We call shots. Canelo beat GGG, they’ll fight when we say – De La Hoya


Oscar De La Hoya has his best boxing promoter hat on right now. He represents Canelo Alvarez and after Canelo beat GGG, Oscar thinks that the ball is firmly in their court. Since Canelo won, Oscar feels that they call the shots now. He does have a point, too. They fought to a draw once and the second fight, Alvarez walked away with the win. Alvarez doesn’t need the fight, GGG does.

“Is (Canelo) going to fight GGG again? Yeah, whenever we say he’s going to fight him again. We call the shots now. Canelo beat him. If he’s going to fight him, it’s going to be when we say.”

I’m not sure that this fight needs to be run back AGAIN, but they’ll make a lot of money again if they did. That much is certain.

Watch this stunning GGG combo in super slow motion!


GGG defeated Vanes Martirosyan in the second round of their fight Saturday night

If you’re a fan of boxing, you know who GGG is. Gennady Golovkin is one of the elite boxers on earth. He simply shows up, does work, wins and goes home. You don’t hear him boasting or bragging. He’s not TMZ running away from police of acting a fool at the club. The guy just shows up when it’s time to work, and works.

Saturday night he was facing a talented fighter in Vanes Martirosyan and as many expected, he handles his business quickly and with extreme prejudice. He landed a combination that ended the fight in the second round. The combination was a work of art, but when you slow it down and view it in slow motion, it’s amazing. See for yourself below.

Thanks to Boxing Corner for use of the video.

Brian Ortega says he’ll box GGG. Ortega’s boxing coach says “NOOOO!”


It is absolute comedy watching Brian Ortega speak very tongue-in-cheek about wanting to box GGG. Then, Ortega pans the camera to his own boxing coach who reluctantly gives his stamp of disapproval.

You can see that he wants to be behind his fighter, however, he’s totally a realist. When asked if he could get Brian ready in a month to step into the boxing ring with Triple G, his trainer responds with,

“Naahhhhhh. No, no, no. Not ready for GGG. I have to step in and say, hey, Brian; Relax for a minute.”

Ortega seems willing to step up and fight anyone. Luckily, he has good people around him to save him from himself.

Continuing with the current fight narrative, GGG and Canelo is OFF


It looks like boxing didn’t want to be left out of the current MMA narrative. This week has been filled with big fights falling through and now, the biggest one in boxing is HISTORY. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m shocked that this fight will not be happening on its scheduled May 5th … Read moreContinuing with the current fight narrative, GGG and Canelo is OFF

Dana feels GGG vs Canelo will happen. “Too much money involved”


If there is one thing that Dana White knows, it’s boxing. He also knows the tendencies of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Like most common fans know, there is simply too much money to be made for all parties involved in the GGG vs Canelo fight, to not make it happen.

The word is that if the fight isn’t happening, people will get their money refunded. However, White doesn’t think it will go that route.

“Yeah, I think it will (happen). There’s too much money involved.”

We’ve seen this in MMA a few times, most notably with Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones. There was so much money going to be made by people that the failed drug tests were shelved until after the fights.

Sometimes these things happen in MMA boxing.

Stephen A Smith unglued, talking about how Canelo vs GGG must happen


In all fairness, Stephen A Smith becomes unglued when discussing the advantages of having a hummingbird feeder at your home. So, when the subject of anything that is sports related comes up on his show, he goes absolutely nuclear. In other news, water is wet and the sun is hot.

The whole situation with Canelo Alvarez getting popped for the use of an illegal substance has been a very hot topic as of late. He’s scheduled to fight GGG in a rematch on May 5, but this development has put a question mark around the event. Stephen A Smith is here to tell you that Canelo should be allowed to cheat because he wants to see the fight.

Stephen A is known to publicly crucify athletes who smoke weed. So, him being so adamant about it being okay that Alvarez may have used PED’s is kind of a head-scratcher.

“Nevada State Athletic Commission, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!!”

Yes, Stephen A. Let’s keep the sport dirty because the rematch will be a great fight. Can you imagine if someone said that about the NSAC in regards to an MMA fight?

GGG still willing to fight Canelo, despite thinking he’s a cheater


In a new interview with Gennady Golovkin, he states that he feels that Canelo Alvarez is a habitual drug cheat. Despite that, he still wants to fight him.

GGG claims that doctors (and other people) have sent him pictures and videos showing injection marks on Canelo’s stomach. He also says that Canelo was popping pills for muscle enhancement. However, he only seems to be focused on what he does, personally.

“I know I’ve never used medicals. I like a clean sport.”

Dan Rafael from ESPN reported other things that GGG said that were not in the video, yet very telling of his feelings about Canelo.

“Again with Mexican meat? Come on. I told you, it’s not Mexican meat. This is Canelo. This is his team. This is his promotion. Canelo is cheating. They’re using these drugs, and everybody is just trying to pretend it’s not happening.

This guy, he knows. This is not his first day in boxing. He proves he gets benefits from everyone and he can get away with it. Check him on a lie detector and then we can find out everything.”

While it all seems to irk him a bit, ultimately, he just wants to fight and it doesn’t matter if his opponent is clean or not.

All the big boxing names weigh in on who wins between GGG and Canelo

The pros discuss who wins between GGG and Canelo

The real ‘best boxing fight of 2017’ is soon to be upon us. The superfight is taking place on September 16 and everyone in the boxing know are picking who wins. It looks as if the predictions were accumulated during May/Mac fight week.

Conor McGregor, Evander Holyfield, Freddy Roach, and Bernard Hopkins, to name a few, all give their thoughts. For true boxing purists, this is a dream matchup.

Canelo sports a record of 49-1-1. His sole loss came at the hands of ‘TBE’ Floyd Mayweather. With 34 knockouts to his name, both he and GGG could seemingly win the fight when one touches the other’s chin.

Gennady Golovkin sits undefeated at 37-0 with 33 knockouts. He has been labeled as the future of boxing, but getting past Canelo will be no easy feat. In fact, both fighters have earned the ‘future’ label.

The winner of this fight will probably be seen as the undisputed best in boxing, right now.