of them had been up to. Even the coaches, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, came back.

The boys were up to their old tricks, talking smack and busting balls. The three fighters missing from the reunion were Josh Koscheck, Lodune Sincaid, and Jason Thacker. Only Diego Sanchez remains, as the sole contracted UFC fighter. Everyone else has moved on to other things.


Aside from reuniting with the guys, Swick was able to watch the DWCS and chill with legends like Big Nog. Many from the first cast of TUF, became legends in their own right. Basically, the reunion was just a bunch of UFC pioneers hanging together after living out their dreams. It’s safe to say that these guys had no idea what their impact on the sport would be.

That entire first season should be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

It looks like The Nightmare is on Team Ferguson to beat Khabib


As the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson draws nearer, things are beginning to heat up. While fans all have their opinions on how the fight will go, it’s the fighter’s peers who make this interesting. Diego ‘The Nightmare’ Sanchez chimed in on a Ferguson Instagram post and expressed his thoughts on the fight. … Read moreIt looks like The Nightmare is on Team Ferguson to beat Khabib

Diego Sanchez continues being the greatest man alive


The other day we posted a story about Diego Sanchez fighting his Down’s Syndrome friend, Isaac Marquez. We thought that was Diego’s greatest moment. As it turns out, that was just the tip of the ‘Diego Sanchez is Friggin Awesome’ iceberg.

Diego went on the MMAHour with Ariel Helwani and brought his buddy, Isaac, with him.

Isaac and Diego are total besties and it just makes you melt seeing how enamored Isaac is with Diego. They are embraced the entire interview and at one point, Isaac kisses Diego on the head. Isaac and Diego, not the UFC, are as real as it gets.

However, before we get too warm and fuzzy on you, Isaac has someone on his hit-list. John Dodson, your days are numbered.

Diego Sanchez takes a loss in the cage, but a major victory in life.

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez is an absolute saint. Jackson Wink helping dreams come true. This past weekend, Diego Sanchez fought in a show outside of the UFC. He went toe to toe with “The Shermanator”.  I’m not talking about that red-headed dorky kid from American Pie, I’m talking about the 32-year-old tank Isaac Marquez from the world … Read moreDiego Sanchez takes a loss in the cage, but a major victory in life.

Miss the Matt Brown elbow of doom? We’ve got you covered.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown delivers the most fearsome elbow I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you get elbowed so hard you go to sleep right there in the middle of a cage. Matt Brown entered the Octagon with retirement on his mind. I’m guessing he might change his mind now. He and Diego Sanchez on paper is an explosive scrap, it was in reality as well.

Matt Brown caught Diego’s leg after a kick attempt and backed him into the corner. What happened next? Matt Brown wound up and threw an elbow shot from the heavens, that separated Diego Sanchez from reality and sent the crowd into a fury. At least the live crowd. The home audience was treated to a technical error that cut away from the event to an empty press room. Someone got fired for that.

At any rate, Matt Brown had his family at the event and his two sons joined him in the Octagon post-fight. I know he might have an urge to continue the career, but how can you go out with anything better than that? Thanks for the memories Matt Brown!

Video provided by UFC on Fox.

Complete results from Fight Night 120 are here.

Matt Brown returns to the Octagon to face Diego Sanchez at UFC Norfolk

Matt Brown

From the seemingly can’t miss amazing fights file, we bring you Brown vs. Sanchez The UFC Fight Night 120 card keeps getting more interesting. The main event of Dustin Poirier facing Anthony Pettis is going to be great!  Now the UFC has announced that Diego Sanchez will be heading back to Welterweight to battle Matt … Read moreMatt Brown returns to the Octagon to face Diego Sanchez at UFC Norfolk

Joe Lauzon spent a week in Iraq with 3 other UFC fighters, here’s his amazing video!

Joe Lauzon

Joe Lauzon, Jake Ellenberger, Diego Sanchez and Sam Alvey traveled to Iraq.

Joe Lauzon just returned from a week spent touring Iraq with some other UFC fighters. We showed you some footage of them grappling with troops last week, and now Joe Lauzon has posted all his footage cut together.  It’s a ten-minute video that has to be seen. They do some grappling with the troops, meet and greet people and blow some stuff up.

For the fighters, it seemed to be something they’ll never forget. It looked like a tremendous experience.

Check out Joe Lauzon on Facebook.

Diego Sanchez and Joe Lauzon post videos of grappling with troops.

Diego Sanchez and Joe Lauzon

The UFC sent Diego Sanchez, Sam Alvey, Jake Ellenberger and Joe Lauzon to Iraq.

Diego Sanchez and Joe Lauzon posted videos today via Instagram. Diego was doing some grappling with the troops and hit up his Instagram account, posting the video.  He’s been there along with other UFC fighters Joe Lauzon, Sam Alvey, and Jake Ellenberger this week. They’ve all been posting some great pictures and videos this week, and seem to genuinely love spending time with the troops over there.

We all appreciate the efforts of the troops and if the UFC can brighten their days by sending over some fighters, then that’s amazing. Check out the Diego Sanchez video below.

What a honor to come out and boost the moral of the troops with old fashion grappling! 🇺🇸 🇫🇷

A post shared by Diego Sanchez (@diegonightmaresanchezufc) on

Joe Lauzon also posted a video via his Instagram, and it can be seen below. Joe and Diego are great ambassadors for the sport, as are Sam Alvey and Jake Ellenberger.  I can only imagine Jake was in heaven touring some of the military aircraft there, as I know he loves planes. Check out the video, and see how the troops fared against the UFC stars.

Loved this kid. Awesome grappling with the troops! Hope we made their day a little better.

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Fight Night 108 Medical Suspensions – Four fighters get 180 days.

fight night 108 medical suspensions

Fighting is not an easy job, here’s the injury report for UFC Fight Night 108 This past Saturday night the UFC parked their traveling road-show in Nashville for the night and held a great night of fights.  As is the case when folks step into the Octagon, people get hurt.  The Fight 108 medical suspensions … Read moreFight Night 108 Medical Suspensions – Four fighters get 180 days.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – UFC Fight Night 108 Edition

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

UFC set up shop in Nashville for some rough and tumble MMA action. Another Saturday night, another UFC event in the books. This time, the UFC put on Fight Night 108 live from Nashville, TN.  There was a mix of all kinds of finishes and fights Saturday night, culminating with Cub Swanson doing Cub Swanson … Read moreThe Good, The Bad and the Ugly – UFC Fight Night 108 Edition