A Krazy Horse cannot change his spots – drops his fifth fight in a row

Krazy Horse

This has gone from silly to depressing … Bennett loses fifth in a row.

It doesn’t matter if you call him Krazy Horse, or Felony, recently if he’s fighting, he’s losing. It doesn’t maen it won’t be entertaining at least for a minute or two. Krazy Horse was at it again, this time competing in Kunlun Fight 13 in China last week when he opened the fight by leaning up against the fence. He leaned there until he was lifted for a takedown.  Bennett, rather than readying himself for impact choose to instead wave to the fans.  It was classic Bennett.  Thanks to Twitter legend Caposa for the video.

Bennett survived the first round of the fight, but a minute inot the second round he tapped out to what looks like a pretty haphazzard Rear Naked Choke. At this point, it’s become crystal clear that Bennett is fighting for checks and nothing more. It’s kind of sad because he had a lot of talent and could have become a solid fighter.

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