Dillian Whyte’s KO over Lucas Browne on HBO Boxing


HBO hosted a battle between two heavyweights on Saturday night and it went down exactly like a heavyweight fight always does. The heavyweight main event featured the UK’s Dillian Whyte vs Australia’s Lucas Browne. The battle of these two massive men ended with one boxer laying face down on the canvas.

The fight only lasted six rounds but could have probably been stopped a bit sooner. While watching the fight, I felt that Browne’s corner should throw in the towel. Brown was getting blasted on by Whyte and his face was a mess. His left eye had swollen up to the point where it was questionable if he could even see out of it. It didn’t matter because Whyte hit him with a left hand to his other eye and Browne was out.

The KO was so brutal that the medical staff immediately jumped into the ring with a medical transfer board. Ultimately, Browne would be fine, but the KO was absolutely devastating.