UFC on FOX crew scare Michael Bisping until he soils his pants.


Rashad Evans once posted a video scaring the crap out of Michael Bisping. He and I had discussed it at length that he wanted to scare the Brit so badly that he soils his pants. It was funny, sure. However, the fact that it was Bisping was what made it SO funny. According to Rashad, Bisping considers himself a ‘man’s man’, so Rashad went out of his way to debunk that theory.

However, Rashad had managed to do it quite easily, just by popping out at the Fox Studios halls. Now, the FOX crew played a prank on Bisping again and this time, Bisping all but shit his pants.

A scarecrow snuck up and screamed right behind the unsuspecting Bisping and Bisping absolutely lost it. He got, got.

If you look at his co-host, Kenny Florian, the scare prank was an absolute success.

364 days until the next time, Mr B.

Max Holloway thanks Bisping for calling him out on not looking right


A few days ago, Michael Bisping and the UFC on FOX crew interviewed Max Holloway and Bisping felt that something was ‘off’. As it turns out, he was right. Max Holloway was showing signs of a concussion and Bisping recognized the symptoms and called him out on it. In the end, Holloway was full of … Read moreMax Holloway thanks Bisping for calling him out on not looking right

Michael Bisping spotted that Max Holloway seemed off during interview

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping actually asked Max if he was ok during an interview, Max wasn’t.

We’re all still shaken over the news that Max Holloway has had to drop out of a fight for the third consecutive time. He was showing concussion symptoms and obviously, it’s not safe to fight like that.  We wish Max the absolute best sorting this out and a speedy recovery. The news is sad for Brian Ortega, but he’s taken in stride saying when the time is right, they’ll handle business. Michael Bisping noticed Max seemed off during an interview and broached the subject with him.

People close to the situation have said Max has seemed off all week, and when he was a guest of UFC Tonight it was pretty well on display. In fact, Michael Bisping commented on it and asked Max if he was ok. Here’s the video, courtesy of Luke Thomas of MMA Fighting.

Dana White has said he doesn’t have a clear idea of what exactly is wrong with Max, but indicated he would not be fighting “anytime soon.”

There’s a boxing match between YouTubers happening. UFC is on board.


Two YouTubers are set to square off in August. The most hated man in the world, Logan Paul, will take on KSI. **Disclaimer** I’m not twelve, so I don’t know who these guys are.

Apparently, they are big deals. I do know that Logan Paul filmed himself in front of a man who committed suicide in one of the least classy things I’ve ever seen. KSI, no idea. However, he has been spending time at the UFC training facility and working on his skills. Paul has been training at Mayweather’s gym.

The two came face to face in what may or may not have been a heated exchange last night. Judge for yourself by watching the video. My kid would love this.

No rehearsed lines, Covington gets wrecked in verbal spat with Bisping.


Colby Covington can fight, but boy is he awful at trash talking. If he gets into a verbal sparring match with anyone, if his lines aren’t well rehearsed, he’s a train wreck. When Michael Bisping went hard at Colby on the UFC on FOX post-fight show, Covington was a blathering mess.

You know things are going South when Bisping says you are acting like a prick because Bisping wrote the book on how to do it. While Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, and Michelle Waterson threw softballs for Covington to hit, Bisping didn’t let up.

Covington finished the interview saying something that I still can’t totally understand.

“See you soon, Tyron Woodley. Don’t… don’t bitch out like your little Tyquil.”

Dude. What?!?

Michael Bisping tells TMZ he’s “Taking over Hollywood” post-MMA

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping talked to TMZ live from his sauna about his post-MMA plans.

Michael Bisping retired from MMA and now folks wonder what’s next for him. Well, he spoke live from his sauna with TMZ  and stated he plans to “Take over Hollywood” now that he won’t be in the Octagon. In fact, he has a number of film roles lined up as well as stints on television. He appeared in an episode of McGuyver last month. He had a role in the movie Den of Thieves and will be in an upcoming film called Triple Threat. He has plenty of options and avenues to pursue.

He said about his retirement that “The time is right.” Michael went on to say.

“Well to be honest, I’m proud of my career inside the Octagon. I’ve achieved a lot of good things. I became the Champion, had the most fights, the most wins and ultimately I won the belt. What else is there to achieve? The time is right. Thanks to my family, my coaches, my fans here and in the UK, the UFC, but yeah, ya know, enough is enough.” 

He also talked about his two most proud moments from his career. If you want to know what they were, watch the video below.

Michael Bisping retires as a professional fighter after much consideration

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping calls it quits after a lengthy, amazing career. There has been a lot of talk regarding the subject of Michael Bisping retiring. He had basically said on numerous occasions he’d either retire, or fight one more time, and then hang up the gloves. Bottom line, he made the decision to walk away, and … Read moreMichael Bisping retires as a professional fighter after much consideration

UFC Twitch stream of Weidman vs Bisping. Hilarity ensues.


Now I understand why gamers have a Twitch stream that they broadcast. Because this stuff is hilarious. Chris Weidman and Michael Bisping squared off on EA UFC. Weidman was Chris Weidman and Bisping was Michael Bisping.

Weidman has Matt Serra in his corner because that’s the kind of guy that Serra is. He is coaching in every capacity of his life. As Weidman is beating the brakes off of Bisping, Serra tells him the combos to throw. All the while, Weidman is taunting Bisping and taking him down at will. Bisping is laughing and enjoying himself, but we can only assume that his blood was boiling.

The culmination, of course, comes in the form of a knockout at the end.

Down goes Bisping! Down goes Bisping!

Gokhan Saki answers the call when Bisping asks who should be next


Michael Bisping asked who wanted to tango for his last fight and the absolute wrong one answered him. When I saw that Gokhan Saki threw his name into the mix I immediately thought, “Don’t do it, Michael. You will literally become a statistic”. Bisping wants a retirement fight, not a death match. Of all the … Read moreGokhan Saki answers the call when Bisping asks who should be next

Mike Bisping opens up on Carlos Condit KOing Special Forces Soldier

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping tells some amazing stories in his podcast, this is definitely one of them. Michael Bisping is a classic storyteller. The guy knows how to spin a yarn. On his podcast, Believe You Me, he told a story of Carlos Condit sparking a Special Forces Soldier after the guy took some liberties sparring. Seems they … Read moreMike Bisping opens up on Carlos Condit KOing Special Forces Soldier

DC and Bisping FULL interview with Dana about Lesnar, Conor and more.


Dana White dropped some serious reveals in his interview with Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping. The boss appeared live via Skype and gave answers to all of the burning questions that MMA fans have had.

Dana touched on Max Holloway vs Khabib Nurmagomedov first. He said both guys were down to fight immediately and even Brian Ortega got the call and accepted right away. Holloway got the nod because of ‘champion’s priority’.

Next, Dana discusses the title belt picture and what it will look like after UFC 223. He also claims that Conor McGregor WILL fight this year.

Colby Covington vs Rafael Dos Anjos comes up and Dana says, “Did we announce that?” He says not to believe what you read unless it comes from Dana’s mouth.

As the interview came to a close, Dana said that Tyron Woodley came with a doctor’s note when the UFC asked him if he wanted to fight. Then, White said that Brock Lesnar IS coming back to the UFC.

Check out the video that is chock full of UFC news!

Michael Bisping interested in UFC Liverpool retirement match

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping has done it all in the UFC and absolutely deserves to go out on his terms When Michael Bisping talks, people seem to listen. He’s one of those guys is simply impossible to ignore.  He has been debating whether or not he wanted to fight again, but recently stated he is interested in … Read moreMichael Bisping interested in UFC Liverpool retirement match

Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold go back and forth on Twitter

Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold

I don’t want to see these two fight, I want to see them in a remake of the Odd Couple on TV Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold are like oil and water, they simply don’t mix. The two have split a pair of fights and look to be on a collision course yet again, in … Read moreMichael Bisping and Luke Rockhold go back and forth on Twitter

Luke Rockhold promises to retire if he loses again to Michael Bisping

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold has vowed he will retire from MMA if he’s beaten again by Bisping. In a fight, anything can happen. Truer words have never been spoken. Just ask Mike Tyson in Tokyo, Japan. Ask Ronda in Australia. Ask GSP in Houston and hell, ask Rockhold in Inglewood. Upsets happen. When Bisping defeated Rockhold, Luke … Read moreLuke Rockhold promises to retire if he loses again to Michael Bisping

More greatness from Mojahed Fudailat. “Yoel Romero Backstage”

Yoel Romero Backstage

These are some of the best videos on the internet, this one is no different.

Mojahed Fudailat is a genius when it comes to computer animation and MMA storytelling. We’ve featured many of his videos here at MikeSwick.com and will continue to do so as long as they continue to be amazingly entertaining. This one, “Yoel Romero Backstage” is really, really funny.

This one features Yoel Romero backstage after his big win over Luke Rockhold. Dana White visits him and drops him a nice bonus. Yoel’s response is classic Yoel. It’s a love-fest until Michael Bisping walks in and taunts the new 187.7 pounds champion. You have to see it for yourself, so here it is.