Please tell me you saw the Invicta botched throw that resulted in an armbar


One of the highlights from Invicta this weekend may have been overshadowed by all of the fights that were on. Canelo, the UFC, and Bellator (twice) were all on this weekend and all had some significant storylines. Invicta 33 flew under the radar and fight fans may have missed the botched throw reverse that resulted in an armbar finish.

Sharon Jacobson and Kay Hansen had almost completed their 15-minute fight when the incredible happened. Jacobson went for a suplex and didn’t quite pull it off. In fact, she tried to dump Hansen over her head and Hansen SOMEHOW grabbed an arm while flying through the air. She wound up getting the armbar on Jacobson at 4:43 seconds of the third round in one of the more improbable submission setups that you’ll ever see.

Crazy impressive stuff from Hansen.