How do you celebrate a KO? By running around like a velociraptor, duh!


Well, this is certainly a first. Never in my life have I seen a big knockout finish in an MMA fight that ends in a celebration of a velociraptor imitation. Normally we see GSP try and do a backflip that he never lands. Maybe Tito Ortiz does his patented gravedigger routine. However, taking it back to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth? That is a new one.

When Marcelo Rojo connected with Fabian Galvan’s temple with an overhand right, it was lights-freakin-out. As the referee jumped in to stop the fight, Rojo morphed into a velociraptor. He celebrated by running around the cage with the best impression of a raptor that you’ve ever seen.

I mean it. Rojo absolutely nailed the impression and I feel it was more impressive than the knockout.