KO’ing a guy so hard, his hands are still up while looking to the scoreboard


There isn’t even a scoreboard in MMA, but this poor guy was looking at one and still defending himself while out cold. Aaron Webb is a former Bellator fighter who laced the gloves up again, but this time in the LFA. He fought undefeated prospect, Austin Lingo and Lingo showed why his nickname is ‘Lights Out’.

Both fighters came out swinging hard and Webb even landed some solid shots. However, the shots didn’t stop Lingo. It only took 13 seconds and Lingo sealed the deal in a hurry.

He even followed up with an unnecessary shot to make sure that Webb was out.

Fyi, yes, he was totally out.

Someone better call the ambulance because, she dead.


Holy Hailey Cowan! After her brutal knockout on Friday night at LFA, someone better have called the police because there was a murder via headkick. Jessica Sotack was Cowan’s opponent and she never even saw Cowan coming. Actually, it was the quick feet of Cowan that went unseen. Sotack looked as if she thought the kick was coming in low and she just froze. This lead to a KO of the Year candidate by Cowan.

Cowan even took he foot off of the gas after she saw her opponent laid out. She got to Sotack before the ref did and called the fight herself. There was no need to inflict further damage on her fallen opponent.

Usually spinning backfist KO’s are perfectly timed. This 1 is just all power


Spinning backfist knockouts are usually the result of a perfectly timed shot. It’s not often that a spinning backfist KO comes from just raw brute power. In the case of the opening fight on LFA this past Friday, the power spinning backfist did the trick and them some.

It took Kailan Hill just 11 seconds to dispatch of his opponent, Andre Walker. There was literally no need for Hill to follow up, as Walker was done. Hill knew it and celebrated immediately. He knew Walker had nothing left as his unconscious body laid on the canvas.

His leap off of the top of the cage left something to be desired, however.

2 KO’s from LFA last night where the souls had left the bodies


LFA 43 last night saw some highlight reel knockouts. Guys were getting knocked dead and their souls could be seen hovering over the cage. Jordan Titoni and Larry Crowe fought hard and fought well, but at the end of the night, both suffered brutal knockout losses.

The main event featured a battle between Brendan Allen and Larry Crowe. Crowe was doing well with big punches, until he wasn’t. He unloaded a flurry on Allen, who covered up well. Then, at the end of the combo, Allen hit a short left hook and Crowe belly flopped to the canvas.

In the fight between Jordan Titoni and Cameron Graves, it was a back and forth affair. Titoni seemingly won round 1 and Graves took round 2. In the third round, Titoni looked tired and Graves capitalized. Graves landed a straight left that wobbled Titoni and then he was like a shark who smelled blood. Graves methodically pot shotted Titoni until he landed a head kick that ended Titoni’s night.

Erick Silva is out of the UFC and starting anew as LFA headliner


The LFA announced today the signing of one-time UFC welterweight hopeful, Erick Silva. Silva looks to start anew in a new organization. While Silva hasn’t said why he didn’t renew his contract with the UFC, his faltering record may have been a reason why. The LFA announced Silva’s first order of business will be in … Read moreErick Silva is out of the UFC and starting anew as LFA headliner

Featherweight Josh Marsh with a heavyweight KO at LFA last night.


You don’t see too many featherweights walking around at 6’0″. Even rarer is seeing a featherweight that is 6’4″. However, that’s what we got in a featherweight fight last night at LFA between Josh Marsh (6’0″) and TeeJay Britton (6’4″).

My hedonistic side loves to see the knockout. It especially revels in the ones where guys get knocked stiff as a board. Britton, unfortunately, was that guy last evening at the hands of Marsh.

It was a straight right that flattened Britton, who did the slow awkward fall. Marsh didn’t need to follow up with punches, but he did anyway. He landed three more soul stealing shots. The referee was in position and stopped it before more damage could be done.

Damn, what a KO.

LFA 37 Results: Maikel Perez vs. Sid Bice

LFA 37 Results

LFA 37 is in the books, but we saw a great night of action on AXS TV. LFA 37 Results are here. If you missed the action on AXS TV you missed some entertaining fights. In the co-feature, Sabina Mazo moved her record to 5-0 and earned the LFA Flyweight Championship beating opponent Shannon Sinn … Read moreLFA 37 Results: Maikel Perez vs. Sid Bice

Self KO win turns into DQ, when fighter flips from his opponent’s back


I know that reading the title of this article may be confusing, so take your time drinking this in. After the LFA went off the air on AXS TV last night, two debuting heavyweights threw down in a dark match. Drew Chatman and Irvins Ayala were the heavyweights in question and they will forever be a part of one of the strangest sequences that you will ever see in MMA. It all started with a self-knockout, too.

Ayala swept Chatman’s leg with a kick and then followed him to the mat with a hammerfist. However, on his way down, Ayala knocked himself out on Chatman’s knee. Ayala was completely out and Chatman seemingly had earned his first pro victory.

Instead of taking a lap or hugging his coaches, Chatman felt that he should stand on his fallen opponent’s back and do a flip off of it. Karma quickly caught up with him as he was immediately disqualified.

AXS TV posted the video to their Twitter.

LFA tweeted out the news of the DQ.

Nick Newell makes his return and wins via sick Neck Crank

Nick Newell

Nick Newell is back ladies and gentlemen and he secured a sick Neck Crank tonight.

Nick Newell is a hell of a mixed martial artist. He had opted to retire, but tonight made his triumphant return to the cage at LFA 35 against Sonny Luque. Nick was born with only one hand, with his left arm ending up past his elbow.

He has a professional record of 14-1, and that lone loss was to the highly touted Justin Gaetheje. That fight took place as Nick was competing for the WSOF (now PFL) Lightweight Championship. He’d been out of the sport since 2015 but opted to come back and make one last run at getting into the UFC.

Dana White has been quoted as saying “No, never” when asked about the possibility of Newell in the UFC. He was quoted as saying.

“It’s hard to fight here with two arms. It’s tough. There’s guys that we bring in that are considered top guys on The Ultimate Fighter that don’t ever really pan out and make it. Will the state of Nevada let him fight? Will the state of California let him fight? Would some of these bigger athletic commissions let him fight? Maybe he can get away with that in some of these other states. I don’t know, fighting with one arm is just craziness to me.”

Well, Dana White once said women would “Never” compete in the UFC as well.  Nick is deserving of his opportunity in the UFC. He’s shown he is an elite athlete and has competed with top talent. Below you can see the highlights from his return to action this evening.

The 6 Star Podcast Episode 10 with Nick Newell

6 Star Podcast

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 10 w/Nick Newell

Nick Newell stops by this week and talks Star Wars, Game of Thrones, being a coach, his upcoming marriage, social media and much more. He loves Star Wars and had a blast talking with Dion and Evan about it.

Evan, Dion and Dan talked WWE Hell in a Cell, UFC 216, TV shows and much more. It’s more of the same hilarious banter these guys are known for.

For previous episodes of the show, click here.

Colbey Northcutt, Sage’s older sister set to make her professional debut

Colbey Northcutt

Colbey will make her pro debut June 23rd at LFA 14 There’s room in MMA for more than one fighting Northcutt, and Colbey Northcutt, Sage’s 24-year-old older sister will make her professional debut for LFA in June. Colbey carries a 4-1 amateur record into her pro debut, including being LFA’s amateur Bantamweight champion. Colbey will … Read moreColbey Northcutt, Sage’s older sister set to make her professional debut

Jiu-Jitsu standout Mackenzie Dern sets her sights on the UFC

Jiu-Jitsu standout Mackenzie Dern sets her sights on the UFC

The world’s #1 ranked female jiu-jitsu fighter, Mackenzie Dern, has set her sights on a UFC debut sometime this summer. Dern, who currently fights for Legacy Fighting Alliance, sits at 2-0 in mixed martial arts and has her 3rd professional bout set for March 10th at LFA 6. At only 23 years of age, Mackenzie’s … Read moreJiu-Jitsu standout Mackenzie Dern sets her sights on the UFC

LFA Bantamweight champion Leandro Higo signs with a new promotion

leandro higo

LFA Bantamweight Champion Leandro Higo is headed to Bellator If you’re a fan of Legacy Fighting Alliance, you know who Leandro Higo is. The charismatic and talented bantamweight champion has been ready to make the move to the “big time” for a while. He has won nine consecutive fights and was actually a participant on … Read moreLFA Bantamweight champion Leandro Higo signs with a new promotion