Mike Perry talks about his fight with Jake Ellenberger on TMZ

Mike Perry

Perry seems a little bit out of it here, check it out.

Mike Perry knocked out Jake Ellenberger last Saturday night with one perfectly placed elbow. It was brutal, to say the least, and Ellenberger’s head bounced off the canvas.  After the fight, Perry and Jake extended some kind words, which was nice to see after all the anger built up before the fight.

The folks at TMZ spoke to Perry about the knockout and Perry admitted that he “felt for Jake.” after the knockout. He said he might have ended his career with that shot. Perry thinks Jake will fight again, but it’s possible he won’t.  When TMZ asked if that was, in fact, Jake’s last fight, would Perry feel bad? Perry simply stated “No.”  At that point, they all laughed.  No chill at all.  Check it out for yourself.