6 Star Podcast Ep. 13 w/Gabe Ruediger

6 Star Podcast

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Episode 13 with Gabe Ruediger

This week on The 6 Star Podcast,  we talk to MMA luminary Gabe Ruediger about his career, the legendary Andy Anderson, his new school, some amazing stories of fights outside the cage and the time he “blocked” Shoman from his dream girl, Chasey Lain. Years later, Shoman is still bitter.

Dan and Dion talk about the amazing Ric Flair 30 for 30 programs to round out the show. Evan Shoman wasn’t there for part two of the show this week, but Dan and Dion take care of business like pros. Give the show a listen, and tell your buddies.

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