Mike Perry: “Ben Askren is like a 400-pound woman”


Mike Perry is always saying some crazy ass stuff. It’s quite comical actually. However, him comparing Ben Askren to a 400-pound woman it just too humorous to ignore. While he begins his interview with TMZ talking about every which way he plans on knocking Cowboy Cerrone dead tonight, it’s his Ben Askren quote that trumps all.

“Who’s afraid to get laid on top of? That’s a sexual fantasy for some people; They hire 400-pound women to drop that ass on em. Ben Askren is like a 400-pound woman. F*****g bitch!”

I like Ben Askren as much as the next guy, but this shit is funny right here.

Diego Sanchez takes exception to Donald Cerrone’s “Puppy Mill” comment

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez has been a Jackson/Winkeljohn supporter from the jump! We posted earlier that Donald Cerrone spent some time airing his laundry regarding Jackson/Winkeljohn on the Joe Rogan Experience. It didn’t take long for long-time Jackson/Wink team member and supporter Diego Sanchez to respond. Much like Cerrone, Diego is a respected veteran and when he … Read moreDiego Sanchez takes exception to Donald Cerrone’s “Puppy Mill” comment

Donald Cerrone opens up on his split with Jackson/Winkeljohn

donald cerrone

Donald Cerrone isn’t a happy camper, and as always, he’s not afraid to talk about it. I guess we should have seen this coming, right? Donald Cerrone left Jackson/Winkeljohn in Albuquerque and today on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, he opened up with his discontent for the team and spelled out why he left. As … Read moreDonald Cerrone opens up on his split with Jackson/Winkeljohn

Donald Cerrone almost lost his life in cave diving mishap!

Donald Cerrone

One of the reasons we love Cowboy is because he lives on his own terms. Donald Cerrone gives zero f*cks about conventual thinking and how most people live. This guy marches to the beat of his own drum, and seems to live by a code few understand. If it goes fast, looks dangerous or would … Read moreDonald Cerrone almost lost his life in cave diving mishap!

Donald Cerrone set to square off with Mike Perry in Denver this November

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone and Mike Perry are a can’t miss fight! Donald Cerrone has his next fight lined up and it’s going to be a doozy! Cowboy is going to go toe to toe with Mike Perry in the Mile High City this November as part of Fight Night 139. November might seem like a long … Read moreDonald Cerrone set to square off with Mike Perry in Denver this November

UFC Fight Night 132 Event Results: Donald Cerrone vs. Leon Edwards

fight night 132 Event Results

UFC Fight Night 132 Event Results are in! If you wanted to get the Fight Night 132 event results, you had two choices. You could watch the event live, starting at 1:30 AM PST or you could just wake up, and see the results here. I had to watch live, but for those of you … Read moreUFC Fight Night 132 Event Results: Donald Cerrone vs. Leon Edwards

Video from the UFC Fight Night 132 Media Day Faceoffs

Media Day Faceoffs

UFC Fight Night 132 takes place in Singapore this Saturday at 1:30 AM PST

There should be plenty of action Saturday in Singapore as Fight Night 132 takes place. Donald Cerrone and Leon Edwards are not fond of each other, and will likely throw hands until someone goes night-night. Today the fighters were in front of the media doing media day faceoffs for photographers.

Donald Cerrone and Leon Edwards had a pretty intense staredown and to be honest, I got a sense that Leon Edwards was kind of nervous. It might just be adrenalin but he looked edgy.

The UFC Fight Night 132 fight card can be seen here.

Cowboy and pregnant wife redefining the meaning of “Relationship Goals”


They broke the mold when they made Donald Cowboy Cerrone. As we can see here, they also broke the mold when they made his wife. Cowboy and Mrs Cowboy are redefining the meaning of relationship goals. To ensure that their unborn son grows up to be as wild as his daddy, they took him out … Read moreCowboy and pregnant wife redefining the meaning of “Relationship Goals”

Further proof that Yancy Medeiros is just a terrific human being.

Yancy Medeiros

Yancy Medeiros used Instagram chat about his fight & his meeting with Cerrone’s Grandmother. Sometimes you just see something that surprises you and restores your faith in mankind. Yancy Medeiros was kindhearted and jovial all week leading up to his fight with Donald Cerrone in Austin, TX. The Hawaiian seems to have an aura of … Read moreFurther proof that Yancy Medeiros is just a terrific human being.

Make Believe Matchmaker – What’s next for Fight Night 126 winners?

Derrick Lewis

Here’s who I’d like to see in upcoming UFC clashes. Fight Night 126 was a great night of MMA action, and I loved the fact that it was a Sunday Night show. More of those, please. It was nice having Saturday night free to make other plans. I’m all for all non-PPV UFC events taking … Read moreMake Believe Matchmaker – What’s next for Fight Night 126 winners?

RQMS Podcast UFC Fight Night 126 Cowboy vs Yancy Medeiros Recap

The RQMS Podcast is back, recapping Fight Night 126

Mike and Marc break down the card for UFC Fight Night, Austin. Donald Cerrone and Yancy Medeiros put on a heck of a show in the main event. The card had some great fights and Mike and Marc break them down, give their opinions and provide a unique fighter’s insight on the action.

Mike and Marc are both Texas boys, and their Lone Star pride is on full display. They cover the Texas fighters in depth and reminisce about Mike’s days starring for the legendary Katy Tigers.

If you want to check out The Real Quick with Mike Swick podcast channel, check it out here, and please subscribe!


Donald Cerrone is so honest and open about being in the cage.

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone is a warrior, a scared, unable to sleep, on edge warrior.

I absolutely love when fighters are open and honest about themselves. Most of them put up a false sense of bravado and act unphased about fighting another human being in a locked cage, but Donald Cerrone is real about it. He spoke prior to Sunday’s fight with Yancy Medeiros about it, and it’s pretty amazing to hear.

The video is courtesy of MMA Junkie, they posted it via their Twitter account. Give them a follow, as they are a tremendous group of people.

I have so much respect for Donald Cerrone he really puts you there in the moment with him. He scored a much-needed TKO victory in the closing moments of the first round Sunday night. The victory snapped a series of losses. He fights anyone, anywhere and at any time. He’s a massive fan favorite because he’s willing to lay it on the line, and he’s honest with his fans. ‘

The fight Sunday night was not only exciting and action-packed, but it was really refreshing. It was nice to see two professional fighters enter the cage without the fake drama and manufactured bad blood. It was just two guys, with respect and admiration for each other doing their job. After the fight, Yancy Medeiros jumped the fence to embrace Cowboy’s grandmother which was amazing as well.

I’ve always been a fan of Donald Cerrone’s, and now I’m a lifelong fan of Yancy Medeiros as well.

For the results of Fight Night 126, click here.

Nice guy alert – Yancy Medeiros presents Cowboy with a gift at weigh-ins.

Yancy Medeiros

Yancy Medeiros gave Donald Cerrone a nice cowboy hat at weigh-ins.

In proof that not every fight has to have some silly built-in fake drama, Yancy Medeiros showed up at the weigh-ins with a gift for his opponent, Donald Cerrone. He brought him a new cowboy hat and a nice one by the look of things. Donald seemed genuinely surprised and thankful for the gift and the two shook hands. It’s nice to see professionals carrying themselves as such in today’s circus MMA scene.

The video provided is courtesy of MMA Junkie via their Twitter account.

UFC Fight Night 126 Weigh-in results – All fighters make weight

Fight Night 126 Weigh-ins

UFC Fight Night 126 Weigh-ins were this morning and all 24 fighters made weight. The UFC Fight Night 126 weigh-ins took place this morning. The UFC is in Austin, TX this weekend for a rare Sunday night card, and today the fighters hit the scales. One at a time all 24 fighters were weighed in … Read moreUFC Fight Night 126 Weigh-in results – All fighters make weight

Donald Cerrone’s life > everyone else’s life. Dude is fearless.

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone does more in a week than most will in a lifetime.

Donald Cerrone has a big fight coming up Sunday night. He’s lost three in a row and entering into his clash with Yancy Medeiros, his back is against the wall. It’s a pressure cooker situation to be sure. Just don’t tell Donald that. He’s probably not home anyway. He’s either in the gym, on the lake, in the air, in a fast car or one of any number of life-risking hobbies he has.

This guy is fearless. Absolutely fearless. He’s not a slave to his MMA career because he has interests outside of the sport. Lots of them. The UFC posted a video via their Twitter that shows some of the activities this guy does during fight week. Can you imagine how he spends his vacations?

In the video he is driving a Ferrari, riding one of those rocket water pack things, wakeboarding, riding in stunt planes among other many crazy stunts. His life is better than your life.

Donald Cerrone meets Yancy Medeiros at Fight Night 126 this Sunday. You can see the entire fight card, right here.