GSP shows his submissive posture after being charged by alpha gorilla


Georges St Pierre, you are no Jane Goodall. What will it take for people to stop going into the wilderness to hang out with animals? I don’t know the answer, but GSP almost found out the hard way. On his Instagram, GSP recalled his encounter with an alpha gorilla and almost soiling his fancy pants while in a submissive position.

“This video was taken in Africa, seconds after an alpha gorilla charged me. I had to take a submissive posture and get out of his way. One of the most frightening and incredible experiences of my life. Even with all the fight training in the world, I wouldn’t have been a match for this one!”

You know how to not get destroyed by an alpha gorilla? YOU DON’T GO IN THE JUNGLE TO HANG OUT WITH BIG ASS APLHA GORILLAS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Stay in the cage, where it’s safe.

Conor, GSP, or whoever. Khabib gives an update on who and what’s next


It seems as though Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t care who he fights. He makes it sound like GSP or Conor McGregor could be his next opponent, but whoever is put in from of him is who he will fight. Since becoming champion, Khabib has defended his title as many times as Conor McGregor has. The only thing is, Conor had almost a two-year head start.

The good news is that unlike Conor, Khabib plans on defending his title. He gives a return date of sometime right after summer. I know that rumors of GSP dropping to 155 pounds are out there, but I just don’t see that happening.

The fight to make is Conor vs Khabib. Everyone wants to know how that fight will play out and are crossing their fingers and toes for that fight to come to fruition.

Just another night in Stockton, Diaz Brothers are going to Diaz

Diaz Brothers

The Diaz Brothers are in the news this weekend, I love it! You hear a lot of things from the Diaz brothers, and you usually try and take them with a grain of salt and a smile, but sometimes, it’s just too much. Both of the Diaz brothers had things to say about GSP this … Read moreJust another night in Stockton, Diaz Brothers are going to Diaz

Dana White dropping bombshells on UFC: Unfiltered


Dana White joined Jim Norton and Matt Serra on UFC: Unfiltered and dropped all kinds of bombshells. Things like; Nate Diaz vs GSP at 155 pounds, Luke Rockhold vs Alexander Gustafsson at Staples Center, and Frankie Edgar staying ready to step in at UFC 226. Dana revealed his thoughts on Chuck Liddell joining forces with … Read moreDana White dropping bombshells on UFC: Unfiltered

FOX Sports: UFC tweeting about Ben Askren again. Ben noticed. Again.


It’s hard not to see it when they post it, but Ben Askren noticed that the FOX Sports: UFC Twitter page brought up his name again. This happened a few weeks ago and we were stunned. The UFC will not mention anything outside of their own company. However, this is the second time dishing on … Read moreFOX Sports: UFC tweeting about Ben Askren again. Ben noticed. Again.

May I have your attention, please. Have you seen GSP?!?


If we can have your attention for just a second. We were wondering where Georges St Pierre is at. If you go the UFC’s official rankings page, GSP has been completely removed. It hasn’t even been three months since GSP won the UFC middleweight title and already it has become an afterthought. Granted, he vacated … Read moreMay I have your attention, please. Have you seen GSP?!?

Michael Bisping wrestling with his options, fight or retire?

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping said he has a fight offer from the UFC and has a day to let them know. Michael Bisping has a decision to make. He’s lost two consecutive fights, one where he was choked out by GSP and then he was knocked out by Kelvin Gastelum. He doesn’t want to go out like … Read moreMichael Bisping wrestling with his options, fight or retire?

GSP vacates 185 title. Whittaker full champ, will fight Rockhold


As predicted by so many, Georges St Pierre vacates his newly earned middleweight title. Georges dropping the title frees up the entire division to focus on actual middleweights again. The division became somewhat of a joke after Michael Bisping won the title. Bisping won the belt from Luke Rockhold and after inactivity, an interim title … Read moreGSP vacates 185 title. Whittaker full champ, will fight Rockhold

The Middleweight champ’s statement on his Colitis


Dana White answered a question about GSP the other day and was very blase about Georges being out of competition. He mentioned ‘Colitis’ and moved on. If you are like me and have no idea what that is; You said ‘cool’ and moved on. Colitis is inflammation of the colon and it is wildly uncomfortable. … Read moreThe Middleweight champ’s statement on his Colitis

Dana White on what is next for Conor, also GSP. The boss stays vague.


Dana White is the master of breaking news, but not really. He gives out info but remains vague. He may have given us the details of what is next for Conor McGregor and GSP; Or, he may not have. In other words, take this video at face value.

Somewhere in the middle of this video where he is hounded by TMZ, a woman swoops in and brings up a fight between GSP and Conor. Dana said it’s not going to happen, but he’ll ‘never say never’.

The most likely of scenarios without anything concrete will be Conor vs Tony Ferguson and GSP vs Robert Whittaker. However, in this day and age of MMA, you can’t make guarantees until the cage door shuts. Even then, odds are 50/50 of the fight happening.

Historical UFC 217 animated and summed up in 1:09


UFC 217 was most definitely a historical event for the company. Three title belts changed hands and it felt like the underdog won each of their fights. Thug Rose beat Joanna, GSP choked out Bisping, and TJ Dillashaw knocked Cody Garbrandt out. While I’m sure you can see the event in its six-hour entirety, our pal Mojahed Fudailat summed the whole thing up in 1:09.

I’m sorry to say that Tyron Woodley does not make an appearance calling people ‘racist’, Dana White does not die, and Paulie Malignaggi is nowhere to be seen. However, you get to see all of the champions fall in spectacular (and bizarre) fashion.

Mojahed nails it again and it’s hilarious.

Robert Whittaker and GSP backstage after GSP’s win.


Check out this backstage footage of GSP and Robert Whittaker after GSP’s huge win over Michael Bisping at UFC 217. With two of the classiest guys together it can only end one way; Extremely respectful.

Whittaker waited for Georges to congratulate him on his win. Dana White has made it clear that GSP vs Whittaker will be next and the two came face to face. Embracing, handshaking, and bowing all ensued between the two. Imagine the exact polar opposite of what you get with Michael Bisping and that is what happened.

Whittaker came towards the camera and expressed how he felt about GSP. In a joking and almost ‘Aw shucks’ way:

“I’m not going to fight him. I like him so much.”

Whittaker proving once again that you don’t have to hate and berate someone to sell a fight. I can already see it now:

Whittaker: “Georges will probably win.”

GSP: “No, Whittaker will win.”

Whittaker: “Stop it, you.”

GSP: “No, you stop.” *sips a glass of milk*.

Bisping to GSP. “Train hard. Take steroids. Don’t get caught though!”

Caught! GSP? No way. Don't get caught taking steroids. Bisping to GSP.

The smack talking coming from Michael Bisping can only mean he has a fight coming up soon. I’ll admit, telling Georges St Pierre to do steroids, but not get caught is a new one. While leaving what looked like the FOX studios, Michael Bisping had some playful banter that he felt needed to be hurled … Read moreBisping to GSP. “Train hard. Take steroids. Don’t get caught though!”

Tyron Woodley: “Georges St Pierre doesn’t want to fight me.”

Georges st pierre doesn't want to fight me, says Woodley

Tyron Woodley has been making headlines since his fight this past Saturday. He keeps saying what he feels and one of those things is that Georges St Pierre doesn’t want to fight him. Woodley is adamant that he already knew that, win or lose, Dana White wasn’t going to give him Georges. As it turns out, Woodley was right.

While Woodley has been getting bashed for his performance, it’s not really his fault. The UFC keeps making him fight specialists and Woodley shut down those specialties. Then, everyone whines afterward that Woodley didn’t go wild in his fights. Bottom line, Woodley stopped his opponents from doing what they are good at and he walks away with the win.

Woodley wants to be known as the greatest welterweight ever. They say to be the man, you have to beat the man. That man used to be GSP and now that fight is off the table.

“Georges doesn’t want to fight me. He was on a podcast the week before saying he wants to fight Bisping. (Dana promised the winner of Woodley/Maia would face GSP) I never went out there thinking, ‘If I win this fight…’

I didn’t put that pressure on myself because I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

GSP doesn’t want to come in and take the concussion. If Demian Maia had won, he would have fought him. If Stephen Thompson had won, he would have fought him. He wants to fight Nick Diaz, Conor, and Bisping. What do all of those guys have in common? They’re probably not going to concuss him, submit him, or take him down. They wouldn’t hurt him. I’m gonna hurt him and he doesn’t want that to happen.”


Sigh… The fight that no one wants or asked for, is back on again.

The fight that no one wants.

I’m still scratching my head about this one. Literally, this fight between Michael Bisping and GSP makes no sense. Honestly, who really wants this fight? Aside from Bisping, GSP, and Dana White; Nobody has expressed any interest in it whatsoever. After Tyron Woodley put a workman like performance on this past Saturday against Demian Maia, … Read moreSigh… The fight that no one wants or asked for, is back on again.