Preview for the final first round fight on TUF 27. Tyler vs Dulani


We are down to the last first-round fight on this season of TUF. Dulani Perry will take on Tyler Diamond in the featherweight division. If you haven’t been following this season, things are about to get interesting.

This isn’t another case of two guys that are the top picks finally squaring off. No, this is a case of the favorite to win the competition (Diamond) taking on the ‘character’ of the show (Perry).

Perry is that guy who is always joking, but kind of serious. His shtick is about how he’s making all the big money and it’s his show, etc. His opponent, however, is all business. You may even recognize the name ‘Tyler Diamond’ as he made headlines a few weeks ago when Nate Diaz confronted Clay Guida, inciting a brawl.

Dulani is the overwhelming underdog in this fight, but everyone is undefeated in the competition, so you never know.