Washington Redskins safety, Montae Nicholson, streetfight smashing


Washington Redskins safety, Montae Nicholson, was arrested for his role in a streetfight. Nicholson was arrested and charged with assault and battery, as well as public drunkenness. This is just another blow to the NFL who are trying to clean up their image, but players off the field can’t help but screw up.

While the nation is in an uproar about these guys kneeling for the National Anthem, many players are off the field handling stardom very poorly. As crazy as it sounds, at least Nicholson wasn’t arrested for domestic abuse. A fight is just a fight and Nicholson will probably pay a fine and do some community service. A streetfight, he can bounce back from. Domestic violence… There’s no coming back from that.

He should also look into investing in martial arts training because he fights like shit. He literally won a streetfight by being a coordinated professional athlete.