Bellator 198. Mission: Submission. Four incredible subs on the main card.


Bellator 198 was a great night of fights for Bellator and a fantastic night for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Four fights on the main card ended in submission, which is a rarity these days. However, it was to be expected with the BJJ pedigree that many of the fighters carried into the cage with them. The mission was submission and it was more than completed.

Dillon Danis is a BJJ phenom with multiple world titles, Rafael Lovato Jr is one of the most decorated BJJ players in MMA, Emmanuel Sanchez has 7 sub wins on his MMA record, and Neiman Gracie… Well, he’s a Gracie.

Watch as all four fighters attain victory by using expert BJJ technique and mat savvy.

Dillon Danis on The MMA Hour. Neiman Gracie tweets him with questions


Dillon Danis is set to make his Bellator debut next month and he hit up The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to answer some questions. In usual Dillon Danis style, he was quiet but confident. He discussed everything going on in his life from his training, to awkwardly running into Marcelo Garcia on the streets.

It seems that Danis has a chip on his shoulder in regards to fans questioning his readiness into the mixed martial arts fray. He insists that he is well rounded and good everywhere, so people should realize that he isn’t in this to disrespect the sport. He is doing this because he has a strong self-belief that he is a great fighter.

While on the show, Neiman Gracie sent out a tweet that raised a few eyebrows.

Now, BJJ guys sometimes call their matches ‘fights’ and he could be talking about that. Although, it seems like he is talking about Bellator and those two squaring off in an MMA bout. I imagine that this is far from over and considering both guys are signed to Bellator; Well, you get the idea.