Big John McCarthy details who he feels is the best fighter he’s ever seen


Not only has Big John McCarthy seen more fights than pretty much anyone alive, he’s also been inside of the cage with fighters, for the longest amount of time. When he gives his opinion on something regarding MMA, it’s probably for the best that we listen to what he says. I.E. He knows what he’s … Read moreBig John McCarthy details who he feels is the best fighter he’s ever seen

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are back at it, and it’s getting personal

Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier go toe to toe on social media Some things you can always count on. Death, taxes and Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier going back and forth. Recently Jon Jones decided it was a good idea to include Daniel Cormier’s wife in the mix, bad idea. Jon Jones can say whatever … Read moreJon Jones and Daniel Cormier are back at it, and it’s getting personal

Jon Jones hitting pads doesn’t look like any less of a savage.


Jon Jones is on his MMA hiatus but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t stayed busy. First of all, Jones is blessed with the genetics of the perfect fighter. So, even when he’s not training the dude is a stud. When he is training, he and Demetrious Johnson are tied for the most skilled fighters on Earth.

Jones hitting pads is like watching an artist create a master painting. It’s literally incredible to watch.

While his future is up in the air Jones remains ready to go. Inactivity can be a killer but Jones seems like he is staying in shape for a return. Watching him hit mitts in his garage is more impressive than most guys’ fights. Even more impressive is the dance that Jones does. I tried that one the other day and my son just laughed at my confusion attempting it.

At only 30 years of age, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that we see him compete again before he is past his prime. I really hope we do because it would be a waste of incredible talent if we were to miss out on it. Love him or hate him… The guy is an absolutely phenomenal fighter.

Dana White opens up on Jon Jones, calls him “the best ever”

jon jones

Dana White is left to wonder “What could have been?” To say Jon Jones has squandered opportunities packs the power of understatement. Jones has arguably the best skill set in MMA, but the guy is constantly throwing it all away. He can’t seem to stay on a path that allows him to shine. Maybe he … Read moreDana White opens up on Jon Jones, calls him “the best ever”

Ex-NBA player, Roy Hibbert, and Jon Jones on Twitter is really weird.


Filed under the category, ‘Things I wouldn’t expect to see on my Twitter Timeline This Morning’; Ex-NBA star, Roy Hibbert, was tweeting with Jon Jones and Jones totally blew him off. Hibbert wanted to ‘spar’, but thanks to auto-correct, he said that he wanted to ‘spare’. The error saw Jones jump all over the 7’2″ … Read moreEx-NBA player, Roy Hibbert, and Jon Jones on Twitter is really weird.

…and Chuck Liddell responds to Jon Jones’ mean tweets


Jon Jones has been sending mean tweets to Chuck Liddell since Monday when Chuck told Ariel Helwani that he wanted to fight Jon Jones. Jones seemed to be personally offended by the thought even entering Chuck’s mind that he could step in the cage with him. As we posted before, Jones then went on a Twitter rant, focusing on Chuck’s age and ‘chin durability’.

The Iceman didn’t like it and answered back. He tweeted out,

“I figure it’s a good place for a youngin like u to learn from a true legend and champion on how to really fight and conduct your life inside and outside the ring 👊🏻 champions101 #respect #integrity”

In my personal opinion, this sounds like Chuck has someone writing his tweets for him. That is a very un-Chuckish thing to say. Calling himself a legend is really not Chuck’s style. If it was Tito Ortiz, I’d buy it.

But, Chuck?

Jon Jones all but laughs at Chuck Liddell’s desire to fight him


There has been a bizarre dynamic between Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones for years. There has always been this “What if” question looming over the two because of their dominance in the light heavyweight division. Chuck feels that in his prime, he’d beat Jones. He also feels that he could beat him soon. Jones simply laughs at the Iceman for even suggesting it.

Here is Jones’ response to Chuck on the MMA Hour yesterday, claiming he wants two warm-up fights before taking on Jones.

Ouch. Chuck is nearing 50 years old and he’s un-retiring. It’s probably in his best interest to fight people of similar age at this point. Jon Jones has dominated everyone that he’s fought who are in their primes.

Chuck has a fighter’s mentality, but eventually the body ages and can’t keep up with the heart and mind.

Let’s just work on Chuck vs Tito first.

Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones go back and forth via Twitter

alexander gustafsson

How ironic that a man suspended for PEDs is talking about how he never needed PEDs. Earlier this week Evan Shoman showed you guys the genesis of the DC/Jon Jones/Alexander Gustafsson issues. However, it’s continued now with Jones and Alex slinging mud back and forth. First things first, Alexander Gustafsson recently signed a new contract … Read moreAlexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones go back and forth via Twitter

DC and Jon Jones finally agree on something, to the dismay of Gustafsson


Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones agree on nothing. Ever. However, when Alexander Gustafsson took to his Instagram and took shots at the UFC light heavyweight division, DC took exception to it. Then in a stunning turn of events, Jon Jones entered the conversation and took DC’s side. Here’s how it went down. First, Gus posted … Read moreDC and Jon Jones finally agree on something, to the dismay of Gustafsson

Unless Jon Jones comes back REALLY soon, a rematch with DC is dead


Daniel Cormier has stated numerous times that when he turns 40 years old, he is done competing in MMA. He further elaborated that point when asked if he would come back after 40 to face Jone Jones. Unless Jones comes back very soon, it’s not happening.

“If I’m not going to (come back) for guys I really like, I won’t do it for somebody I don’t like. So, if he doesn’t come back before that date, our time will have passed. But, if he’s there March 19, 2019, yeah, I’m not 40 yet; I’ll give it a shot”.

Being that DC will be fighting for the heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic in July, he doesn’t have that much time left to defend the light heavyweight belt. If he wins the heavyweight title too, it’s going to be even harder for DC to fit Jones in. Especially if Brock Lesnar comes back. That fight will have DC considering early retirement with all of the money he would make.


His name is Paul Heyman, and he says Brock Lesnar isn’t done in the UFC

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman knocks Brock Lesnar really well, and he said Brock wants back in the Octagon Paul Heyman, the man who starts every monologue with, “My name is Paul Heyman…..” was talking again, this time with Newsweek. The top of conversation was Brock’s interest in returning to the UFC again. Paul left little doubt in … Read moreHis name is Paul Heyman, and he says Brock Lesnar isn’t done in the UFC

Miesha Tate vs Jon Jones on Twitter is a very cordial beef


The beef between Jon Jones and Miesha Tate on Twitter has spilt over to today. Initially, Tate gave an interview saying how she was done being invested in Jon Jones’ career. Jones responded to her by calling her a quitter. This is what led to the cordial, yet mean tweets, today. @MieshaTate I don’t quit … Read moreMiesha Tate vs Jon Jones on Twitter is a very cordial beef

CSAC fines Jon Jone $205,000 and revokes his fight license

Jon Jones

Jon Jones claimed no wrongdoing and was fined and had his license revoked by the CSAC It was a long morning for Jon Jones in front of a panel of members of the California State Athletic Commission. He was scolded, reprimanded and made to answer for the mistakes of his past. He said he was … Read moreCSAC fines Jon Jone $205,000 and revokes his fight license

Dana White on Jon Jones and Anderson Silva’s desire to return


Both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have expressed their desire to come back to fighting. While Anderson Silva sounds set on coming back to box Roy Jones Jr, Jon Jones wants back in the UFC.

It is good to want things… However, Dana White has no control over this situation. Both are being dealt with by USADA and it is up to them when and if either guy may return to fighting. Of course, both fighters have adamantly proclaimed their innocence.

Dana said he spoke with Jon Jones for the first time since his most recent fight (July). That right there is a step in the right direction.

Dana White has to deal with so much stress on a regular basis, because of fighters. Every day it’s a disgruntled employee, a champion who fell from grace, or just someone acting like an idiot that he has to deal with.

I bet if that guy worked in construction, he’d have a full head of luscious hair.

Daniel Cormier has a classic take on Jon Jones passing a polygraph

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is the absolute funniest guy around.

Daniel Cormier has jokes! We told you yesterday that Jon Jones took and passed a Polygraph test to try and support his claim of innocence as it pertains to his failed drug test at UFC 214. People have been chatting about it but Daniel Cormier was asked about it at the media scrum for UFC 220. His response was absolutely amazing.  When asked about Jon Jones passing the test Cormier responded with,

“Jon Jones took a polygraph test to prove his innocence. I’m gonna say this, Ted Bundy passed the polygraph test! Ted Bundy passed the polygraph test and then killed the f*cking guy that was giving it to him!”

Daniel Cormier, please, never ever change!

Credit to MMA Fighting for the video.