Dana White: Looking for a Fight Season 3 Episode 1 in Cabo

Looking for a Fight

Looking for a Fight enters its third season in Cabo

Dana White: Looking for a Fight is back! The hilarious show featuring Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas kicks off season three in beautiful Cab San Lucas, Mexico. Unfortunately, Dana was suffering the effects of his Ménière’s disease which causes extreme bouts of vertigo. If you don’t know what vertigo is, it’s no fun at all. You have a sense of constant spinning and an inability to get your bearings. It causes nausea in a lot of people as well.

That said, the fellas still had a good time. They went to a local street fair and tasted some of the local foods there. Dana wasn’t sure, I mean, I get it, I am not down for mystery meat outdoors in Mexico either, but they ate it, and said it was delicious. During this episode, Matt and Din swam with the dolphins, and one of the dolphins tried to get frisky with Din.  They all went out to eat and then went on a tequila tour tasting various shots of tequila.

Of course, they also attended some fights, where a very relaxed Donald Cerrone also just happened to be checking out. In the end, Elias Garcia got offered a contract. He’s the cousin of the Pettis brothers, Anthony and Sergio. It was a fun episode and Din Thomas did some wild things. Habanero sauce comes to mind.