Shocker. Gabi Garcia submits opponent she outweighted by 45 pounds


At this rate, Gabi Garcia’s closest competition would be her training partner, Cris Cyborg, who is 90 pounds lighter than her. It’s not Garcia’s fault either. She’s 235 pounds and shredded. There aren’t many women near that weight who actually have skill. So, once again, in another shocker, Gabi Garcia submitted an opponent who she outweighed by 45 pounds.

Veronika Futina was billed as a ‘striker’ and actually swarmed Garcia early. However, size does matter and Garcia got the fight to the mat in about one minute. Once there, Futina had no answers and Garcia finished the fight by rear naked choke.

Garcia now moves to 5-0-1 in her MMA career. However, pickings are slim for her next opponent.

Video from Caposa’s Twitter

Gabi Garcia’s next opponent isn’t a 70-year-old pro wrestling grandmother


Gabi Garcia will fight outside of RIZIN for the first time and her opponent won’t be a grandmother, pro wrestler, or a pro wrestling grandmother. Garcia has gotten a lot of flack from fans during her MMA tenure for fighting less than qualified opponents, bullying much smaller fighters online, and grossly missing weight. She has … Read moreGabi Garcia’s next opponent isn’t a 70-year-old pro wrestling grandmother

Non-MMA fans react to seeing Gabi Garcia for the first time


I’ve seen these guys come across my timeline before but I have never really checked them out. However, when the video showing how they react to seeing Gabi Garcia for the first time was on Twitter, it was an instant classic.

Let’s face it, you don’t see many women the size of Gabi every day. Usually, if a woman is 230 pounds, she is terribly out of shape. Garcia, however, is 230 pounds of solid muscle and in tremendous shape. So, when Desus and Meso lay eyes on her for the first time, they are in awe and disbelief.

Whenever you see a Gabi Garcia opponent that is the age of a Detroit grandmother and the size of a lightweight; Most reactions are shock and awe. Immediately you know that woman is getting wrecked by the larger and more skilled, Garcia.

Watch hilarity ensue as the two take in her most recent botched RIZIN weigh-in, the giant Cup O’ Noodles, as well as Gabi’s last fight.

I just love how Garcia walks around the corner and the one dude is like, ‘YOOOOOOOOO!’

Gabi Garcia publicly apologizes. Then apologizes again.


The bizarre events surrounding Gabi Garcia these past twenty-four hours have been, well, bizarre. After she missed weight by a staggering twenty-seven pounds, she publicly apologized in the RIZIN ring. She seemed genuinely sorry for missing the weight and begged for a little understanding. Gabi Garcia apologizing for missing weight is so uncomfortable to watch. … Read moreGabi Garcia publicly apologizes. Then apologizes again.

Gabi Garcia doing Gabi Garcia things, misses weight by 26 lbs at RIZIN

Gabi Garcia

It’s not bad enough that Gabi is supposed to fight a 162 lb, a 53-year-old woman. She misses weight.

To say Gabi Garcia missed weight at RIZIN packs the power of understatement. She missed by a whopping 26 pounds. It is ridiculous enough that her 53-year-old opponent weighed in at 162 for a 209 pound catchweight fight, but then Gabi weighed in at 237 pounds. That would mark a weight difference between the two to a staggering 75 pounds.

The fight itself was a circus, now it’s just a three-alarm fire of stupidity. Gabi Garcia at this point cannot be taken seriously and RIZIN should be ashamed of themselves for even booking this trainwreck.

The fight now seems to be in jeopardy with the massive weight difference, but who knows right?

Thanks to Women’s MMA Rankings for the video.

Gabi Garcia fights another AARP member this weekend


In six years, I will officially be able to apply for my AARP card. The way things are going, I will also be able to fight Gabi Garcia in Japan. Garcia once again takes on someone who is many years her senior. Her opponent is 53-year-old Shinobu Kandori; Who won a judo gold medal at … Read moreGabi Garcia fights another AARP member this weekend

When Gabi Garcia and Cris Cyborg want you in an ice bath…

Ice bath for Emerson? No thank you!

What would YOU do if Cris Cyborg and Gabi Garcia were trying to drag you into an ice bath? You’ve got two options. 1) Give up. 2) Give up. VFC featherweight champion and former UFC fighter, Robert Emerson, refused to give up. He was the victim of the two massive women trying to muscle him … Read moreWhen Gabi Garcia and Cris Cyborg want you in an ice bath…

RIZIN 2016 GP Final Weigh-In Highlights: Cro Cop No-Showed.

RIZIN 2016 GP Final Weigh-In Highlights: Cro Cop No-Showed.

There is never a dull moment in Japanese MMA. Ever. Sometimes, even weigh-ins can be a spectacle. That’s exactly what the 2016 Rizin GP weigh-ins were. There was one noticeable absence, however. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipović was a no-show.

Big lovable Baruto was left all by himself on the weigh-in stage, as his opponent Mirko Cro Cop did not make an appearance. Fear not, there were still many things to talk about.

The part that has the internet buzzing is the matchup between Gabi Garcia and Yumiko Hotta. Hotta weighed in at about 171 pounds and she’s 5’6. Gabi Garcia is 6’2 and weighed in at 208. Sure it could be considered an uneven affair, with Garcia having a 40 pound weight advantage. However, Hotta is 49 years old and has ‘grown woman strength’. If not, she can always hit Garcia with her hand chains and lightning strikes.

RIZIN 2016 GP Final Weigh-In Highlights: Cro Cop No-Showed.
Yumiko Hotta vs Gabi Garcia

Like we stated before, Cro Cop was absent from the weigh-ins. has since received confirmation from a source close to RIZIN that Cro Cop is still fighting. Just unknown circumstances that caused him to miss the weigh-ins.

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett also made news by not being at the weigh-ins and was told it was over visa issues. His fight with Minoru Kimura has now been cancelled as a result. will be speaking with Bennett to find out exactly what his visa issues were, very soon.

Andy Nguyen came out dressed as the Pokemon character, Pikachu. Not exactly breaking news, but… when you add in the man sized Cup-O-Noodles, wearing a Speedo and Genki Sudo mask, it gets people talking.

Andy Nguyen 2016 RIZIN World Gran Prix Finals Weigh-in Highlights
Andy Nguyen in full Pikachu

Japanese MMA is the best!

Kron Gracie vs Tatsuya Kawajiri 2016 RIZIN World Gran Prix Finals Weigh-in Highlights
Kron Gracie vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Tune in to tonight at 1 am ET/ 10 pm PST for the FREE live stream to the 2016 RIZIN World Grand Prix NYE Finals event.

Watch RIZIN World Grand Prix 2016 Final Round Live Here!

Weigh-In Results:

Tatsuya Kawajiri(65.5kg) vs Kron Gracie(65.5kg)

Hideo Tokoro(61.5kg) vs Erson Yamamoto(61.7kg)

RENA(48.9kg) vs Hanna Tyson(48.7kg)

Andy Nguyen(49.0kg) vs Miyuu Yamamoto(48.7kg)

Kizaemon Saiga(58.0kg) vs Dillin West(57.7kg)

Gabi Garcia(94.9kg) vs Yumiko Hotta(77.6kg)

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai(82.0kg) vs Wataru Sakata(80.7kg)

Amir Aliakbari(116.1kg) vs Valentin Moldavsky(102.2kg)

Mirko Cro Cop(106.0kg) vs Baruto(180.0kg)

Tenshin Nasukawa(56.6kg) vs Kawika Oligo(56.45kg)

*Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett vs Minoru “PHILIP” Kimura is cancelled.*

RIZIN 2016 World Grand Prix 2nd Round Weigh-In Highlights

RIZIN 2016 World Grand Prix 2nd Round Weigh-In Highlights

The 2016 RIZIN Grand Prix Round 2 weigh-ins are now over and it was interesting. Weigh-ins took place and as is often the case when fighters step on the scale, we were treated to some tense and also some fun moments. This is Japan, after all, and if there’s one thing they’re known for it is their creativity and at times a very fun quirkiness. Proof of that was on display as a jacked Cup of Noodles stood watch on the stage the entire time.

So many names graced the stage; King Mo, Mirko Cro Cop, Heath Herring, Valentin Moldavsky, Szymon Bajor, Baruto, Tsuyoshi Kosaka, and Amir Aliakbari were just a few of the fighters to step on the scale for this massive event. Check out the full highlight video below as well as the official results:

Weigh-in Results:

Mirko Cro Cop(106kg) vs. King Mo(97kg)

Baruto(180kg) vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka(101.1kg)

Amir Aliakbari(116.1kg) vs. Heath Herring(124.5kg)

Valentin Moldavsky(102.2kg) vs. Szymon Bajor(105.6kg)

Rin Nakai(56.95kg) vs. Kanako Murata(57.15kg)

Tenshin Nasukawa(56.65kg) vs. Nikita Sapun(55.4kg)

Kazuyuki Miyata(69.55kg) vs. Andy Souwer(70.1kg)

Yuki Motoya(60.0kg) vs. Allan Nascimento(60.0kg)

Tatsumitsu Wada(56.7kg) vs. Kai Kara-France(58.1kg)*
*Kai Kara-France Over Weight.

Yusuke Yachi(68.0kg) vs. Mario Sismundo(67.9kg)

Kanna Asakura(47.7kg) vs. Alyssa Garcia(48.0kg)

Vadim Nemkov(104.8kg) vs. Alison Vicente(106.3kg)

Satoru Kitaoka(70.3kg) vs. Daron Cruickshank(69.8kg)



RIZIN Fighting Federation (RIZIN FF) is a Japanese regional mixed martial arts organization. It was created in 2015 by the former Pride FC president Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

RIZIN FF will broadcast on Spike TV in. The same network that houses Bellator MMA. Other official partnering broadcasters will be SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Fuji Television, Fox Sports Brazil, Kix and Match TV.