Frank Camacho shares aftermath of Jingliang’s leg kicks, and it hurts.

Frank Camacho

Camacho lost a tough three round war against Li Jingliang. The UFC was in Singapore this past weekend. One of the contests pitted Frank Camacho against Li Jingliang in a three round Welterweight battle. Camacho took the fight on two week’s notice and dropped Jingliang in the first round, but seemed to run out of … Read moreFrank Camacho shares aftermath of Jingliang’s leg kicks, and it hurts.

Holly Holm knocks Bethe Correia out after Bethe opts to taunt her.

Holly Holm

Sometimes it’s not good to poke the bear, Bethe learned that the hard way.

During the main event of Fight Night 111, Bethe Correia got some not so great advice from her corner. They told her not to respect Holly. As a result, Bethe came out and after landing a couple of punches laughed. Then she made that one classic mistake that seems to haunt fighters in highlight videos all over the world. She taunted and waved Holly to “Come on!” Holy Holm obliged and immediately separated Bethe from consciousness with a head kick, and a savage left hand.

For Holly, it was a much-needed win, in a dire situation.  It showed her excellence, and her ability to time the head kick once again. I’m guessing if Edmund was watching, it gave him nightmares.

For Holly, not only did the knockout mark a huge victory in her career but keeps her very much in the mix at both 135 and 145 pounds.  You can check out the savagery for yourself, courtesy of ESPN’s Instagram.

If you taunt Holly Holm, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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Fight Pass launches 24/7 streaming channel.

Fight Pass

You can head to this 24 hours a day and see UFC programming. The UFC launched Fight Pass and has held a myriad of events on the streaming service since their launch. Tomorrow morning, for instance, UFC Fight Night 111 will air live on via the service.  Now they’ve launched a 24/7 streaming channel. The … Read moreFight Pass launches 24/7 streaming channel.

For former UFC Champions, UFC Fight Night 111 is do or die.

FIght Night 111

The event boasts three former champions in dire need of victories. The UFC sets up shop this weekend in lovely Singapore for Fight Night 111. If you’re planning to watch the event unfold, you’ll be getting up pretty early, or staying up late depending on where you live. Here on the west coast, the event … Read moreFor former UFC Champions, UFC Fight Night 111 is do or die.