Waterbottle Challenge. 1st, TKD hot girl. Then, JWP. Now, Ginger Ninja


Last week we posted a video of Taekwondo star, Olivia Marie Garcia doing the ‘Waterbottle Challenge’ and excelling at it. Then, kickboxing legend, John Wayne Parr, gave it a go and failed miserably. Now we have the Ginger Ninja Trickster doing the challenge and he absolutely nails, murders, and kills it.

Not only does he do the same incredible kick that Garcia does, but he shows an entire arsenal of new ways to kick a bottle of water. He spins, axe kicks, and jumps his way to impressive heights as he shows us about thirty different ways to protect ourselves from a small bottled attacker.

Jokes aside, this guy is crazy impressive.

This gal has the skills to pay the bills. John Wayne Parr doesn’t, however.


This Taekwondo gal has the skills to pay the bills. Olivia Marie Garcia is a woman who wears many hats. She was ‘Miss Teen California 2013’, a singer, an actress, a print model, and a world champion 2nd degree Tae Kwon Do champion. But what she is best known for is her water bottle trick.

She places a water bottle on the top of a heavy bag, then kicks the bag. The bottle goes flying into the air and while in orbit, she does a spinning back kick to the bottle. The timing is precise and her form is flawless.

After the video goes viral, kickboxing legend, John Wayne Parr, tries his hand at the stunt. What happens next can only be described as… well, ‘disappointing’.

John Wayne Parr is a cooler dad than any of our dads.


Yeah, so, John Wayne Parr is pretty much a cooler dad than any of our dads. Kids always say, “My dad can beat up your dad” and it’s just a lot of blowing smoke. In the case of Parr’s daughter, this is true. However, she is a certifiable badass and wouldn’t even need to call her dad to fight her battles. She will do just fine on her own.

All of us fathers have ‘proud dad moments’. Maybe it was our child’s first steps or when they got straight A’s during the school year. John Wayne Parr’s ‘Proud dad moment’ is watching his baby girl killing pads while he is in the ring with her.

Check out the father/daughter bonding time.

RQMS Podcast Ep 27. John Wayne Parr. Possibly our best episode yet?

Mile 22

What. An. Episode! Episode 27 of the Real Quick Podcast is out and kickboxing legend, John Wayne Parr, is the guest. JWP is one of the most iconic fighters on the planet, having over 130 fights in a career that has spanned over twenty years. So, when you want to talk about a guy who has seen it all and has a plethora of stories; JWP is THAT guy.

In fact, he has so many incredible stories, episode 27 is an hour-and-a-half long of smooth flowing epicness. We promise you that if you are a kickboxing or JWP fan, you will absolutely love this one.

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John Wayne Parr having too much fun with a head gash


Two years ago, John Wayne Parr fought and lost a decision to Cosmo Alexandre. He sustained a nasty head gash in the fight and then videoed the aftermath. What happened next can only be described as totally Australian. I guess it went viral at the time, but we’ve never seen it. So in case you … Read moreJohn Wayne Parr having too much fun with a head gash

John Wayne Parr sends Nando Calzetta into dreamland at Bellator Kickboxing 5

bellator kickboxing 5

This is one hellacious head-kick knockout. John Wayne Parr is a bad mamma-jamma.  He showed up in Italy to compete in Bellator’s kickboxing event and cashed in with a face rattling head kick knockout. John Wayne Parr was facing Nando Calzetta at Bellator Kickboxing 5 Saturday in Torino, Italy. We have the knockout from two … Read moreJohn Wayne Parr sends Nando Calzetta into dreamland at Bellator Kickboxing 5

John Wayne Parr: Blessed with Venom

Very happy to share my documentary Blessed with Venom which was released 2011.
We travel to Thailand to visit my old camp Loomingkwan in Nonthaburi. We were allowed special permission to enter Lumpinee stadium before it was open to relive some memories of fighting there. I am also lucky to interview Yodsanklai about our fights together, Lamsongkan, Saenchai, and Songchai.

Lot’s of old fight footage from Thailand, Contender, and Australia.
When the documentary was released in Australia it screened in selected cinemas across Australia for two weeks. Now I am happy to share it with the world on youtube for free.