You’ll have a wide variety of emotions when watching this 28-second fight


I know that I certainly had a wide variety of emotions when watching this video and I’m sure you will as well. This fight happened at EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship) yesterday between heavyweights, Matunga Djikasa and Willem Smith. The two fighters started off the main card in what would turn out to be a short and dramatic contest.

Smith does a quick glove touch and throws punches coming off it. Immediately I found myself rooting against the guy because of his questionable sportsmanship. He tries for a single leg but his opponent holds him off and simultaneously works for the choke. Djikasa secures the choke and puts Smith to sleep, much to my judgemental delight.

Djikasa finished Smith off in 28-seconds then showed his own brand of bad sportsmanship. He gave his sleeping opponent the ol’ crotch-chop and ruined what was a nice finish.

This must be what kids feel like when their parents get divorced.