UFC Fight Night Beijing weigh-in results. Razor vs Predator Pt 2


Curtis Razor Blaydes will be taking on Francis The Predator Ngannou once again. In their first meeting, Blaydes’ eye swelled up to the point that doctors stopped the fight. It was the first career and only loss that Blaydes has seen before or since. While he is rolling right now, Ngannou is stumbling. He has had two rough showings in a row and will look to get back on track against Blaydes.

UFC Fight Pass Main Card

Curtis Blaydes (260) vs. Francis Ngannou (254)
Alistair Overeem (247) vs. Sergey Pavlovich (257)
Li Jingliang (171) vs. David Zawada (170)
Vince Morales (136) vs. Song Yadong (136)

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Alex Morono (170.5) vs. Kenan Song (170)
Lauren Mueller (126) vs. Wu Yanan (126)
Rashad Coulter (208)* vs. Hu Yaozong (205)
Jessica Aguilar (115) vs. Weili Zhang (116)
Martin Day (136) vs. Pingyuan Liu (135)
Syuri Kondo (115.5) vs. Yan Xiaonan (116)
Kevin Holland (186) vs. John Phillips (186)
Louis Smolka (135.5) vs. Su Mudaerji (134.5)

*Coulter missed weight and will be fined 20% of his purse.

Curtis Blaydes looks to be fighting Francis NGannou in China

Curtis Blaydes

This is a clash of one heavyweight on the rise, and one hoping to halt his fall. Curtis Blaydes looks like he’s going to get a big fight. Last time we saw Francis NGannou, he was one half of the worst heavyweight fight in the storied history of the UFC. He and Derrick Lewis put … Read moreCurtis Blaydes looks to be fighting Francis NGannou in China

UFC 226 Recap: The good, the bad and the so very ugly

The good, the bad, and the so very ugly

Let’s take a look at UFC 226 and who should be feeling good, bad and hiding in shame UFC 226 is in the books, and we’ve had some time to digest the results and get a better handle on our feelings. It was a show that will be remembered for Daniel Cormier becoming the Champ-Champ … Read moreUFC 226 Recap: The good, the bad and the so very ugly

Francis NGannou opens up on lackluster UFC 226 performance

Francis NGannou

NGannou was involved in as bad a fight as I can remember  with Derrick Lewis People sat in absolute shock watching Francis NGannou take on Derick Lewis. Everyone was expecting rock-em-sock-em robots with extreme violence and it wasn’t what we got. Instead, two of the most dynamic and heavy-handed punchers spent 15 minutes not engaging with … Read moreFrancis NGannou opens up on lackluster UFC 226 performance

Derrick Lewis and Francis NGannou get heated during weigh-ins faceoff

Derrick Lewis

I’m really starting to look forward to this fight!

Derrick Lewis and Francis NGannou are monsters. Keeping them apart isn’t a lot of fun. UFC 226 is tomorrow night and today the fighters stepped on the scale and then faced off for media and fans as part of the ceremonial weigh-ins. Most of them went off pretty much as expected, but a few fighters seem to have some hostility towards each other. None more than Derrick Lewis and Francis NGannou. As they stood on the scale, Francis said something to Lewis who then replied. Next thing you know and Derrick Lewis shoved NGannou forcing UFC security to jump in.

These are two gigantic heavyweights and if there was ever a sure thing that someone is getting knocked out, it’s this fight.  The UFC shared the confrontation via Twitter.

Even though this card lost it’s Featherweight title fight when Max Holloway pulled out, it’s still stacked and should pack some excellent knockouts. Hall/Costa, Rountree/Saki, and this fight should all be sure-fire knockdown drag out brawls.

UFC 226 is going to be bonkers, you can see the card here.

Derrick Lewis proposes some rule changes for his fight with Ngannou


When Derrick Lewis takes to his social media and proposes some rule changes in his heavyweight fight with Francis Ngannou, I’m on board. In fact, the rules he came up with should apply for all heavyweight fights. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhznUH8HcVA/?taken-by=thebeastufc It’s the one minute rounds that I like so much. This ensures that both fighters go all … Read moreDerrick Lewis proposes some rule changes for his fight with Ngannou

Hey guys, let’s focus on calling out fighters from the same sport, eh?

Calling out

One of the most tiresome trends in MMA is calling out fighters from other sports. So Francis NGannou is the latest to throw his hat into the whole, calling out someone who can’t possibly accept the fight routine. He has made it clear he wants to rebound from his loss to Stipe Miocic, with a … Read moreHey guys, let’s focus on calling out fighters from the same sport, eh?

UFC 222 salaries. Stipe Miocic leads the way with 600K

UFC 222

Stipe Miocic took home an incredible victory and 600,000. The payouts for the UFC 222 event have been released and there are some interesting numbers. As you might expect, Stipe Miocic took home the most for his successful heavyweight title defense, bringing in a tidy 600,000.00. His win didn’t include a win bonus. The fact that … Read moreUFC 222 salaries. Stipe Miocic leads the way with 600K

Francis NGannou releases a statement saying he’s taking some time off

Francis NGannou

Francis NGannou lost a hard-fought battle with Stipe Miocic last weekend. Francis NGannou was thought to be a can’t-miss championship prospect heading into his clash with Stipe Miocic. Though he was the challenger, he was the betting favorite. To say he has one-punch knockout power is vastly underselling his power. He’s the most heavy-handed fighter … Read moreFrancis NGannou releases a statement saying he’s taking some time off

All fighters make weight ahead of UFC 220, title fights are good to go

UFC 220 Weigh-ins

UFC 220 Weigh-ins complete, both title fights are green-lit after all fighters make weight. Friday morning in Boston, the fighters stepped on a scale to have their official weights recorded. The UFC 220 weigh-ins went off without a hitch, with all 22 fighters coming in on point. Daniel Cormier, who has had some issues making weight … Read moreAll fighters make weight ahead of UFC 220, title fights are good to go

Incredible fan made Francis NGannou Black Panther hype video

Francis NGannou Black Panther

This video is impossible to watch and not get hyped for Saturday’s fight. From time to time I like to share fan-made videos with you guys. I really dig the creativity and hard work they put in and sometimes the results are spectacular. This is one of those times. This Francis NGannou Black Panther hype … Read moreIncredible fan made Francis NGannou Black Panther hype video

Want to see Francis Ngannou look tiny? No, seriously.


Francis Ngannou is enormous. He stands at 6’4″ 265 pounds and you don’t see many men much bigger than that. However, today, Ngannou looked tiny when he took pics with another Cameroon-born athlete, Joel Embiid. Embiid is having a breakout year in the NBA, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are in Boston right … Read moreWant to see Francis Ngannou look tiny? No, seriously.

Francis NGannou takes issue with President Donald Trump’s words.

Francis NGannou

Francis NGannou referred to Trump as America’s shame

Donald Trump made plenty of noise last week (and every other week) when it was revealed that he referred to African nations as “Sh*tholes” when speaking about immigration. For those who live in this country who might have come from one of those nations, certainly, it was insulting.

Francis NGannou was speaking with Ariel Helwani when the subject was brought up. Francis said he did hear what Trump had said and when Ariel asked it had bothered him, Francis went on to say the following.

“Yes. I mean, all those people who he was talking about, are people like us. You know, it’s kind of difficult to accept something like that because for myself, I know how it was to talk about a goal for me, to leave my country. To see someone try and break that hope you know, this guy is like shame for America.”

He had more to say, and you can see it for yourself in the video below.

Credit MMA Fighting for use of the video.

Miocic says UFC is only hyping Ngannou. Ngannou: “That’s a boosheet”.


Straight out of the Wallid Ismael handbook, Francis Ngannou calls ‘boosheet’ on Stipe Miocic’s claim that the UFC is hyping only Ngannou. TMZ once again gets the great interview, but then ruins it with a clickbait title.

“UFC’s Francis Ngannou Blasts Stipe Miocic: Keep Whining … You’re Done!”

Um, nobody said that. What was actually said was,

TMZ says, “Stipe is the champion and you’re the challenger, but Stipe says that he feels he hasn’t been promoted. That the UFC has been promoting you and wants you to win.”

Ngannou replied, “That’s a boosheet. UFC not gonna fight for him. The UFC not going to step into the Octagon for the fight with me. The fight day we are going to be 1-on-1 in the Octagon and we will see the truth. I don’t care what they promote or what, but I only care about my training and gameplan.

The two square off in the main event this Saturday night at UFC 220 from Boston, Massachusets.

The UFC releases promo for UFC 220, so get hyped!

UFC 220

UFC 220 features a pair of world title fights.

UFC 220 is undoubtedly the first must-see event of the New Year. It features a pair of mega title fights and the rest of the card is stacked with young talent as well. Stipe Miocic will defend his title against the burgeoning star Francis NGannou and Daniel Cormier defends against upstart Volkan Oezdemir.

There is a lot of young talent on this card as well. Undefeated fighter Shane Burgos will be on the main card as will Thomas Almeida and others. It should be a great card.

The entire UFC 220 card is available here.