Mike Perry: “Ben Askren is like a 400-pound woman”


Mike Perry is always saying some crazy ass stuff. It’s quite comical actually. However, him comparing Ben Askren to a 400-pound woman it just too humorous to ignore. While he begins his interview with TMZ talking about every which way he plans on knocking Cowboy Cerrone dead tonight, it’s his Ben Askren quote that trumps all.

“Who’s afraid to get laid on top of? That’s a sexual fantasy for some people; They hire 400-pound women to drop that ass on em. Ben Askren is like a 400-pound woman. F*****g bitch!”

I like Ben Askren as much as the next guy, but this shit is funny right here.

UFC Denver weigh-in results. Two ladies miss their mark


UFC Fight Night comes to us live from Denver tomorrow night and almost all was well at the early weigh-ins today. Almost. We saw two ladies miss weight for their fights. Raquel Pennington and newcomer, Maycee Barber, both missed their respective marks. FS1 Main Card Chan Sung Jung (146) vs. Yair Rodriguez (145.5) Donald Cerrone … Read moreUFC Denver weigh-in results. Two ladies miss their mark

Mike Perry done lost his damn mind playing an Indian looking for Cowboy


You never know what is going through the mind of Mike Perry. In fact, I’d venture to say that Mike Perry doesn’t know what Mike Perry is thinking, most of the time. Well, it is Halloween today and Perry has put out a video dressed as one of the Village People.

Donning an Indian chief’s headdress and warpaint, Perry looks through Jackson/Wink searching for a cowboy. Actually, he’s looking for THE Cowboy, Donald Cerrone.

Much drama has been made about Cerrone’s departure from the gym, as well as Perry’s arrival there. Whatever angst, jealousy, or hard feelings there are; They will be worked out on November 10 inside of the cage.

As of this moment, Perry is taking a lot of heat online and is being accused of racial insensitivity for his little video.

Mike Perry details meeting Jon Jones while accidentally stoned to the bone


I know. How do you ‘accidentally’ get stoned? Pot brownies are the devil and you have no idea what your actual THC intake is. Mike Perry ate one and finally met his hero, but he was as high as giraffe pu$$y. From what I understand, that is pretty damn high.

“I had this f******g brownie and I was DEAD when Jon came through. I didn’t know it was going to be like that. So, Jon was is a little disappointed in me because in our first meeting the other day, I was high as hell on some brownie.”

I didn’t think I’d be around for the day that Jon Jones was disappointed in someone for doing drugs, but, here we are.

Diego Sanchez takes exception to Donald Cerrone’s “Puppy Mill” comment

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez has been a Jackson/Winkeljohn supporter from the jump! We posted earlier that Donald Cerrone spent some time airing his laundry regarding Jackson/Winkeljohn on the Joe Rogan Experience. It didn’t take long for long-time Jackson/Wink team member and supporter Diego Sanchez to respond. Much like Cerrone, Diego is a respected veteran and when he … Read moreDiego Sanchez takes exception to Donald Cerrone’s “Puppy Mill” comment

Donald Cerrone opens up on his split with Jackson/Winkeljohn

donald cerrone

Donald Cerrone isn’t a happy camper, and as always, he’s not afraid to talk about it. I guess we should have seen this coming, right? Donald Cerrone left Jackson/Winkeljohn in Albuquerque and today on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, he opened up with his discontent for the team and spelled out why he left. As … Read moreDonald Cerrone opens up on his split with Jackson/Winkeljohn

Diego Sanchez gets revenge on guy who hard sparred Michelle Waterson


This isn’t a story about revenge. Rather, it is a story showing what a great storyteller Platinum Mike Perry is. Okay, it is a story of revenge, but Mike Perry’s account of what happened is masterful. Not since Peter Falk told Fred Savage the story of ‘The Princess Bride’ have we seen such enthusiastic storytelling.

There was an incident at Jackson/Wink regarding Michelle Waterson and some new guy. Apparently, Diego Sanchez took exception to the new guys harder than normal sparring with Waterson and took matters into his own hands.

As Perry tells it, Diego took his fingers and stuck it in the keister of the guy. It sounds crazy but that’s what Mike Perry said, so it must be true. The lesson to be learned here is that you don’t mess with Michelle Waterson or Diego Sanchez will check your oil and then show it to you.

I think that’s a verse from the Bible.

Darren Till confuses spar and spa, expects to get a steam with Mike Perry

Darren Till

Darren Till speaks English, and Mike Perry, a close approximation of English

I remember an episode of Seinfeld where George laughingly remarked, “It must be impossible for a Spanish person to order seltzer and not get salsa.” Well, apparently, Mike Perry asked Darren Till if he wanted to spar while they were both in Los Angeles for the UFC’s 25-year press conference.

Mike Perry thought sparring with Darren Till would be beneficial and asked him if he wanted to spar. Till said yes, thinking he’d been asked to go for a steam. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice soak, steam and rub down?

It wasn’t until later that Darren Till understood he was asking to spar, and not offering a trip to the spa. Darren thought they were going for a nice steam and maybe a rub down. It’s pretty funny actually. The two met on the street and figured out their misunderstanding. No word on whether or not they put the gloves on, but I’m guessing Darren was more interested in the steam.

Thanks to Brian Holloway for posting the clip that we’re sharing below.

Big Fight Announcement, Yoel Romero set to meet Paulo Costa

Yoel Romero

Two of the most powerful Middleweights will meet Nov, 3rd at MSG! Wow, last week we were able to report that Cowboy Cerrone would be facing Mike Perry and now we get to announce another amazing scrap. Paulo Costa will be facing Yoel Romero at UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden. The UFC made the … Read moreBig Fight Announcement, Yoel Romero set to meet Paulo Costa

Donald Cerrone set to square off with Mike Perry in Denver this November

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone and Mike Perry are a can’t miss fight! Donald Cerrone has his next fight lined up and it’s going to be a doozy! Cowboy is going to go toe to toe with Mike Perry in the Mile High City this November as part of Fight Night 139. November might seem like a long … Read moreDonald Cerrone set to square off with Mike Perry in Denver this November

Check out an x-ray of Paul Felder’s broken arm via Brian Butler

broken arm

Paul Felder told his corner after the first round that he’d broken his arm. Paul Felder is as tough as it gets. Dude suffered a badly broken arm in the first minutes of his fight versus Mike Perry at UFC 226 and continued fighting for three rounds. Our editor Evan Shoman posted a video of his … Read moreCheck out an x-ray of Paul Felder’s broken arm via Brian Butler

Paul Felder shows all of his bumps and bruises after his UFC 226 fight


Paul Felder had himself a night at UFC 226 against Mike Perry. As their fight went on, pieces of Felder began to break, open, and fall off. Despite all of the bumps and bruises, Felder continued on but dropped a split decision to Perry. When all was said and done, Feder had a broken arm and multiple gashes on his person.

Today, Felder showed us what he looked like after the fight and he looks terrific; If he was Bela Lugosi starring as Frankenstein.

It sounds as if he broke his ulna or radius in the fight and that was a big hinderance on him doing much of anything. Then there were all of the head gashes he sustained. In sort, Felder was a mess.

Now, a few days later, Felder is cleaned up and is acting like a realtor giving us a home tour of his injuries. That is one tough Irish Dragon.

Shirtless Mike Perry brings it with the greatest promo of his life


Mike Perry always has something to say. It’s not always politically correct and it certainly isn’t for everybody. The promo that he cut for his UFC 226 fight with Paul Felder, however, is pretty legendary. He brings it all, in this hyped up interview. Who, what, when, why, and how are all covered by the Platinum one.

In fact, Perry is so hyped up that reporters ask him what he’s been eating. As if his diet has anything to do with his outrageous behavior. Perry genoerously goes over the food that he’s been eating that day.

He actually sounds like someone that is inebriated who has been arrested. Alas, it’s just a sober guy who is really excited to fight.

Paul Felder steps up in weight to fight Mike Perry at UFC 226


Paul Felder almost got screwed out of fighting for the second time this year. The first time, Felder was supposed to fight Al Iaquinta. Al steps in to a title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Felder is left without an opponent. This time, Mike Perry was set to fight Yancy Medeiros at UFC 226 and Felder was scheduled to fight James Vick.

Al Iaquinta was scheduled to fight Justin Gaethje in August, but Al Iaquinta pulled out of the fight. James Vick, who was scheduled to fight Paul Felder in two weeks, stepped in to take Al’s place. Once again, this left Felder without a fight.

Yancy Medeiros suffered a rib injury and pulled out of his fight with Mike Perry at UFC 226, next week. Felder has stepped up in weight and is taking that fight.

Got all that? If not, the UFC also gave an explanation on their official site.

“It was a rollercoaster 24 hours for “The Irish Dragon,” but Paul Felder has a fight in July, albeit one he didn’t expect.

Originally scheduled to face fellow lightweight contender James Vick on July 14 in Boise, Felder saw that fight get scrapped when Vick replaced Al Iaquinta in the UFC Lincoln main event against Justin Gaethje on August 25.

But all was not lost for Felder, as an injury to Yancy Medeiros forced the Hawaiian out of his UFC 226 bout against Mike Perry on July 7 in Las Vegas. Felder immediately went to social media to express his desire to move up to the welterweight division for one night to face Perry. A couple hours later, the fight was made, and now it’s Felder vs Perry at T-Mobile Arena.”

Mike Perry finds out he has 2% African blood. Claims he gets a ‘pass’


Let me preface this by saying that no one should get a pass because they want to sound cool. Mike Perry found out that he has 2% African blood and couldn’t wait to drop n-bombs. He declared that he gets a pass and hasn’t held anything back ever since. He claimed that Tyron Woodley said … Read moreMike Perry finds out he has 2% African blood. Claims he gets a ‘pass’