Nick Diaz- (Canelo) is basically one of those small guys I spar before I fight


Nick Diaz is so dope. He talks to TMZ and basically goes full ‘God-Mode’ with them when talking about himself vs Canelo Alvarez. The thing is, he may sound like a ranting lunatic when he speaks, but Diaz believes every word that he is saying. It absolutely is not an act and Nick is extremely spirited and candid with reporters.

“(Canelo) is going up to the 168 weight class and fighting some no-name. At the end of the day, he’d make more money fighting me. Let’s be real, Canelo moving up to my weight… You ain’t gonna win that. No way. He is basically one of those small guys I spar before I fight.”

God bless this man.

Anderson Silva responds to Conor’s challenge with a resounding, yes.


I cover the sport of MMA and was totally unaware that Conor McGregor had made a callout of Anderson Silva. I didn’t know that I wanted to see this fight, but now that it’s on the table, I’m all in. With a resounding response of yes, Anderson Silva seems keen on stepping into the cage with McGregor.

If not Conor, Silva is open to the idea of fighting Nick Diaz once again. The two had a very close fight once before and fans wouldn’t hate to see the two go at it again.

However, McGregor vs Silva would be a full-on novelty that does massive numbers. Silva says if they fought it would be at 180 pounds. He used to fight around the 175-pound mark, but he’s 43 now and ‘Dad-Bod’ has kicked in pretty significantly.

A fight between Conor and Silva at 175-180 is not impossible and I’d spend all of my money to see that.

Woodley says he’d whip Nick Diaz. Kenny Florian’s Nate Diaz has me dead


In response to Nick Diaz saying he’d whip Khabib, Conor, and Woodley yesterday; Tyron Woodley tells Nick Diaz to slow his role a bit. Whilst doing so, Kenny Florian makes a cameo and does one of his epic impressions. That impression happens to be of Nate Diaz and it is totally on point. That’s wassup.

‘The Chosen One’ seems to think that Nick Diaz is oversimplifying things a bit. In fact, Woodley quoted his own rap single and said,

“I’ll beat yo ass!”

Obviously, every fighter feels that they can beat any other fighter and luckily we have social media to watch them argue about it.

You can always count on Nick Diaz to simplify things.


It’s getting harder and harder to find videos of Nick Diaz not going FULL NICK DIAZ. Once again, when a camera is in his face, he lets loose whatever is in his head. He doesn’t give breakdowns on things, rather, he has the ability to simplify everything. He skips right past rationale and goes straight to his facts.

Basically, he believes that he is the GOAT.

Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tyron Woodley… He’s ‘Not impressed with der performance”. When asked about who wins between Khabib and Conor, Diaz doesn’t really have an opinion. What he is sure of is that “They are not that good”.

If anyone else said these things, they would be ridiculed an possibly sent away to Arkham Asylum. When Nick Diaz says it, you are convinced that he’s on to something.

He’s like a Jedi.

The Diaz Bros aren’t the baddest brothers in MMA, so says the Pitbulls


Sorry, Diaz Brothers. According to the Pitbulls, you are not the baddest brothers in MMA, they are. The Pitbulls (who now look like twins) feel that their credentials speak for themselves. Patricio is the current Bellator featherweight champ in and sits on a record or 27-4. Patricky is on a four-fight win streak in the lightweight division with wins over Ben Henderson, Josh Thomson, Derek Campos, and most recently, Roger Huerta.

The Diaz Brothers, well, haven’t been doing much as of late. They are always down to scrap and are basically both legends in MMA. The argument could be made for a bunch of sibling tandems, but it’s all fun and games here.

That is, unless the Diaz Brothers find out about this interview. Then, all hell will break loose.

If Nick Diaz re-read his latest tweet, even he’d admit he went ‘Full Diaz’


Holy hell, Nick Diaz just pulled the biggest Nick Diaz ever. Even Diaz has to look at his most recent tweet and marvel at how Nick Diaz-ish it is. I guess there are women on this Earth named the ‘Salmon Sisters’. I don’t know anything about them other than they’re two blonde ladies that take … Read moreIf Nick Diaz re-read his latest tweet, even he’d admit he went ‘Full Diaz’

Domestic Violence case against Nick Diaz is dropped

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz has one less thing to stress about, as his domestic violence case has been dismissed. Nick Diaz can light up tonight in a celebratory manner. The King of the 209 is free of domestic violence charges as the case against him has been dropped. Nick’s attorney spoke to ESPN and said the case was … Read moreDomestic Violence case against Nick Diaz is dropped

Real recognizes real. OG Nick Diaz comments on Justin Gaethje’s IG post


As the kids today say, ‘Real Recognizes Real’. Well, we know there’s never been any question as to whether or not Nick Diaz keeps it real. Now we know that Justin Gaethje keeps it real as well. After knocking out James Vick on Saturday night, Gaethje said he’s probably the most real fighter in MMA. … Read moreReal recognizes real. OG Nick Diaz comments on Justin Gaethje’s IG post

Nick Diaz’ recent rant about the UFC is reminiscent of the old Nick Diaz


While I don’t agree with everything Nick Diaz said in a social media post in regards to the UFC; It’s nice to have THAT guy back. Diaz went on a furious rant via his Instagram that was reminiscent of the old days when he would always go off about SOMETHING. This time, he directed his … Read moreNick Diaz’ recent rant about the UFC is reminiscent of the old Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz gives the most Nick Diazish answers, about future and arrest


One thing you can always count on with Nick Diaz is that he’s always going to be Nick Diaz and give Nick Diazish answers. You can tell that he kind of wants to give reporters info but at the same time, he wants to smash their stupid faces for bothering him.

A reporter asks Diaz who he wants to fight and when. Diaz kind of says that he wants to fight everybody next year. Of course, Diaz does his little shadow boxing thing while saying this.

Then, Diaz switches gears and responds to the question about his arrest for domestic violence. Diaz said he was framed. While I don’t think he meant it in the Roger Rabbit sort of way, I think he was saying that he was falsely accused.

Watching the interview again, I feel that Diaz said a lot of things, but divulged nothing. Nobody does that better than Nick Diaz.

It’s a gift.

Nick Diaz domestic assault case goes on in court, bail increase denied

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz is charged with felony domestic assault Nick Diaz’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, was back in court today continuing the domestic violence case alleged against Nick. Nick was not in the courtroom today. The prosecutors were looking to get bail raised to 100,000 due to the severe nature of the case but the judge was … Read moreNick Diaz domestic assault case goes on in court, bail increase denied

Anthony Bourdain, BJJ practitioner and Diaz Brothers homie, passes away


Food critic, chef, author, television host, and BJJ practitioner, Anthony Bourdain has passed away. Thanks to his now ex-wife, Ottavia, Bourdain found new life when he picked up BJJ a few years ago. Ottavia trained under Renzo Gracie in New York and Anthony didn’t really want any part of it. That is, until he did. … Read moreAnthony Bourdain, BJJ practitioner and Diaz Brothers homie, passes away

Are mushrooms on the USADA banned list? Because Nick Diaz…


Unless my eyes are deceiving me, this is a video of Nick Diaz wearing some Erik Estrada glasses from CHiPs and ingesting mushrooms. No, not the portobello ones you get at Ruth’s Chris. I think these are the ones that grow out of cow shit and get you tripping balls.

Nick Diaz’ friend posted the video on Instagram and it shows Diaz, once again, partaking in some good old-fashioned drug use. It’s no secret that Nick loves to smoke some marijuana from time to time. So ‘shrooms? Why the heck not? Seriously though, does mushroom consumption even show up on USADA tests?

Diaz gonna Diaz.

Nick Diaz mugshot released, will be back in court June 6th

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz will be back in court June 6th on felony assault charge. We reported that Nick Diaz had been arrested for felony assault this past week in Las Vegas.  There have been reports since his arrest that the whole issue is a misunderstanding and that the woman in question isn’t reliable but that is … Read moreNick Diaz mugshot released, will be back in court June 6th

Nick Diaz’ friends back him and call BS on his arrest.


While I am no private investigator, it’s easy to do research and find out find out facts. Everyone is speaking out about Diaz’ arrest with an opinion, but if you dig deep, you can find some interesting facts. With a few clicks of the mouse, a world of information pops up. Information that shows a … Read moreNick Diaz’ friends back him and call BS on his arrest.