UFC 230. Poirier vs Diaz, out. DC vs Lewis, in. Eubanks vs Valentina, gone


UFC 230 is just a month away and has had more changes made to it than a soccer mom has had facelifts. Initially, the co-main event was going to be Nate Diaz vs Dustin Poirier. The UFC tried to find a title fight main event to headline the card and landed on Valentina Shevchenko vs … Read moreUFC 230. Poirier vs Diaz, out. DC vs Lewis, in. Eubanks vs Valentina, gone

Nate Diaz: “They act like they run s***, but there’s only 1 king of this MF!”


Nate Diaz literally going on a 2-minute rant and cursing the whole time, then saying he has to go because he’s cursing too much, is such a Nate Diaz thing to do. People think that he has an act, but the truth is, he’s totally being real. In Nate’s mind, he’s never lost a fight; In the cage or otherwise.

Nate is picking Conor in the Khabib vs Conor showdown this weekend because he feels Conor is a ‘fighter’. Nate always picks the ‘fighter’ over the trained killer. It’s just the Diaz way.

Nate will be fighting another real fighter in Dustin Poirier at UFC 230.

You wanted Nate Diaz? Well, here he is and totally unfiltered.


Everyone was questioning whether or not Nate Diaz would be showing up at UFC 230 to fight Dustin Poirier. Between walking out on press conferences and stating that he’s fighting in a new division, people were worried about Nate committing to fighting at UFC 230. He gave a totally unfiltered interview about his intentions for UFC 230 and of course, went wildly off subject.

He confirmed that he will be fighting Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 in November, that much is for certain. However, he also said he’s open to fighting Tyron Woodley at 170 and basically, anyone else who wants to get it at any weight class.

Enjoy Nate Diaz being unapologetically Nate Diaz.

Dana White clarifies the newly implemented 165 pound Nate Diaz division


Dana White talked to TMZ about the much discussed and newly implemented 165 pound Diaz division. He clarifies that there just simply isn’t one. You mean to tell me a fighter has been talking some wild outlandish stuff online to bring attention to themselves and what they’ve been talking about isn’t even true? Color me shocked.

Dana says that Nate is just being Nate and there is no truth to what he is claiming whatsoever. As far as Dana knows, Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier are fighting at UFC 230 and the contracted weight is 155 pounds.

There truly is never a dull moment with either Diaz brother and that’s why we love them.

Woodley says he’d whip Nick Diaz. Kenny Florian’s Nate Diaz has me dead


In response to Nick Diaz saying he’d whip Khabib, Conor, and Woodley yesterday; Tyron Woodley tells Nick Diaz to slow his role a bit. Whilst doing so, Kenny Florian makes a cameo and does one of his epic impressions. That impression happens to be of Nate Diaz and it is totally on point. That’s wassup.

‘The Chosen One’ seems to think that Nick Diaz is oversimplifying things a bit. In fact, Woodley quoted his own rap single and said,

“I’ll beat yo ass!”

Obviously, every fighter feels that they can beat any other fighter and luckily we have social media to watch them argue about it.

UFC looking at Yoel Romero/Alexander Gustafsson for UFC 230

Yoel Romero

This would be an interesting fight at 205 pounds. There have been rumors on a daily basis regarding the main event for UFC 230 in Madison Square Garden. Personally, I feel the UFC is trying to reinvent the wheel as they have a perfectly solid main in Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz. It’s an exciting fight that is … Read moreUFC looking at Yoel Romero/Alexander Gustafsson for UFC 230

165-pound division in the UFC? Poirier and Diaz say, yes.


Social media was ablaze with excitement this morning after an interesting night of tweeting between Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier last night. Both claimed ‘yes’ on their respective Twitter accounts that they will be fighting for the newly-created 165-pound title. I’m Happy to announce that I’m bringing a new weight devision to the Ufc I’ll … Read more165-pound division in the UFC? Poirier and Diaz say, yes.

The Diaz Bros aren’t the baddest brothers in MMA, so says the Pitbulls


Sorry, Diaz Brothers. According to the Pitbulls, you are not the baddest brothers in MMA, they are. The Pitbulls (who now look like twins) feel that their credentials speak for themselves. Patricio is the current Bellator featherweight champ in and sits on a record or 27-4. Patricky is on a four-fight win streak in the lightweight division with wins over Ben Henderson, Josh Thomson, Derek Campos, and most recently, Roger Huerta.

The Diaz Brothers, well, haven’t been doing much as of late. They are always down to scrap and are basically both legends in MMA. The argument could be made for a bunch of sibling tandems, but it’s all fun and games here.

That is, unless the Diaz Brothers find out about this interview. Then, all hell will break loose.

Nate Diaz smokin a J while shadow boxing. WHOsada. AmIrite?


In my experience, marijuana is an inhibitor. I never understood how weed could be a performance enhancer when it makes you slow and stupid. When Nick Diaz popped for weed after he fought Gomi, the argument was that it made him impervious to pain. Maybe, but it certainly doesn’t help motor skills. So, Nate Diaz shadow boxing and smoking a joint at the same time makes no sense to me.

Back when I was young, if I smoked weed, I was done; For about three weeks. I never understood how some of my friends could smoke and then go surfing. The concept of getting high and then trying to focus or be coordinated was always very foreign to me. However, some people seem to be able to deal with it and even more so, excel.

The Diaz Brothers have proven time and again that they are swimming in that pool. Watching this video, I feel like I’m about to start wheezing. Meanwhile, Nate hits the joint in stride with his shadow boxing like he is drinking water to combat dehydration.


Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold is official for UFC 230!

UFC 230

The UFC made the announcement during the UFC 229 PPV telecast! UFC 230 is starting to look crazy! The main card is absolutely loaded with great fights. You can officially add the rematch between Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold to the mix. Already announced for the card we’ve got the return of Nate Diaz taking … Read moreChris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold is official for UFC 230!

The feud we never saw coming. Nate Diaz vs Bruce Buffer.


Here’s a feud I thought I’d never see. Nate Diaz vs Bruce Buffer. Bruce Buffer is one of the nicest guys you can ever meet within our sport and we all know that Nate Diaz is a little rough around the edges. Over the weekend, Buffer said something to the effect of Nate Diaz “bowing … Read moreThe feud we never saw coming. Nate Diaz vs Bruce Buffer.

Charlie Z called out Nate Diaz. This may not end too well for ol’ Charlie


If this actually comes to fruition, it could quite possibly be the end of internet boxer, Charlie Zelenoff. Zelenoff has a history of asking people to lightly spar and then goes bananas on the unsuspecting opponent. If he’s not doing that, Charlie is often times mixing it up with real boxers and on the wrong end of an ass-kicking.

Charlie Z claims to have taken the souls of Deontay Wilder, Chuck Liddell, and Floyd Mayweather Sr. If you search anywhere online, you would see that both Wilder and Mayweather whooped on him and Chuck laughed at the notion of he and Charlie fighting.

Now, Charlie is going in on Nate Diaz and Nate is a different animal than the aforementioned people. If Nate sees Charlie and is aware of all of this shit talk… Charlie may be eating the rest of his meals through a straw for the remainder of his life.


Quite possibly the worst Nate Diaz interview ever. It’s awesome.


When I say that this may be the worst Nate Diaz interview that I’ve ever seen, I am not kidding at all. TMZ try to squeeze any answers out of him and Nate literally gives 0 shits. It’s almost like a little kid who is being forced to do something and decides to mock his parents by repeating whatever they say. He simply would not budge.

Nate Diaz doesn’t give any answers because frankly, he doesn’t have any answers. It’s not that Nate does not know what the future holds for him, rather, he doesn’t really seem to care or want to talk about it.

He all but tells the interviewer to ‘piss off’. For some reason, the TMZ reporter just doesn’t seem to take a hint until Nate literally hops in a car and drives away. When anyone in the world does this, they are a jerk. However, when a Diaz brother does it, it’s hilarity that adds to their ever-growing legend.

Nate Diaz gives a very candid interview. Right until he doesn’t.


After The UFC 25th Anniversary press conference, the media caught up with Nate Diaz and asked him some questions. Shockingly, Diaz was totally candid and open with his answers. However, this lasted for about two minutes and then the A.D.D. kicked in and Diaz went full Diaz. Before that, though, he was an open book.

Flanked by a sea of 95% black shirts (Kron Gracie didn’t get the memo) Diaz reiterated what he said at the presser in regards to a lawsuit he was in. Again, Diaz went full Diaz and blamed the UFC for actually promoting Conor McGregor’s lawsuit and not even speaking about his.

“The lawsuit is settled as of a month ago. That’s what I’m saying about the under-promotion of me coming. They were making it seem like I was turning down all of these fights. I’ve never turned down a fight in my life. They are backing the other guy in a lawsuit and now I got a lawsuit and they are making it look like I’m turning down fights.

F**k the UFC. F**k all this shit.

If I feel like it, I’ll fight”

Diaz gonna Diaz.

Urijah Faber weighs in on Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Urijah Faber

TMZ caught up with Urijah Faber and talked about Khabib and Conor

Urijah Faber was out and about in Los Angeles ahead of his teammate Cody Garbrandt’s fight this Saturday night when he was approached by TMZ. He asked Urijah who he’d pick in a fight between Khabib and Conor. Faber picked Conor McGregor due to his punching prowess and how every round starts standing. He went to add that Conor has finished guys who don’t typically get stopped like Aldo and Chad Mendes.

Urijah also said he knows Nate Diaz wants to fight Conor, but we know now he’ll face Dustin Poirier at UFC 230. Faber also spoke about how it came down to Conor fighting either Nate or Faber back at UFC 196 and Conor picked Diaz.

Check out the video below courtesy of TMZ to see the interview.