… and so it begins. Khabib calls out Floyd Mayweather


In the words of Bruce Buffer, “Iiiiiiittttt’s tiiiiiimeeeee!” It seemed like just a matter of time before Khabib Nurmagomedov called out Floyd Mayweather because… well, just because. Mayweather promoter, Leonard Ellerbe, ran into Khabib in Russia and so begins the saga that will be Khabib vs Floyd.

“Hey, let’s go, Floyd. We have to fight now. 50-0 vs 27-0. Two guys never lose. Let’s go. Why not? In the jungle, only one king. Only one king. Of course, I am the king because he cannot drop (Conor) McGregor but I drop him easily. Let’s go!”

Obviously, the whole thing was said with smiles and in fun, but make no mistake, the media will generate some sort of hype storm to get this ball rolling.

Khabib has got a glass jaw? Um, I don’t think so. It’s more like teflon.


Khabib Nurmagomedov got punched by Michael Johnson in their fight. That’s crazy, being that it was a fight and all. One big “OOOOHHH” by Joe Rogan and suddenly fans think he was close to death and has a suspect chin. Let me tell you this; It’s not made of glass, it’s straight up teflon.

‘Fight Effect’ on YouTube once again put out a very telling video that shows us a little better behind the scenes of what is real and factual. When watching the shot that Khabib took from Johnson that everyone made such a big deal about, Khabib was never hurt. His balance was off and that’s it. Even more telling was the quote that Johnson himself said about Khabib after the fight.

“You see different things in the cage and I didn’t see Khabib getting hurt”.

It’s incredible how influential some people can be by stating what is only personal opinion. People are just sheep wanting to believe whatever they want. Trust the facts, kids. Khabib has never shown any weakness in any fight, ever.


Video of Khabib talking to McGregor… While elbowing his face off.


The world saw Conor McGregor get his face smashed by Khabib Nurmaomedov at UFC 229. Khabib promised that he would maul McGregor and while doing so, he’d tell Conor about it. Boy, Khabib wasn’t kidding. New footage with audio came out of Khabib elbowing Conor to death and telling him about it. Khabib talking to … Read moreVideo of Khabib talking to McGregor… While elbowing his face off.

Khabib made honorary Chechen citizen. Gifted Mercedes by Kadyrov


Karim Zidan writes some of the most well-researched and in-depth articles in MMA today. Once again, Zidan came up with the goods. After his win over Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov met with Vladimir Putin. Now, Khabib met up with Chechen dictator, Ramzan Kadyrov, and was gifted a Mercedes Benz. UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov met … Read moreKhabib made honorary Chechen citizen. Gifted Mercedes by Kadyrov

Chuck Liddell thinks the UFC should stop rewarding guys who act up


I tend to agree with Chuck Liddell when he is asked his stance on the post-fight fracas that went down between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor Mcgregor. The Iceman weighed in and felt the same way that many people felt. The UFC needs to stop rewarding fighters who cross the line.

Again, no one is saying what Khabib Nurmagomedov did was right. However, Conor McGregor’s actions leading up to their fight were so low that it’s understandable why Khabib did what he did.

A lot of what we are seeing in the UFC is favoritism of popular fighters. Conor McGregor and Jon Jones have habitually crossed the line and both are able to fight right now. If there are no consequences for their actions MMA will keep spiraling downward.

As Chuck preps for his return fight against Tito Ortiz, he’s still keeping this MMA thing in perspective.

Khabib fires a warning shot at the UFC. The Eagle is NOT playing around


Dana White has been going on about what happened after UFC 229 and saying that fighters will be cut and money withheld. Khabib Nurmagomedov went on his Instagram a few hours ago and fired a warning shot directly at the UFC. The UFC seems to be taking a firm stance on their actions, but Khabib … Read moreKhabib fires a warning shot at the UFC. The Eagle is NOT playing around

Luke Rockhold haters are going to loathe what he had to say about Conor


Like Derek Zoolander, Luke Rockhold is really really ridiculously good looking. This often leads to jealousy by other males and in some cases, even hatred. Luke Rockhold has his fair share of haters, but after backing Khabib Nurmagomedov and clowning on Conor McGregor a bit, Conor fans are going to loathe him.

The thing is, Rockhold isn’t wrong. Yes, Conor was trying to hype a fight during his pre-fight smack talk. However, he crossed way over the line of good taste and made it entirely too personal. This is why Khabib jumped the cage after UFC 229 and went after Dillon Danis. Then again, maybe he just did it because it was Dillon Danis.

Rockhold is just telling the truth from his perspective and can’t be faulted for that. Unless you are a Conor McGregor fan. Then, anything not pro-McGregor is offensive.

In just 8 hours, this video has over 150,000 views. About 149,000 Irish fans are mad at Luke Rockhold now.

Vladimir Putin asks Khabib’s dad not to punish Khabib too harshly


Khabib Nurmagomedov came home to a stadium filled with supportive fans after his UFC 229 win over Conor McGregor. The disrespect that McGregor showed Khabib before their fight prompted an entire nation to get behind Khabib. We saw Khabib absolutely maul and punish McGregor like he promised he would. Khabib’s fans were so proud of their favorite son, but one of the proudest was Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Khabib met with Putin today, receiving both praise and adulation from the president. Putin described addressed Khabib’s performance and was please with the outcome of the fight. Of course, Putin addressed the elephant in the room; Khabib’s antics after his victory.

RT.com reported that Putin said,

“I will ask your father not to punish you too strictly, because you achieved the main task, worthily and convincingly.”

It’s no secret that Khabib is terrified of his father and he knew he had an ass-kicking waiting for him in Dagestan. Hopefully, Putin saved Khabib from receiving any more fatherly wrath.

A much happier Dana White addresses UFC 229. PPV over 2 million buys


On Saturday night after UFC 229, Dana White was a very sad panda. Nothing cheers the boss up more than big numbers and as it turns out, the UFC 229 PPV did some really big numbers. Dana couldn’t have been happier with the PPV buys that are coming in right now. I didn’t think Dana would recover from his funk, but right now he’s smiling ear to ear.

“We’re way over 2 million (PPV buys), so I’m happy.”

The TMZ guys really went in on Dana for Conor never really getting in trouble for all of his actions. Yet, Khabib will seemingly get the book thrown at him. As expected, Dana said Conor’s past actions and Khabib’s at UFC 229 were totally different.

Dana did, however, say that he didn’t believe that Khabib would be stripped of his title. So that’s good news.

Therefore, we can now say, ‘and still…’

Khabib returned home to a stadium filled with adoring fans


Forget the melee that happened after UFC 229 and focus on the fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov for a second. Khabib’s performance was a dominant one and Dagestan rejoiced at the victory. So, when Khabib returned home, he spoke to a stadium filled with adoring fans who just wanted a glimpse of the conquering hero.

Khabib addressed the stadium and was thankful for their support. Apparently, it was also televised and being shown in movie theaters. He is absolutely huge over there and after strangling the UFC’s golden boy, he’s more popular than ever.

Khabib is still in a bit of hot water after the post-fight fracas, but that will blow over and he’ll be back to smashing heads again.

He is right though… He could sell out a soccer stadium in Russia. The UFC may want to consider an event headlined by him over there.

Khabib going into the toughest fight of his life. His dad is waiting for him


You thought Khabib Nurmagomedov had his toughest fight on Saturday night? Well, think again. After everything that ensued after the UFC 229 main event, even Khabib knew his troubles were just beginning. At the press conference after the fights, Khabib told the media that his dad was going to smash him. Khabib knows his pop … Read moreKhabib going into the toughest fight of his life. His dad is waiting for him

How the Conor vs Khabib main event really materialized


Fans saw how things materialized in the Khabib and Conor saga. Now, there’s a new perspective that we may have missed and it seems to be pretty on point. Our old friend Mojahed Fudailat gave us his rendition of what really went down.

Now, this is just personal preference, but I love what Mojahed did with Drake. There is literally no bigger dick-rider than Drake. In all of sports, we’ve never seen someone who is that famous, chase around winners like a stalker ex-girlfriend.

While this whole video is funny, Drake and Dillon Danis absolutely killed me. The eagle wings from Khabib were no freakin joke.


After the main event fracas of UFC 229, the fans went hard at each other


After the main event ended at UFC 229 the show kept on going. We all saw what happened between both Conor McGregor’s team and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team. However, after cooler heads prevailed and order was restored in the arena, fights between fans broke out all over the outside with guys going hard at each other.

Luckily, the UFC knew that things would be wild and they had hired more police and security. The force didn’t seem to deter the chaos and fights popped up, with dudes getting laid out everywhere.

There will always be drunk idiots at fights and had the UFC not hired more muscle, it could have been a LOT worse. Still, it was bad enough.

UFC 229 recap. Conor, Khabib, and the ugly scene after their fight


It was an ugly scene last night at UFC 229 after the main event between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. After putting on an incredible display of skill and ass kickery, Khabib and his crew had a lot more gas in their tanks. A melee ensued and everyone in the sport had an opinion and pointed fingers.

Our own Mike Swick had one of the better opinions on the situation. He and co-host Marc Bogutzki let them be known on the Real Quick Podcast. Check out the UFC 229 recap and see what the boys had to say about how everything went down.

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UFC 229 results: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov


UFC 229 results from Las Vegas. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor Mcgregor was billed as the biggest fight in UFC history. When all was said and done, Khabib dominated the fight and then a full-blown melee broke out between Conor’s team and Team Khabib. UFC 229 PPV Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Conor McGregor via Neck Crank. Rd … Read moreUFC 229 results: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov