Kevin Hart gets trained by Evander Holyfield and fights Joel McHale


Kevin Hart continues to be one of the funniest men alive with his new YouTube video series called ‘What the Fit’. The little big man does physical activities with other famous people and gets trained by professional athletes. The result is what we usually see from Kevin Hart; Unadulterated chaos.

In this episode, Evander Holyfield tries to guide Hart and comedian pal, Joel McHale, in the ways of boxing. However, McHale and Hart just insult each other and show no real technical boxing prowess.

The show is unscripted, which makes things even more out of control. If you are a Kevin Hart fan, you are going to love this video.

Evander Holyfield offers to fight Conor McGregor

Evander Holyfield offers to fight Conor McGregor

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Retired boxer Evander Holyfield took to his Instagram¬†account to offer his services against Conor McGregor if Floyd Mayweather is unwilling to step into the ring. At 54 years of age, and standing at 6’3″ with a current weight that we assume is still over 200lbs, considering he was a … Read moreEvander Holyfield offers to fight Conor McGregor