ONE Featherweight Champion, Marat Gafurov, Wins BJJ Competition In Phuket, Thailand

The ONE FC Featherweight Champion Marat Gafurov, Wins BJJ Competition In Phuket, Thailand.

Marat Gafurov is a stone cold killer in the ONE Championship’s featherweight division, and it seems the same in any other competition he enters.

This past Friday, Marat was attending the Carlson Gracie BJJ competition at Phuket Top Team, in support of his Thai home gym AKA Thailand, and found himself in competition yet again. Though he was just spectating with the AKAT crew, when it came time for the Brown Belt division, they needed another entrant. Without hesitation, Marat grabbed a Gi and a belt and jumped in, against much larger opponents, and completely dominated.

Fighters are a different breed and Marat showed that with this perfect example how competitive a champions blood is.

Good job, Marat!

The ONE FC Featherweight Champion Marat Gafurov, Wins BJJ Competition In Phuket, Thailand

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Behind The Lens: Marat Gafurov One Championship Featherweight Champ Training At AKA Thailand 11/3/16

This is a day VLOG created by AKA Thailand’s Visual Arts Manager, Mitch Viquez, to show the possibilities for a good time on your training holiday at AKA Thailand with Marat Gafurov One Championship Featherweight Champ.

“I filmed and edited this entire VLOG in nine hours during my normal working hours on a Thursday. If I could do this in nine hours, imagine what you could do with a two week holiday!”

Filmed & edited by: Mitch Viquez
Music by: [House] D1O – Find Me

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AKA Thailand is AKA’s first global gym. Owned by original AKA team member Mike “Quick” Swick, Internet magnate Blair Speers, and AKA founder, Javier Mendez, AKA Thailand is continuing to build, train and promote another formidable team of fighters in Asia and expand on the success they have already achieved internationally. AKA Thailand is a global super gym that not only caters to fighters, athletes and training enthusiasts, but also to the “average Joe” looking to lose weight, get fit, or make a lifestyle change while training alongside a diverse and motivated group of students.