Cowboy Cerrone previews his fight with Robbie Lawler. “Guaranteed fight of the year.”

Cowboy Cerrone previews his fight with Robbie Lawler. "Guaranteed fight of the year."

When Donald Cowboy Cerrone previews his fight with Robbie Lawler on UFC Tonight and calls it the “Guaranteed fight of the year”, we believe him. In a perfect world where neither Cerrone or Lawler gets knocked out, this fight would for sure be a 10/10.

Both guys bring constant violence, technique, and pressure. If either fighter goes to a decision, to get there, they usually go to war. Neither guy backs down and both swing with the intention to end your night early.

Cowboy gives an interview where he is as loose as ever. You know that he is ready and Lawler will be too. Cerrone is right, though. This fight sells itself.

Video: Cowboy Cerrone’s peers chime in and they freakin’ love him.

Video: Cowboy Cerrone's peers chime in and they freakin' love him.

Friends. How many of us have them?

It’s nice to have friends. Most of the time they speak well of you, unless they are a Kardashian. Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has friends. Some of his pals are training partners that he enjoys punching in the face. Fighters like John Dodson, Cub Swanson, and Holly Holm all make appearances in the UFC: On Point video. Of course his training partners will talk about Cowboy in a positive light. They are family.

However, we also have a legend that is a Cerrone fan.  How about 2 legends? Both Don Frye and Chuck Liddell talk about Cowboy being ‘The Guy’. 2 guys who have gone through wars and won belts in the UFC, are saying they like your work. There is no bigger compliment than an icon like Don Frye talking positively about what you bring to the table.

“He’s game, man. He stands up to his name ‘Cowboy’. He’s a bad dude. He’s a baaad dude. I love watching him fight. There’s no quit in him.”

Donald Cerrone is a fighter’s fighter. What that means is, pro fighters become fan boys when Donald steps into the cage. That’s respect.