Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight – Season 3 Ep.2 in Memphis

Lookin' for a fight

Dana, Matt Serra and Din head to Memphis for some hilarious shenanigans. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, I love the Lookin’ for a Fight series. Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas mesh really well, and they always get involved in some crazy hijinks. This time the crew is on the … Read moreDana White: Lookin’ for a Fight – Season 3 Ep.2 in Memphis

Matt Serra details subduing drunken idiot at Red Rock


By now, most MMA fans have seen the video of Matt Serra subduing a drunk moron. In fact, most PEOPLE have seen the video because it went viral. Now, we finally have Matt’s first hand account of the whole thing and as expected, it is glorious.

It turns out that Matt was at the Red Rock having dinner with his family. He was seated with his wife and three kids, his sister, and his nephew. In walked the drunk guy and he started causing chaos. His girl was passed out and he began berating the staff. The guy was making a scene and when Matt Serra stood up, he singled Matt out.

Matt then took the guy down and worked his zillionth degree black belt to subdue him.

“I took him down, dude, and I got a bigger applause than I did at my first f*****g GSP fight. The audience erupted.”

Matt claimed that he gave him a free jiu-jitsu lesson. Sober people don’t even get that! Lucky drunk bastard.

Colby Covington’s tweetstorm about Matt Serra. He mad.


Colby Covington; You mad, bro? The UFC interim welterweight champion became unglued in a tweetstorm rant against UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Serra. Serra has absolutely no filter or ability to sugarcoat anything. During a recent Unfiltered he was bashing Colby and Covington seemed to take exception to it. The night that Matt Serra was … Read moreColby Covington’s tweetstorm about Matt Serra. He mad.

Matt Serra and Ray Longo cornering audio during Al Iaquinta vs Khabib.


There is a reason why Matt Serra and Ray Longo have been together for so long. What they have together, works. From Matt’s days of fighting to now, both coaching fighters, they are a match made in heaven.

One of my favorite YouTube channels for behind-the-scenes stuff is Fight Affect and they posted the audio to the dynamic duo cornering Al Iaquinta in his fight vs Khabib. As you would expect, they are incredible.

If you have seen the fight, Iaquinta got beaten pretty handily by Khabib. This never stopped them from coaching him the whole way through and especially the support that they showed him in the loss.

Awesome stuff.

Matt Serra. UFC HOF’er and drunk idiot handler. Which did he do better?


We always wish to see what would happen if the regular Joe tried to step up to a UFC fighter. We’ll raise the stakes; How about a drunk idiot stepping up to a UFC Hall of Fame former welterweight champion? Look no further than Matt Serra executing both poise and dominance over this drunken dickhead. … Read moreMatt Serra. UFC HOF’er and drunk idiot handler. Which did he do better?

EA UFC 3 adds 5 iconic fighters to their roster. 4/5 are or were in Bellator


The UFC and EA have added 5 new characters to their EA UFC 3 video game. It seems like a move to slap the face of Bellator, but who really knows at this point? Tito Ortiz, Mirko Cro Cop, Wanderlei Silva, Kimbo Slice, and Matt Serra are the iconic fighters that have been added to the game and sans Matt Serra, none are connected to the UFC in any way, shape or form.

Tito Ortiz was signed to Bellator before he retired and then unretired to fight Chuck Liddell under the Golden Boy banner. Cro Cop is currently signed to Bellator and so is Wanderlei Silva. Kimbo Slice has passed away but was last employed by Bellator as well.

This is an odd move for the UFC as the aforementioned named have all been cut by or have verbally bashed the UFC. I get wanting to give fans what they want in a video game, but this move seems a little premeditated to me. It feels like when Jon Fitch was fired for not wanting to sign all of his likeness rights away to the UFC for fear of them being able to use them in the future because something like THIS could happen.

Again, this is an odd move but I guess making money off of the fighter names and appeasing fans is the driving force in it. Regardless, these fighters are now available to play in the new UFC video game.

Matt Serra and Dana White doing some pro wrestling in Memphis

Dana White

Yes, you read that right, Matt Serra and Dana White were involved in a Pro Wrestling show Dana White and company were in Memphis doing an episode of Looking for a Fight and decided to get involved in a pro wrestling show.  Dana White took to Twitter to let folks know they’d be at the … Read moreMatt Serra and Dana White doing some pro wrestling in Memphis

Dana White: Looking for a Fight Season 3 Episode 1 in Cabo

Looking for a Fight

Looking for a Fight enters its third season in Cabo

Dana White: Looking for a Fight is back! The hilarious show featuring Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas kicks off season three in beautiful Cab San Lucas, Mexico. Unfortunately, Dana was suffering the effects of his Ménière’s disease which causes extreme bouts of vertigo. If you don’t know what vertigo is, it’s no fun at all. You have a sense of constant spinning and an inability to get your bearings. It causes nausea in a lot of people as well.

That said, the fellas still had a good time. They went to a local street fair and tasted some of the local foods there. Dana wasn’t sure, I mean, I get it, I am not down for mystery meat outdoors in Mexico either, but they ate it, and said it was delicious. During this episode, Matt and Din swam with the dolphins, and one of the dolphins tried to get frisky with Din.  They all went out to eat and then went on a tequila tour tasting various shots of tequila.

Of course, they also attended some fights, where a very relaxed Donald Cerrone also just happened to be checking out. In the end, Elias Garcia got offered a contract. He’s the cousin of the Pettis brothers, Anthony and Sergio. It was a fun episode and Din Thomas did some wild things. Habanero sauce comes to mind.

Dana posts a shirtless pic. Matt Serra calls for a piss test.


No one ever accused Matt Serra of not calling it like he sees it. His buddy, Dana white, posted a picture on Twitter and Dana looks to be in ridiculous shape again. He looked so good that Matt Serra called him out on UFC Unfiltered and Serra calls for a ‘piss test’ from White. “Look … Read moreDana posts a shirtless pic. Matt Serra calls for a piss test.

UFC Twitch stream of Weidman vs Bisping. Hilarity ensues.


Now I understand why gamers have a Twitch stream that they broadcast. Because this stuff is hilarious. Chris Weidman and Michael Bisping squared off on EA UFC. Weidman was Chris Weidman and Bisping was Michael Bisping.

Weidman has Matt Serra in his corner because that’s the kind of guy that Serra is. He is coaching in every capacity of his life. As Weidman is beating the brakes off of Bisping, Serra tells him the combos to throw. All the while, Weidman is taunting Bisping and taking him down at will. Bisping is laughing and enjoying himself, but we can only assume that his blood was boiling.

The culmination, of course, comes in the form of a knockout at the end.

Down goes Bisping! Down goes Bisping!

Matt The Terror Serra is a well-deserved UFC Hall of Famer.


As much as I feel that Jens Pulver is a long overdue inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame, I’m not mad at Matt ‘The Terror Serra’ going in. In fact, it is more than deserved for Serra. Here’s the improbable story that led to Matt Serra’s induction into the ‘Pioneer Wing’ of the Hall … Read moreMatt The Terror Serra is a well-deserved UFC Hall of Famer.

Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight – Season 2 Ep.4 in New York City

Dana White Lookin' for a Fight

Dana White Lookin’ For a Fight Season 2 Ep. 4 in New York City might be the best episode yet!

I really like the show Dana White Lookin’ for a Fight. I think it’s hilarious and features my three favorite things on earth in each and every episode. Food, fun, and fights. This is no different as the crew, minus Din Thomas is in New York City.  They’ve replaced Din this episode with UFC Light Heavyweight Gian Villante and he’s hilarious.

The crew does a ride along with NYPD and go to a murder scene and begin a high-speed chase. Dana White goes to a specialty cake shop to get Matt Serra a perfect birthday cake. Dana White breaks into Villante’s room on three consecutive nights to scare him.  Matt and Gian go on a pizza tour with their quirky tour guide Scott. Gian fights the urge to repeatedly give him a wedgie.

The crew then heads to the fights where two of Matt Serra’s students are competing. It’s a great episode.

Previous Episodes of Dana White Lookin’ for a Fight can be found here.

Watching Matt Serra’s grandma, it all makes so much sense now.


Watching this video of Matt Serra and his grandma gave me so much clarity. Matt Serra is just a little bit crazy and now we see where it comes from. When I say ‘crazy’, I mean outgoing with no filter. His Mama Mia seems to really embody that. Also, Matt is a dead ringer for … Read moreWatching Matt Serra’s grandma, it all makes so much sense now.

Heated exchange between Matt Serra and Tony Ferguson

Heated exchange between Matt Serra and Tony Ferguson

I definitely was not expecting the heated exchange between Matt Serra and Tony Ferguson from the UFC Unfiltered podcast. To clarify, I didn’t expect Matt Serra to keep his cool, while Ferguson was such a dick.

Unfiltered is hosted by Matt Serra and comedian, Jim Norton. Jim took a knee for this interview and left Matt all alone with the disenchanted Ferguson. Tony acted like he couldn’t be more bothered by Matt Serra if he tried. He sounded like he had just spent the day getting grilled by the MMA media and was just done being cordial to interviewers. However, this interviewer was the former UFC welterweight champ, Matt Serra, and he (usually) takes guff from no one.

The full Unfiltered show had interviews with Kevin Lee an Demetrious Johnson. This was just a failed guest appearance by Tony.

Listen to the whole thing and tell us if you think Ferguson was out of line.

Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight. Season 2, Episode 3. San Diego.

The guys make it out to San Diego, Lookin for a fight.

The latest episode of Dana White’s Lookin’ for a Fight takes place in San Diego. The guys spend a day on the water amongst other ridiculous adventures.

I am actually from San Diego and friends with both Din Thomas and Matt Serra. I had not seen both in quite some time, so I made the trip to the ‘Observatory’ where the fight card was held. I knew they were filming the show so I asked them what craziness they got into when they were here. Word for word, this is what Matt Serra said:

“I don’t know. They had us on a boat all f*****g day. We did some shit with f*****g boats on the water. Look at how sunburnt I am.”

Literally, it was the most Matt Serraish thing ever said. From the looks of the latest video, the guys all did more than just go sailing. As usual, hilarity ensued.

Enjoy another episode of Lookin’ for a Fight!