Al Iaquinta goes off on Dana White regarding weigh ins, handling of fighters etc.

Al Iaquinta

Al Iaquinta had a ton to say about Dana White on the MMA Hour Al Iaquinta certainly earned his nickname “Ragin’ Al.” He pulls no punches and definitely says what is on his mind, no matter what. Yesterday he was a guest on Ariel Helwani‘s MMA Hour program and he was not shy about his thoughts … Read moreAl Iaquinta goes off on Dana White regarding weigh ins, handling of fighters etc.

What determines a main card fighter vs. a preliminary fighter?

Main Card

Lately, there’s been a lot of debate about who should fight on main cards When you’re putting an event together with more than a dozen fights, it’s important to decide who goes to the main card and who should fight on the prelims. For the fighters it’s not just about status, it directly affects their … Read moreWhat determines a main card fighter vs. a preliminary fighter?

Mike Jackson speaks on CM Punk and the ass kicking he dished out


We all saw Mike Jackson beat the brakes off of CM Punk at UFC 225. The common consensus after the fight was that Jackson did what he had to do and Punk should find another line of work. A lot of people feel that ‘Hey, at least he’s trying’, which is admirable. However, Jackson dished out such a one-sided beating on Punk that he’s receiving criticism for it. Personally, I don’t understand why.

Jackson achieved what he set out to do and that should have been the end of it. It was not. He received the ire of Dana White and fans who felt he showboated and didn’t finish when he could have. He beat Punk from pillar to post and ended his dream of being a fighter. What else is the guy supposed to do?

Dana White not thrilled with “Complete Idiot” Mike Jackson

Dana White

Dana White called Mike Jackson a “Complete Idiot.” The CM Punk experiment came to a lackluster finish Saturday night in his hometown of Chicago. He did manage to go the distance but it was only because his opponent was either uninterested or hits like a 90-year-old lady. Could be a little bit of column A and … Read moreDana White not thrilled with “Complete Idiot” Mike Jackson

CM Punk wins civil lawsuit against WWE Dr. Chris Amann in Chicago

CM Punk

CM Punk will fight in the UFC Octagon Saturday, but today he was in court. CM Punk probably didn’t want to be in a Chicago courtroom today, after all, he has a cage fight in four days, but that’s the way it goes. He had been sued in civil court by the WWE’s Dr. Chris … Read moreCM Punk wins civil lawsuit against WWE Dr. Chris Amann in Chicago

Jimmy Smith breaks down CM Punk versus Mike Jackson

CM Punk

CM Punk and Mike Jackson will clash at UFC 225 this weekend.

This Saturday night, UFC 225 will take place, and the card is absolutely stacked. Like mega stacked with a side of stacked. Just to help put the event in perspective; Rashad Evans, Joe Benavidez, Sergio Pettis and Clay Guida will all be fighting on the Fight Pass prelim portion of the card. Amazing. However, a lot of people are a little upset at the fact that a pair of 0-1 fighters is on the PPV. CM Punk meets Mike Jackson in a battle of winless fighters who have only competed professionally once.

You can understand why fans might be a bit miffed. Fighters are even more upset about it. That said, CM Punk was a star already when he came to the UFC and he will sell tickets and PPV buys, so he finds himself on the PPV. It’s not supernatural, but it’s also not entirely popular. Evan Shoman wrote about the subject earlier this month and stated, it’s what’s best for business.

Whether we like it or not, it’s going to happen and Jimmy Smith takes us into their camps and breaks down the fight very well. Take a look for yourself.

Let’s Get Ready to Rematch: Whittaker vs. Romero


UFC 225 pits Australian, Robert Whittaker, against Cuban, Yoel Romero, in the middleweight title bout. Whittaker intends to defend his title and also happens to be the first UFC champion from Australia or New Zealand. Since moving up in weight class from the welterweight division, he boasts a seven-match win streak as a middleweight, which … Read moreLet’s Get Ready to Rematch: Whittaker vs. Romero

Mike Jackson not lacking in the confidence department


If there is one thing Mke Jackson isn’t lacking in the confidence department, it’s faith in himself. CM Punk’s next opponent is getting out there and letting people know that this isn’t about Punk. Rather, it’s the Mike ‘The Truth’ Jackson Show.

“If you bring in someone else, it’ll get buzz, but it’s not going to get this type of buzz; and it’s getting this type of buzz because it’s me. I was the guy from the jump, but you have to have a dope storyline and this is a storyline that even Vince McMahon couldn’t write.”

Forget ‘The Truth’…

Mike ‘Headstrong and Cocksure’ Jackson.

Mike The Truth Jackson campaigning for the CM Punk fight in Chicago


Mike The Truth Jackson has been campaigning hard for a fight with CM Punk for a while. Just recently, Punk said he’d like to fight again and this time, in his hometown of Chicago at UFC 225. Jackson throwing his name in the hat only seems like the logical next step in the CM Punk / Jackson / Mickey Gall fight triangle.

Before CM Punk made his debut at UFC 203, he needed an opponent of equal or lesser value. Mike Jackson and Mickey Gall battled it out to see who Punk’s debut fight would be against. Gall won the fight so quickly that Jackson came out as a credentialed media member within 15 minutes of his loss and has continued that route ever since.

Both Punk and Jackson sit at 0-1 in their respective MMA (and UFC) careers and this is a fight that just makes sense. The rumor right now is that Jackson will be Punk’s opponent at UFC 225 in Chicago. That event is scheduled for June 9 and I suspect we will hear more about this being fact or fiction in the coming weeks.

Mike Jackson calls out CM Punk for UFC 211

Mike Jackson calls out CM Punk for UFC 211

Fighters have been calling one another out left and right looking for big money fights. Now, Mike “The Truth” Jackson is joining the fray. Jackson sits at 0-1 after a first round loss to Mickey Gall, one-year ago. So who could he possibly be calling out? CM Punk, of course. Two men that share the … Read moreMike Jackson calls out CM Punk for UFC 211