Sergey Kovalev vs. Eleider Alvarez saw Kovalev hit the deck 3 times


Eleider Alvarez saw his perfect record stay intact last night, as he dispatched of the Krusher, Sergey Kovalev. However, it wasn’t easy. Kovalev appeared to be in control throughout much of their light heavyweight title fight. The success that Kovalev was having got thwarted in round seven when Alvarez took over.

It was an Alvarez overhand right that started the beginning of the end. Alvarez connected and Kovalev went down. He managed to get up immediately but his health bar was flashing and in the red. Then, Alvarez hit Kovalev with a lightning-fast left hook and Kovalev, for all intensive purposes, was done.

However, Kovalev got to his feet and although staggering, claimed he was ready to continue. An immediate right hook to the jaw ended Kovalev’s night and now, boxing has itself a new WBO light heavyweight champion in Eleider Alvarez.